Aquarias Rising

Jupiter in 2022 will be trekking through your 2nd house sector of earned income, self-esteem, skills and talents, and possessions. Jupiter in Pisces will encourage you to improve upon your earning potential by using your skills and talents. Favors and compliments are foreseen. Your self-confidence is bolstered. As Jupiter gradually moves into Aries the second week of May your working environment is apt to improve. Your social life comes alive, travel plans are made, and educational goals are considered, where you gain tremendously. You will be mentally feeling more optimistic. Saturn stationed in your 1st house sector is encouraging you to be realistic with all of your goals. You may need to look into ways to increase your vitality. Working hard will get you places.


In January, the Sun in harmonious aspect to Uranus on the 1st has you contemplating the pursuit of new projects. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd continues to focus on behind-the-scenes projects. A Sun/Venus conjunction attracts support for your personal objectives on the 8th. Mars in difficult aspect to Neptune on the 11th may be financially disappointing, but better transits are on the way. Due to Mercury retrograde from the 14th to February 3rd, you will be reevaluating where you stand with everything. Try to avoid making important decisions or starting anything new. There will be some miscommunication. A Full Moon on the 17th will curtail work progress on the 17th. A New Moon on the 31st highlights your objectives.


For February, you will feel more energized in pursuing financial improvements on the morning of the 4th as Mars influences Jupiter. Mars in positive trine aspect to Uranus on the 8th has you busily accomplishing personal objectives at work and home. A Full Moon on the 16th curtails your progress with attaining future goals and friendly get-togethers.  On the 17th as Jupiter is in sextile to Uranus, you are inspired toward monetary as well as home improvements. On the 23rd as Mars softly aspects Neptune you aim to develop new financial objectives.


In March, on the 2nd a New Moon with Jupiter brings an opportunity to enhance your financial situation. The Sun conjoining Jupiter on the 5th will also highlight monetary prospects. Look for support from others. The Moon in positive aspect to Venus, Mars, and Pluto on the 8th puts the advantage on your side with social connections. You may experience a financial loss under the Full Moon on the 18th. Crazy developments, especially in the home could lead to anger and accidents on the 22nd.  Be careful. An invigorating New Moon on the 31st in Aries has you attending to errands and accomplishing set goals.


For April, you will experience blocks to your desires on the 4th as Mars conjoins Saturn. Do not push the envelope. A wonderful Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on the 12th enhances creative ways of improving your income. Compliments and good will are to be found. Communication glitches and delays occur on the 16th under the Full Moon.  A setback with you plans is foreseen with the Sun in difficult aspect to Pluto on the 18th. Try to work through the obstacles. Good transits with the Moon in promising aspect to Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune on the 22nd have you capitalizing upon your skills and talents as well as bringing out your best in the home.


In May, Mars in positive aspect to Uranus on the 4th has you motivated to pursue lucrative possibilities and home improvements. The Moon in Leo making pleasant aspects to Mercury and Venus on the 7th has you delighting in social opportunities that add to your life.  May 10th to June 3rd Mercury will be retrograde. You will rethink creative pursuits, speculative ventures, travel plans, and maybe a romantic prospect. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for miscommunication. A Full Moon on the 15th has you at odds with issues at work and home. The Sun in excellent aspect to Pluto on the 19th has you working on projects behind-the-scenes and getting solid results. A supportive Sun/Jupiter influence on the 23rd has you happily pursuing social connections, speculative or creative ventures, and/or travel plans. On the 29th, you are highly motivated to excel in your job, attend to errands, and seek out travel or educational opportunities under a. Mars/Jupiter conjunction.


For June, you will feel the sluggishness of Saturn going retrograde in your sign on the 4th. Take your time in getting things done for several months. Enjoy a social evening at home with Venus in conjunction to Uranus on the 11th. The Full Moon on the 14th may cause a misunderstanding with a friend or close tie that can be resolved. A monetary disappointment is foreseen on the 18th as the Sun adversely influences Neptune. The Moon in favorable aspect to Mercury and Jupiter on the 21st attracts benefits your way at work, with educational aims, or travel plans. Luck is on your side. A New Moon in Cancer on the 28th along with the Sun influencing Jupiter and Venus in aspect with Jupiter in the evening promote your work incentives and social life.


