Virgo Rising

The most fascinating influence this year, is having both Jupiter and Saturn journeying through the exciting, progressive, and intuitive sign of Aquarius. Jupiter thrives here creating wonderful opportunities and good fortune, and Saturn, its co-ruler, can be channeled so one benefits by implementing new ideas into structured planning. Together, you can build a solid foundation that lasts into the future. If you are feeling held back and frustrated, as many of us are these days, you will be inclined to break out. Major changes are on the horizon both personally and globally. Regardless, you are more determined to succeed and therefore do succeed. It can be a time of growth as well as breaking down barriers that are holding you back.


From a worldly perspective Jupiter/Saturn influences affect the rise and fall of important people and leaders. There are those that believe that the Star of Bethlehem was the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn approximately 2020 years ago. Throughout history some presidents have died in office or have experienced an assassination attempt. Major developments and changes are indicted for 2021. Be willing to embrace a whole new perspective on life. Although it may seem at times like a roller coaster ride, there will still be some silver linings to enhance your life.


Jupiter and Saturn are journeying through the sign of Aquarius in your sixth house sector supporting your overall health and well-being for most of the year. You are more likely to adhere to a consistent health regimen that you will only benefit from in 2021. Significant job improvements or a new job that offers security is also on the agenda.

During January, Mercury conjoining Jupiter and Saturn features health and encourages a regiment that benefits you physically, psychologically, and spiritually. This is an excellent time to discuss your options, draw up a plan, and pursue it. Job opportunities are also foreseen. Look for where you can improve upon your current position or strike out in a new direction. Landing a position with long-term possibilities is noted. Venus in positive aspect to Uranus will help in smoothing over any stress caused by Mars square Saturn on the 13th. Mars conjoining Uranus in Taurus the third week brings unexpected changes with correspondence, networking goals, higher-minded pursuits, and travel plans. The rest of the month, the Sun conjoining both Jupiter and Saturn accents job expansion and health improvements. However, an issue may arise on the Full Moon on January 28th.


In February, Mercury will be retrograde from January 30th to February 21st causing you to reevaluate your job position and where you stand with health. As Mercury is under influences from the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, as they are all traveling through Aquarius, positive developments with work are still indicated. Saturn in square aspect to Uranus will bring unexpected changes with coworkers, distant correspondences, travel plans, educational goals, or your philosophy about life. This could be an ongoing theme throughout the year. You may be at odds with a personal relationship with the Full Moon on the 27th. Misunderstandings are likely.


During March, the Sun and Venus in Pisces attracts benefits with close relationships and one-on-one business alliances. The first half of the month Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius support work opportunities. However, a misunderstanding with a coworker or close relationship will be difficult to resolve on the 23rd as Mercury in Pisces is in square aspect to Mars in Gemini. The Full Moon on the 28th may bring stress with a monetary issue.


In April, the Sun conjoining Venus and then Mercury encourages agreeable communications that steer you in a better direction with joint ventures, financial transactions, and personal rejuvenation. Mars trine Jupiter mid-month gives you an opportunity to improve your standard of living by expanding your career ambitions.  A great job could be in the offing. The Sun and Venus in sextile aspect to Mars and Jupiter indicates working with others you excel. Days to capitalize upon are the 15th, 16th, and 17th. The only temporary upset might be the Full Moon on April 26th.


The first half of May, Venus and then the Sun in positive aspect to Pluto enhance creative and speculative goals with a meaningful plan. Positive changes are indicated with a Mars sextile to Uranus aspect. Mid-month Jupiter travels into the sign of Pisces for three months promising improvements with close relationships or the opportunity to meet someone new. However, challenges are noted with relationships the 22nd and 27th of May as both Mercury and Venus square Neptune. Balancing home and work is difficult with the Full Moon on the 26th. Mercury will be retrograde from May 29th to June 22nd. You should avoid making important decisions or starting anything new during this time. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes.


During June, Mercury retrograde until the 22nd has you rethinking your future goals and friendships. Resistance the first week is also noted as Mars opposes Pluto. Then Saturn comes into square aspect to Uranus on the 14th causing stress and pushing for changes with career goals and close alliances. As Mercury goes direct on the 22nd you will have more clarity. Friendships, joint ventures, and future aims are affected by the Full Moon on the June 24th.


The first four days of July, as Mars is in adverse aspect to both Saturn and Uranus, frustration will be felt with work, educational aims, travel plans, health, and personal enlightenment. Mid-month is looking better with Mercury in favorable aspect to Jupiter. Friendship, organizations, and future goals are highlighted with the Sun in favorable aspect to Neptune. Feeling under the weather may be the case with the Full Moon on July 23rd.


During August, you may be dealing with problems behind-the-scenes as the Sun and Mercury oppose Saturn. Still, cosmic activity around the third week brings progress with personal and health issues as the Sun and Mercury oppose Jupiter. Mars in excellent trine aspect to Uranus motivates you to plan a new direction by pursuing higher-minded aspirations, networking goals, or travel on the 21st and 22nd. The Full Moon on August 22nd again may cause a health issue to surface. Adverse aspects on the 23rd and 24th are the culprits behind confusion and misunderstandings with relationships.


On September 2nd as Mars opposes Neptune you may experience another disappointment with a close alliance. Lower your expectations. The New Moon in Virgo on the 6th will help bring more clarity into the picture. Yet, the Full Moon on the 20th creates confusion and miscommunication once again. Financial stress, extra responsibilities, and communication tension is noted with Mercury adversely aspecting Pluto on the 22nd.


October the 1st,, Mercury is again in square aspect to Pluto continuing to cause monetary problems and disagreeable communications. Any speculative plans should not be pursued. On the 3rd Mercury in trine aspect to Jupiter leads to monetary gain and work expansion. Mars trining Jupiter on the 18th has the opportunity to improve your standard of living. Both Mercury and Jupiter go direct on October 18th giving the green light to attain your goals. The Full Moon on the 20th indicates a problem with a partner, business transaction, or monetary dealing. Jupiter and the Moon in favorable aspect to Venus the last few days have you enjoying festivities in the hone.


Luck may not be on your side, especially financially, as Mercury is in adverse square aspect to Pluto on November 1st and 2nd. Any speculative opportunity is way too risky. Subtle influences may lead to positive developments during the month. Mars in square aspect to Saturn on the 10th has you feeling over-burdened and possibly sick. Slow down and take care of yourself. Mars opposing Uranus on the 17th and the Full Moon occurs on November 19th are stressful days due to strained communication and traffic delays. Finally, the last week holds a Mercury/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius which will have you enjoying leisure life, romance, recreation, and children. Make the most of it.


In early December the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th will create more leisurely experiences that lift your spirits. You are hopeful of getting a lot accomplished on the 8th, but if you over-extend yourself you may become run-down with Mars squaring Jupiter. You will need to balance things out with home and work on the Full Moon on the 18th. Although Saturn square Uranus on the 23rd is the cause of stress, the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius in positive aspect to Jupiter brings joy, good fortune, and prosperity for the holiday. At the end of December, as the Sun and Mercury is favorably influencing Uranus, positive changes with work, a creative pursuit, networking, higher-minded pursuits, and travel lift your spirits.




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