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Traveling is meant to be an enjoyable experience. All too often, we encounter difficulties and accidents that could be avoided so our trips are safe, secure, and up-lifting. Listed below are the accident-prone days to avoid, to enhance your traveling experiences. It is recommended that you do not start your journey or return on the following days. If you have to travel on these inauspicious days take extra precautions.

Happy Travels!

Calculations are based on when adverse Moon/Mars aspects are occurring.(ET)

Very Early Morning (12am-4am)

Early Morning (4am-7am)

Morning (7am-10am)

Late Morning (10am-12pm)

Afternoon (12pm -2pm)

Late Afternoon (2-4pm)

Evening (4pm-8pm)

Late Evening (8pm-10pm)

Very Late evening (10pm-12am)

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  • February 2024
    2/1 Accident-prone – Evening (Moon semisquare Mars 5:22pm EST) 2/4 Accident-prone – Evening (Moon semisquare Mars 5:20pm EST) 2/8 Accident-prone – Early Morning (Moon conjunct Mars 2:52am EST) 2/11 Accident-prone – Morning (Moon semisquare Mars 6:20am EST) 2/14 Accident-prone – Late Morning (Moon square Mars 11:56am EST) 2/19 Accident-prone – Morning (Moon inconjunct Mars 7:38am EST) 2/21 Accident-prone – Late Evening (Moon opposition Mars 10:13pm EST) 2/24 Full Moon – Morning (Moon opposition Sun 7:30am EST) 2/24 Accident-prone – Afternoon (Moon inconjunct Mars 2:39pm EST) 2/25 Accident-prone – Late Evening (Moon sesquisquare Mars 11:16pm EST)
  • March
    3/1 Accident-prone – Early Morning (Moon square Mars 4:08am EST) 3/4 Accident-prone – Late Evening (Moon semisquare Mars 10:01pm EST) 3/8 Accident-prone – Early Morning (Moon conjunct Mars 1:51am EST 3/14 Accident-prone – Afternoon (Moon square Maes 12:01pm EST) 3/18 Accident-prone – Morning (Moon sesquisquare Mars 6:11am EST) 3/22 Accident-prone – Early Morning (Moon opposition Mars 2:34am EST) 3/24 Accident-prone – Evening (Moon inconjunct Mars 7:47pm EST) 3/25 Full Moon – Early Morning (Moon opposition Sun 3:00am EST) 3/26 Accident-prone – Morning (Moon inconjunct Mars 7:16am EST) 3/30 Accident-prone – Early Morning (Moon square Mars 2:43am EST)
  • April
    4/2 Accident-prone- Early Morning (Moon semisquare Mars 4:55pm EST) 4/6 Accident-prone – Late Evening (Moon conjunct Mars 1:08pm EST) 4/9 Accident-prone – Morning (Moon semisquare Mars 8:02am EST) 4/12 Accident-prone – Afternoon (Moon square Mars 12:51pm EST) 4/17 Accident-prone – Afternoon (Moon inconjunct Mars 2:04pm EST) 4/20 Accident-prone – Morning (Moon opposition Mars 7:09am EST) 4/22 Accident-prone – Late Evening (Moon inconjunct Mars 11:51pm EST) 4/23 Full Moon Evening (Moon opposition Sun 7:49pm EST) 4/24 Accident-prone – Morning (Moon sesquisquare Mars 6:27am EST) 4/28 Accident-prone – Afternoon (Moon square Mars 2:15am EST)
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