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Aquarias Rising

In 2024, Jupiter will be in your 4th house sector until May 25th and will persuade you to expand your home by fixing up a current living space or purchasing something new. In the process, you will take on a positive outlook that enhances your life. Good fortune is to be experienced with property and home investments with Jupiter conjoining Uranus. Pluto will temporarily move into Aquarius, encouraging personal changes that take you to a new level of existence from January 20th to September 1st. Establishing solid values, especially with your self-esteem will require some work, but be worth it. Financial security is a must as old ways of earning money may dissolve with Saturn in Pisces along with Neptune. You benefit from creative and spiritual pursuits.

The start of 2024, you are feeling optimistic and projecting a positive outlook on life that inspires favorable changes with home and family as Jupiter will be direct along with Mercury going direct on January 2nd. Do not let a monetary disappointment get the best of you on the 8th with Mercury in adverse aspect to Neptune. Addressing issues behind the scenes gives you a feeling of security on the 11th, the New Moon. Jupiter within one degree of Saturn the second half of January into early February, inspires you to implement long-term financial goals that bring added stability. An unexpected problem is the cause of stress in a close relationship on the 25th with the Full Moon.

In February, perceptive and creative ideas enhance your career standing on the 3rd as the Moon favorably influences Mars, Neptune, and Mercury. You gain financially. Planets journeying through Aquarius put you in the spotlight for more recognition of your skills and talents. With a Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Aquarius on the 5th, a change of mind may distance you from one friend and find a similar interest in another. The New Moon on the 9th wants you to move toward favorable directions that benefit you. On the 11th, avoid over-extending yourself as disappointment may follow with Mercury in semisquare to Neptune. If you are not careful, a financial loss or misunderstanding is noted under the Full Moon on the 24th.

March 1st – 3rd, a home investment may go awry as Jupiter will semisquare Neptune. Watch your money. Feeling optimistic you enjoy the company of friends and the pursuit of sought-after goals on the 5th as the Moon favorably influences Jupiter and the Sun. On the 9th accidents are likely with Mars in square aspect to Uranus. It is best not to start anything new. The New Moon on the 10th highlights your monetary position and wants you to be perceptive about handling your earnings. The flow of your work may generate funds on the 19th as the Moon is in favorable aspect to Neptune and the Sun. Communication mix-ups and delays are encountered on the 25th with the Full Moon.

In April, Mercury goes retrograde on April 1st to April 25th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new. A fortunate Jupiter/Uranus conjunction the second half of April brings good fortune with your home and family. You will be torn between home and work with the Full Moon on the 23rd. Insightful ways of improving your career and gaining financially is noted on the 25th as the Moon is in positive aspect to Mars and Neptune.

At the start of May, Pluto going retrograde on the 2nd will cause you to gradually reevaluate where your life is heading. With the New Moon on the 7th, you will be keen about getting results with buying, selling, or fixing up a home. Happiness with family and home improvements are noted on the 8th as the Moon conjoins Jupiter. This is a great time to buy or sell property. You benefit from financial investments, especially in the home on the 17th as the Moon in positive aspect to Venus, Uranus, and the Sun. On the 18th a Sun/Jupiter conjunction has you smiling as this is good timing with family reunions and home improvements. A friend or loved one is the cause of tension on the 23rd with the Full Moon. Jupiter moving into the sign of Gemini on the 25th seeks improvements and enjoyable times with leisure life, romance, creative goals, and speculative aims. A new romance, or maybe two, could appear on the horizon. Think of having some fun in life.

In June on the 1st, connecting with those around you is invigorating with the Moon in Aries in aspect to the Sun and Venus. On the 5th, the Moon in Gemini conjoining Jupiter and Mercury promotes enjoying life to the fullest! Romance, and creative and speculative developments prosper. Good times continue under the New Moon on the 6th. A financial loss could occur on the 12th with Mercury square Saturn. A plan going awry or a communication glitch is indicated on the 16th with Venus square Neptune, the 17th with Mercury square Neptune, and 20th with Sun square Neptune. A minor problem will need to be addressed at work on the 21st with the Full Moon.

The start of July, the New Moon on the 5th emphasizes finding more security on the job. A more caring work environment gets results on the 6th with the Moon aspecting Venus, Uranus, and Neptune favorably. Leisure life, romance, creative pursuits, and speculative goals move along smoothly and benefit you personally and financially on the 11th with Venus in auspicious aspect to Neptune. Accidents are likely on the 15th and 16th with Mars conjunct Uranus and with the Moon in opposition to Uranus and then Mars. You will feel warn down from too much work with the Full Moon on the 21st.

At the start of August on the 4th, feeling rejuvenated you will pursue avenues of personal growth and look for ways to enhance your earnings and investments under the New Moon. Mercury goes retrograde on August 5th to the 28th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new. You may desire space from a personal relationship on the 19th due to the Full Moon.

The start of September a New Moon emphasizes joint ventures, financial investments, and areas of personal growth on the 2nd. And with Mars in square aspect to Neptune you may experience a monetary loss if you are not careful. You will feel held back by the energy of Mars inconjunct Pluto on the 4th. Partnerships and financial investments are disappointing on the 7th as the Sun opposes Saturn. You will benefit from seeing great vistas so enjoy leisure life, travel, and romance on the 15th! Partnerships, investments, and creative projects soar as the Moon is in auspicious aspect to both Venus and Jupiter! The Full Moon on the 17th causes a disappointment with a joint venture or financial dealing. A monetary loss is noted on the 20th as the Sun is in opposition to Neptune. New ideas will assist you in getting the financial results you desire on the 24th with Mercury in trine aspect to Uranus.

The beginning of October, the New Moon on the 2nd enhances your social life. Do reach out to others. Jupiter retrograde on the 9th has you reevaluating creative and speculative interests. On the 14th unexpected changes cause stress with your work and at home as Venus is in opposition to Uranus. The 15th is a harmonious day that allows you to prosper in your work, which encourages financial gain as the Moon favorably influences Uranus, Venus, and Neptune, as Venus trines Neptune. Bristly communications and travel delays are noted on the 17th with the Full Moon. A new approach to work and home issues makes progress on the 24th as the Moon in Leo influences Venus in Sagittarius and Mars is in positive aspect to Uranus.

In November, resistance on the job is indicated on the 3rd with Mars in opposition to Pluto.  Focusing on your work improves your monetary position on the 11thas the Moon is in favorable aspect to the Sun, Uranus, and Pluto. You may be at odds with balancing work and home responsibilities under the Full Moon on the 15th. Enjoying friends and close relationships in the pursuit of your sought-after goals is indicated on the 25th as the Moon is in positive aspect to Pluto, the Sun, and Mars. An ambitious New Moon on the 30th, encourages meetings with others that support your hopes and dreams. Romance may flourish. Mercury goes retrograde on November 25th to December 15th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new.

In December, you will be feeling confident and ambitious on the 1st with the Moon conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius. Enjoy the company of friends. Lively times with a personal relationship may involve travel on the 9th with the Moon in favorable aspect to Pluto, Venus, and Mars. Projects find wonderful opportunity with the Moon in favorable aspect to Jupiter and the Sun on the 10th. Friends are supportive. Differences between you and a loved one are noted on the 15th with the Full Moon. Still, Mercury direct in Sagittarius brings a cheerful attitude just in time for the season. On the 18th, you may lack support from a friend as the Sun is in adverse aspect to Neptune. With Jupiter in square aspect to Saturn on the 24th finding more stability with all financial sources is recommended. With the New Moon on the 30th, you will get in touch with your true confidence to be a powerhouse as you enter the New Year!

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