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Virgo Rising

At the start of the new year, Jupiter will be residing in your eighth house sector, which will be rejuvenating career-wise, socially, physically, and spiritually. Partnership ventures are enhanced as well as money-making opportunities. Investments will most likely prosper. Starting May 16th for the rest of the year, Jupiter will move into your ninth house sector of higher-minded pursuits, long distance communications, networking, travel, and spiritual quests encouraging you to expand your mind and experience in life so you will be happy and successful. You will feel more confident about expanding your horizons and make inviting connections. Saturn will be moving into Pisces your seventh house sector of personal relationships and marriage encouraging you to secure close relations with those that you feel a strong spiritual connection with and longevity. People who are not acting in your best interests may depart.

In January, the year begins with Mars retrograde until the 12th causing tension and possible upset with your work or career. Mercury will also be retrograde until the morning of the 18th, so it’s a slow start at first. After the 18th your life will improve considerably as Jupiter will reside in your eighth house sector. Feeling confident, you steer yourself toward personal and financial goals. The Sun in positive aspect to Uranus brings new changes that work to your advantage on the job on the 5th. The Full Moon on the 6th will strain balancing work with home responsibilities. On the 21st, the New Moon will inspire a new outlook on your work goals. Health improvements are also noted.

For February, a Full Moon on the 5th causes tension with your work agenda. Not everyone will be cooperative. Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 14th to the 16th shows that the advantage is not on your side as you run into resistance with coworkers as well as loved ones. Better days are ahead. On the 17th with Mercury in positive aspect to Jupiter, unsure ventures that take on a smooth agreeable rapport could lead to profits. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20th has you focusing on kindred spirit relations. And on the 22nd with Mercury aspecting Mars in Sagittarius, great progress is made with your work and career that could be financially rewarding.

In March on the 1st, you are approaching a Venus/Jupiter conjunction that brings positive financial developments, especially with partnerships. The Full Moon on the 7th may be the culprit causing an upset within a relationship. Rough days are foreseen on the 14th and 16th as problems are encountered at home and work that are difficult to resolve as Mars is in square aspect to Neptune and the Sun is in square aspect to Saturn along with Venus squaring Pluto. Disappointments are likely so hang in there. A New Moon on the 21st invigorates you to pursue your goals at work. Starting a new project looks inviting. Mercury conjoining Jupiter on the 27th brings positive news with your work routine. Health improvements are noted.

For April, Mercury will be in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 3rd, which will strain coworker relationships and communication in general. Your job or a project could end. The Full Moon on the evening of the 5th into the 6th will create monetary issues that are difficult to resolve. An easy-going afternoon with close relationships and/or friends is noted on the 7th as Venus subtly influences Neptune. The Moon in Sagittarius making delightful aspects on the evening of the 10th has you enjoying family. Partnerships and investments prosper. A Sun/Jupiter conjunction on the 11th once again brings expansive investment and partnership opportunities. Your career or ambitious goals encounter obstacles on the 14th as Venus adversely aspects Saturn. Uplifting Moon transits on the 16th enhance interaction with friends and personal relations. The New Moon on the evening of the 19th into the 20th motivates you toward financial investments that pay off. Areas of personal growth are revitalizing. Mercury goes retrograde on April 21st to May 14th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new.

In May, two challenging days are the 4th and the 5th. On the 4th with Venus in square aspect to Neptune, a disappointment is noted with your career or ambitious goals. And on the 5th with the Full Moon, communication issues, delays, and cancelled appointments are indicated. Mercury goes direct at the end of the day on the 14thand will help clear up any misunderstandings and help you focus on your direction in life. On the 15th with Mars trine Neptune, you will be inclined to pursue your ideal goals. Others will be supportive of your vision. The New Moon on the 19th continues to focus on your future hopes, goals, and dreams and get results. Resistance from coworkers about your work routine are noted with Mars opposing Pluto on the 20th.  Be careful of burning the candle on both ends behind the scenes on the evening of the 22nd into the 23rd as Mars will square Jupiter. The afternoon of the 28th you may enjoy the pleasantries of getting together with friends, pursuing sought-after goals, or traveling as the Moon is in favorable aspect to Uranus and Venus.

