Aries Rising

The most fascinating influence this year, is having both Jupiter and Saturn journeying through the exciting, progressive, and intuitive sign of Aquarius. Jupiter thrives here creating wonderful opportunities and good fortune, and Saturn, its co-ruler, can be channeled so one benefits by implementing new ideas into structured planning. Together, you can build a solid foundation that lasts into the future. If you are feeling held back and frustrated, as many of us are these days, you will be inclined to break out. Major changes are on the horizon both personally and globally. Regardless, you are more determined to succeed and therefore do succeed. It can be a time of growth as well as breaking down barriers that are holding you back.


From a worldly perspective Jupiter/Saturn influences affect the rise and fall of important people and leaders. There are those that believe that the Star of Bethlehem was the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn approximately 2021 years ago. Throughout history some presidents have died in office or have experienced an assassination attempt. Major developments and changes are indicted for 2021. Be willing to embrace a whole new perspective on life. Although it may seem at times like a roller coaster ride, there will still be some silver linings to enhance your life.


As Jupiter and Saturn make their way through Aquarius in your eleventh house sector, you will find opportunities to pursue your hopes, goals, and dreams this year. This is the time you can get serious about your objectives and draw up an expansive plan to attain your sought-after goals. A friend could be instrumental in steering you in the right direction. Mercury conjoining both Jupiter and Saturn will help you pen your ideas. You will be deterred from reaching your goals on the 13th as Mars will be in adverse aspect to Saturn. Venus in favorable aspect to Uranus may smooth over some stressful issues. The third week of January your efforts could be slowed, however, with Mars conjoining Uranus in Taurus, which is sure to bring some unexpected fireworks. Watch out for financial mishaps as well as disagreements among friends. The rest of the month, the Sun conjoining both Jupiter and Saturn give you what is needed to solidify your goals. Be aware of the Full Moon on January 28th as creative goals will be stymied and friends and lovers may be at odds with each other.


In February, Mercury will be retrograde from January 30th to February 21st causing you to rethink the direction of your goals and where you stand with a friend. There are still some perks with Mercury under influences from the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn as they all are traveling through Aquarius emphasizing your sought-after goals and friendship. Saturn in square aspect to Uranus will bring unexpected situations your way concerning your ambitious endeavors, finances, and friends. Changes may be inevitable. The Full Moon on February 27th may upset your daily routine and cause a health issue. Be well.


During March, the Sun and Venus in Pisces highlight your career standing most of the month. Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius bring exciting ideas to your personal goals and promote your social circle. Mercury in Pisces squaring Mars in Gemini on the 23rd and the Full Moon on the 28th bring upsetting communications.  Try clearing up any misunderstandings.


In April, you are off to a good start as there are several supportive transits occurring: the Sun conjoining Venus and then Mercury, Mars trine Jupiter, the Sun and Venus in sextile aspect to Mars and Jupiter. You are in the spotlight and will excel with personal ambitions and social connections. Days to capitalize upon are the 15th, 16th, and 17th.  The only snag may be the Full Moon on April 26th.


During the first half of May, Venus and then the Sun are in positive aspect to Pluto reinforcing your goals and feelings. A Mars sextile to Uranus aspect encourages new projects, possibly at home, and financial insights. Mid-month Jupiter travels into the sign of Pisces for three months emphasizing behind-the-scenes projects, over-coming bad habits, and building more confidence in yourself. Challenges arise in May on the 22nd and 27th as both Mercury and Venus square Neptune, the Full Moon occurs on the 24th, and Mercury is retrograde from May 29th to June 22nd. You should avoid making important decisions or starting anything new during this time. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes.


In June, since Mercury is retrograde most of the month do not have a lot of expectations. You may meet up with resistance as Mars opposes Pluto the first week. Then Saturn comes into square aspect to Uranus causing possible upset with personal goals, financial transactions, and friendships. As Mercury goes direct on the 22nd you will find yourself being much more decisive. The Full Moon occurs on the June 24th.


Brace yourself for the beginning of July, as Mars is in adverse aspect to both Saturn and Uranus the first four days.  Mid-month, however, is looking much brighter with Mercury in trine aspect to Jupiter, lifting your spirits, and the Sun is in favorable aspect to Neptune, encouraging your ideals. The Full Moon occurs on July 23rd, once again putting a damper on, creativity, social/romantic life, and future goals.


In August, the Sun and Mercury opposing Saturn have you looking at life goals realistically. Still, as you allow the month to unfold, new ideas, social meetings, and intuitive guidance may bring a few surprises your way. The Sun and Mercury opposing Jupiter encourage your social life the third week. The Full Moon on August 22nd and adverse aspects on the 23rd and 24th are challenging.


Your work and/or health may be run into disappointments the first couple of days of September. Then constructive thought steers you into a better direction. You will make more progress the second week with favorable influences supporting your efforts. The 20th and 22nd may strain your relationships as a misunderstanding occurs.


The 1st of October, Mercury is in square aspect to Pluto causing much tension with a personal relationship. You may need to compromise or an ending is foreseen. Best to reschedule any important meetings for a later date. Mercury in auspicious aspect to Jupiter on the 3rd will surely lift your spirits and promote your aims. The third week is productive, especially with Mars trining Jupiter on the 18th. Both Mercury and Jupiter going direct on October 18th are the green light to move ahead with your future aims. The Full Moon occurring on the 20th is the exception and will cause issues with close relations. Jupiter and the Moon in positive aspect to Venus the last few days of the month attract support for your ambitious goals.


In November, Mercury in difficult square aspect to Pluto causes tension in a personal relationship the first couple of days. Compromising may save this alliance from breaking apart. Then several subtle aspects may lead to positive developments. The second week Mars is in square aspect to Saturn, which will put the brakes on projects at work. Mars opposing Uranus on the 17th and the Full Moon occurring on November 19th, are days where finances and partnerships encounter problems. Favorable aspects the last week bring optimism and a positive outlook. Traveling, an uplifting correspondence, or enjoyable learning experience may be in the offing.


In December, with the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th you are already delighting in the holiday spirit. Don’t over-do-it on the 8th as you are susceptible to fevers and viruses with Mars in square aspect to Jupiter. Although the Full Moon on the 18th and Saturn square Uranus on the 23rd are rocking the month, there are still uplifting influences from the Sun and Mercury in the upbeat sign of Sagittarius encouraging positive thought, and promoting nigher-minded pursuits, networking, and travel. Such influences hope to encourage your future ambitions as you enjoy the holiday season. At the end of the month the Sun and Mercury in excellent aspect to Uranus support career acknowledgment and financial gain.