Aries Rising

The wonderful planet Jupiter is residing in your 12th house until May 10th and you can benefit from this influence by using the strength of Jupiter to be resourceful, rid yourself of handicaps that have held you back, and develop confidence as you work through subconscious issues. This is really a time of preparation in self-empowerment so you can soar when Jupiter enters your 1st house sector in the sign of Aries mid-May of 2022. Tap into your strengths and let go of any fear. Saturn in your 11th sector wants you to get serious about your future goals and will be encouraging you start drawing up plans for the future. Loyal friends will be helpful.


In January, the 1st and 2nd see advancements especially with your career and reputation as the Sun favorably aspects Uranus and there is a New Moon in Capricorn. The 8th and 11th are challenging days so do not overextend yourself or you will be disappointed. Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th until February 3rd. You will be reassessing where you stand with your future goals, friendships, and your career. Avoid making important decisions, and watch out for misunderstandings. It is best not to start anything new. You may be at odds with home and your work on the 17th, the Full Moon. The New Moon in Aquarius shines a spotlight on your future hopes, goals, and dreams. On the 31st.


The beginning of February Mercury is still retrograde until the 3rd, then more clarity will be noticed on the 4th and you will also feel more motivated, especially in the morning with Mars in positive aspect to Jupiter. Pleasant transits are also noted on the 7th and 8th. The Full Moon on the 16th may strain a relationship with a friend or loved one, but you are right back on track on the 17th, a banner day with Jupiter in positive aspect to Uranus. Luck is in the air. Your goals are on target on the 23rd as Mars favorably aspects Neptune.


In March, the New Moon on the 2nd is influenced by a Jupiter transit, making it quite favorable for behind-the-scenes projects or concerns. Although some resistance will be felt the evening of the 2nd, uplifting opportunities are noted on the 5th and 7th with Jupiter transits. You may be dreaming away on the 13th, but feel the Full Moon tension with work and/or health on the 18th. The 20th and 23rd display good transits, but the 22nd is crazy, accident-prone, stressful, and angry. Be careful! The New Moon in Aries will inspire you to start a new goal or project that may enhance your life.


For the month of April, you are still feeling the effects of the New Moon in Aries on the 1st. On the 12th as Jupiter conjoins Neptune, you take your dream goals to a new level. Your creativity expands your opportunities in life, so reach for the stars. The Full Moon on the 16th is the culprit behind tension with a close relation. Compromising is the key. On the 18th as the Sun is in square aspect to Pluto a certain aspect of your job or life is ending. This will only open the door to other possibilities. There is much to be enjoyed on the 22nd. The 30th is a banner day as Venus conjoins Jupiter and there is a New Moon in Taurus! Take advantage of this wonderful day!

In May, the evening of the 3rd into the 4th is social and uplifting. Although you will communicate well on the 7th, you will find disagreement with others on the Full Moon on the 15th. May 10th Jupiter moves into the sign of Aries bringing luck, compliments, and favors your way. Look for opportunities to capitalize upon this wonderful influence. Also on May 10th to June 6th Mercury will be retrograde. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. Enjoy the good transits on the mornings of the 16th and 17th. You will feel empowered on the 19th as the Sun is in favorable aspect to Pluto. Progress is made on the 23rd and the 29th with terrific Jupiter transits in Aries that should be celebrated!


For June, Saturn going retrograde will be the cause of things slowing down, but progress can still be made. A socially-appealing transit on the evening of the 11th is to be enjoyed. Have fun with another banner day on the 13th as the Moon in Sagittarius makes positive aspects. Communication snags are foreseen on the Full Moon on the 14th and disappointment may be experienced on the 18th as the Sun adversely influences Neptune. Favorable aspects are noted on the 21st. The New Moon on the 28th is supported by Jupiter in aspect to the Sun and Venus, making this a fulfilling day.