In June, Venus in favorable aspect to Neptune on the 2nd makes this a pleasant evening with close relations and friends. The Full Moon on the 3rd will cause havoc with balancing work and home responsibilities. You will want to use your intuition as a guide for speculative and creative pursuits, educational goals, and plans for the future with the Moon in favorable aspect to Mercury and Uranus on the 6th. Saturn in square aspect to Mercury stymies communication with close relations on the 15th. Watch out for a misunderstanding. The New Moon enhances your career or ambitious goals on the 18th, but the Sun squaring Neptune later that day may cause confusion. On the 21st behind the scenes developments attract support with your work or career with Mercury in positive aspect to Mars and the Moon in favorable aspect to Venus. On the 25th major communication problems will plague your career or ambitious goals. And on the 26th avoid long distant communication, decisions involving the network, or starting new work assignments as Mars adversely influences Uranus. Better times are ahead.

The 1st of July, you are feeling optimistic about the pursuit of your future hopes, goals, and dreams. Higher-minded pursuits, networking, or travel could play a part in it with the Sun favorably influencing Jupiter and the Moon in Sagittarius. On the 2nd as Venus squares Uranus new meetings are exciting, but stressful. Whatever you are planning may be at an expense. Friends and social alliances may be burdensome on the Full Moon on the 3rd. Enjoy and relax with friends and close ties on the 7th as the Moon positively aspects both Jupiter and the Sun. The New Moon on the 17th along with favorable Moon influences shines a spotlight on your future hopes, goals, and dreams. Friends may also be helpful in expanding your social connections. The Sun opposing Pluto on the 21st may bring tension or an ending to a personal project or friend. Do not get rid of that which you value. Venus going retrograde on the 22nd slows the progress of creative and intuitive thought and private pursuits for one and a third months. With the Moon in excellent trine aspect to Mars and Jupiter the advantage is on your side with sought-after ventures, learning, traveling, and long-distance communications. on the 30th. Enjoy!

In August, the Full Moon on the 1st creates tension at work or with personal projects. On the 6th, relaxing in a familiar environment you are still able to make progress with your goals. You benefit from long distance correspondence, learning, networking, and travel plans as the Moon influences Venus and the Sun aspects Jupiter. You are quietly assertive in pursuing sought-after-goals and friendly or romantic get-togethers on the 13th as the Sun conjoins Venus and the Moon favorably aspects Mars and Uranus. The Sun in adverse square aspect to Uranus on the 15th will have you decidedly breaking out and pursuing your freedom. Traveling or moving will relieve some tension. The New Moon on the 16th encourages creative or romantic ventures. A personal relationship will be disappointing on the 22nd as Mars opposes Neptune. However, Mars in positive aspect with Pluto on the 24th motivates you to pursue creative or romantic ventures. The Moon favorably influencing Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus enhances leisure life, travel, and romance on this splendid day, the 27th. A Full Moon on the 30th causes vague communication that could lead to a disappointment. Try keeping the dialogue open.

Venus goes direct on the 3rd of September promoting behind the scenes creative aims, speculative ventures, leisure life, and romance. The Moon influencing the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter on the 4th encourages you to have fun exploring higher-minded pursuits, spiritual quests, or travel plans. You have the advantage with educational aims or legal dealings. However, Jupiter goes retrograde temporarily slowing down progress with personal goals for a few months. The morning of the 8th offers good fortune with networking, educational goals, correspondence, or travel as the Sun favorably aspects Jupiter. A New Moon on the 14th inspires you to make new plans and get off to a good start with personal ambitions. The afternoon of the 15th Mercury goes direct allowing you to proceed with projects that have been on hold. The Sun in excellent trine aspect to Uranus persuades you to involve yourself in an educational aim, networking project, or travel plan that lifts your spirits. On the 21st your bright outlook on the future promises financial improvements along with securing a comfortable and enjoyable home scenario with the Moon in Sagittarius making favorable aspects to Mars and Venus, and the Sun trining Pluto. On the 23rd the Moon in trine aspect to Mercury and Jupiter highlights personal productivity with creative and romantic pursuits. On the 29th, financial snags are noted with the Full Moon. Quick thinking enables you to capitalize upon a lucrative partnership or monetary investment on the 30th with the Moon in excellent aspect to Venus and Mercury in favorable aspect to Uranus.

In October, Mercury opposing Neptune on the 2nd will be the cause of communication mix-ups and disappointments with a personal relationship. On the 3rd smart ideas on speculative gain will pay off as favorable aspects with the Moon and Sun, along with Mercury trining Pluto occur. Future goals encounter resistance with adverse Moon, Mars, and Pluto aspects on the 7th and 8th. The New Moon on the 14th helps you balance out ideas that increase your earnings. The Moon in Sagittarius in uplifting aspect to Mercury and the Sun on the afternoon of the 19th improves your confidence, self-esteem, and finances. Opportunity is knocking. With Mercury in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 20th, you are not so lucky, especially with any monetary investments. The afternoon of the 21st looks promising with avenues of learning, networking, correspondence, and traveling with Venus in trine aspect to Jupiter. On the 24th the Moon in positive aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter brings uplifting interaction with coworkers and close relationships. A positive rapport can lead to other possibilities. On the 28th, a Full Moon is the cause of stressful communication, traffic delays, and missed appointments. Choose another day.

November the 2nd is a good day as the Moon is in excellent aspect to the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. You will receive support toward your sought-after goals through friends, social connections, and long-distance correspondences that may involve travel. The Moon in adverse aspect to Mars and Uranus on the 5th will be stressful as tense communications may arouse arguments, traffic delays, and cancellations. Avoid traveling and risky ventures. The Moon in Virgo influencing Jupiter and the Sun on the 7th enhances your learning and traveling experiences. Social connections are enjoyed. On the 10th, 11th, and 12th do not pursue higher-minded projects, travel plans, or important correspondences as Mars is opposing Uranus. Stay clear of altercations. On the 13th the New Moon, which also involves Uranus, emphasizes centers of learning, your working environment, and local travel. New experiences are to be had. Three excellent influences on the 17th, Mars trine Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, and Moon trine Uranus encourage you to pursue making auspicious connections that you benefit from personally and with your work. Romantic encounters may seem ideal. Mars in difficult square aspect to Saturn will limit your interactions with those around you on the 25th. Do not push your luck as rejection is possible. The Full Moon on the 27th creates a problematic situation with your work. Family issues are also noted.

In December, personal enlightenment has you making productive changes on the 5th as the Moon favorably aspects Uranus and Venus trines Saturn. Money-making opportunities thrive along with hearing good news about future plans on the 7th as the Moon is in supportive aspect to Mars and the Sun, and Mercury is in excellent aspect to Jupiter. The New Moon on the 12th in Sagittarius promotes happiness in the home. Improvements are noted. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th to January 2nd. Watch out for miscommunication, delays, mistakes, and do not start anything new. On the 16th, the Sun in adverse aspect to Neptune is the cause of more setbacks with a personal relationship and family. Good fortune is in the stars with speculative ventures, creative aims, and romance with Mercury favorably aspecting Jupiter on the 18th. The holiday season lifts your spirit. Constructive influences promote work productivity on the 22nd with a Sun/Mercury conjunction. Venus in auspicious trine to Neptune on the 25th has you peacefully enjoying family, friends, and loved ones. The scenery may be ideal. A Full Moon on the 26th poses challenges with friends and loved ones. Mars in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 28th brings a vague situation that is hard to unravel. Wait for tomorrow. Jupiter going direct on the 30th will inspire a new direction in your life. As you experience a Jupiter trine Moon influence, we have hope for a prosperous New Year!

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