In July, resistance will be felt on the 1st and possible disappointment on the 2nd. Avoid making any important decisions. You are sporting a more optimistic attitude and attracting financial gain and compliments on the 10th as the Sun influences Uranus and the Moon is in positive aspect to Jupiter. A lot will be accomplished on the 12th, but the Full Moon on the 13th creates tension with work and home life. Productivity is noted on the 17th as the Sun favorably aspects Neptune. Obstacles, however are encountered on the 19th. An excellent day on the 23rd has you feeling good about your accomplishments. The New Moon on the 28th emphasizes creative goals, romance, and leisure life. The 31st shines as another banner day! The Sun in trine aspect to Jupiter encourages you to expand your horizons.


The month of August has its challenges. Mars in conjunction to Uranus on the 1st makes this an erratic, possible accident-prone day. Be careful! Obstacles will be encountered with friends, personal goals, and money on the 7th as Mars is in adverse aspect to Saturn. The Full Moon on the 11th causes tension with a friend or loved one. Creativity may be blocked. Although the Sun opposes Saturn on the 14th, in the evening you can relax and socialize as Mars is in positive aspect to Pluto and the Moon is in favorable aspect to Venus. Good transits are foreseen on the 24th. Confusion is noted on the 21st as Mercury collides with Neptune. The New Moon on the 27th supports work and health routines.


For September, you are encouraged to make the most of several positive days. Your motivation is high on the 1st and you are able to accomplish much on the 2nd due to promising influences. The 7th and the 11th are both great days with favorable Moon/Jupiter influences and uplifting trine aspects. The Sun trine Uranus on the 11th favors work goals and monetary gain. The 16th is a sour day with the Sun in opposition to Neptune. The Sun in trine aspect to Pluto on the 18th has you tapping into your resourcefulness and enjoying a positive attitude. The evening of the 19th is socially pleasurable. The New Moon on the 25th encourages relationships as Venus in trine aspect to Pluto brings depth to your experiences. Enjoy the 30th as the Moon is in excellent aspect to Jupiter and the Sun.


In October, smooth socializing gets you places on the 4th. The Full Moon on the 9th causes tension with a personal relationship. Try cooperating if you can. The evening of the 11th you may be led in the wrong direction and be disappointed. Keep a low profile. On the 14th, Pluto in adverse aspect to the Sun and Venus could spell an ending to a situation. If so, best to move on to find more happiness. The New Moon on the 25th emphasizes partnerships, monetary gain, and personal rejuvenation. A difficult encounter could arise on the 27th as Mercury adversely influences Pluto. Avoid intense discussions of any kind. Mars going retrograde on the 30th has you rethinking your plans in life. Your working environment or an educational pursuit may be challenged.


November 3rd heralds some very good transits that will lift your spirits. Venus in opposition to Uranus on the 5th has you spending extra money with your purchases. Tension is noted with the Full Moon on the 8th with partnerships, financial dealings, and personal growth experiences. Much progress can be experienced on the 13th and 14th under good, supportive influences. Beware of the 19th as Mars is in adverse square aspect to Neptune, a nasty and disappointing transit. You will be interested in expanding your horizons on the 20th as the Sun is in trine aspect to Jupiter. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd makes this an uplifting and inspiring day. Jupiter going direct is the green light to pursue goals that have been on hold. The 24th shows much promise as well.


In December, you may feel confused on the 1st as Mercury slams into Neptune. And do not expect a lot on the evening of the 3rd. Do enjoy positive influences on the 6th, but the Full Moon on the 7th has you encountering traffic delays or communication snags. The 9th and 17th are socially uplifting days, however, the 14th with the Sun in adverse aspect to Neptune does not bring the results you desire. This is not the time to pursue your goals. The New Moon on the 23rd emphasizes your career position and encourages you to seek a higher position. The Moon influencing Mars and Jupiter on the 25th make this a lively and social day. Subtle but good transits are noted on the 28th. Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th and you will be rethinking your career. Comfort is found on the 31st going into the New Year with the Moon in Taurus approaching a fine aspect with the Sun in Capricorn.