In July, you will encounter resistance with coworkers and just about everyone on the 1st as Mars forms an adverse aspect to Pluto. Miscommunication may cause a financial loss on the 2nd as Mercury squares Neptune. The Sun in favorable aspect to Uranus along with the Moon influencing Jupiter on the 10th creates new opportunities that promote future goals. You may feel stymied with work issues or a lack of energy with the Full Moon on the 13th. The Sun in opposition to Pluto on the 19th presents another challenge with work and health. Make the most of the 23rd a banner day!  Mercury in auspicious aspect to Jupiter along with the Moon in favorable aspect to Mercury and Jupiter brings good news with a personal relationship concerning work, travel plans, or educational goals. A New Moon on the 28th in Leo continues to focus on relationship developments. The Sun in excellent aspect to Jupiter on the 31st will enhance an ongoing relationship or bring someone new. You are invigorated with community events, educational aims, travel plans, or social gatherings.


For August, a Mar/Uranus conjunction has you restless and considering changes with your home on the 1st.  Keep busy and make your adjustments another day. Slowing down to accommodate Mars in adverse aspect to Saturn on the 7th is advised.  Do not overextend yourself. A Full Moon on the 11th causes stress and disagreement in a personal relationship. Yes, it is a challenging month. Mercury in positive trine to Uranus on the 16th inspires you mentally toward financial ventures and personal growth. A temporary monetary setback is noted on the 21st as Mercury opposes Neptune. Supportive transits on the 24th promote your social circle. A New Moon in Virgo on the 27th encourages a meticulous approach to all monetary matters.


In September, Mars in supportive aspect to Jupiter on the 1st brings a touch of luck to socializing, work opportunities, speculative and creative ventures and traveling. The Moon in exciting aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter on the 7th is a great day filled with social, travel, leisurely, and educational opportunity. A Full Moon on the 10th indicates that miscommunication may cause a financial issue. Financial stability and a new opportunity are moted on the 10th as the Sun favorably aspects Uranus. The Sun opposing Neptune on the 16th could also lead to a monetary loss. Steering yourself into a better financial position is foreseen on the 18th as the Sun is in excellent aspect to Pluto. A New Moon in Libra on the 25th emphasizes your life direction, educational goals, networking connections, and travel. The Moon in Sagittarius in trine aspect to Jupiter and sextile aspect to the Sun on the 30th happily supports your hopes, goals, and dreams.


For the month of October, the Moon in excellent aspect to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter on the 4th makes this a banner day for you! You will thrive on work opportunities, networking ventures, travel plans, and educational pursuits.  Miscommunication and delays are noted on the 9th with the Full Moon.  You are likely to encounter a financial disappointment on the 11th as Mars is in adverse aspect to Neptune. The 14th is a productive day as the Moon makes supportive aspects. The Sun in difficult square aspect to Pluto on the 19th may put a damper on social, travel, or networking plans. A New Moon in Scorpio on the 25th emphasizes your career ambitions. Mars going retrograde on the 30th has you rethinking speculative and creative aims and leisure life.


In November, good transits with the Moon influencing the Sun, Venus, and Uranus on the 3rd favors financial gain and career advancement. A Full Moon on the 8th is the cause of stress at work as well as at home. The Moon in positive aspect to the Sun. Mercury, and Neptune on the 13th has you involved with drawing up a work schedule that benefits you.  A financial loss is noted on the 19th as Mars is in challenging aspect to Neptune.  A wonderful Sun trine Jupiter influence on the 20th supports financial gain and speculative ventures. On the 23rd and 24th a New Moon in Sagittarius with the Moon conjoining Mercury and Venus, are days to look for opportunity to capitalize upon in reaching your hopes, goals, and dreams.


For the month of December, you encounter miscommunication that may be costly with a friend with a Mercury/Neptune adverse influence on the 1st. The Moon in positive aspect to Jupiter and Pluto on the 6th you are able to resolve issues and expand your earnings. A Full Moon on the 7th causes a problem to surface with a friend or loved one.  On the 14th the Sun in adverse aspect to Neptune does not support reaching your dream goals. Yet, you may find opportunity on the 19th as Mercury influences Uranus. A New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd encourages you to look at personal issues. Exciting influences on the 25th, as the Moon favorably aspects Mars and Jupiter, lift your spirits personally and socially. On the 28th, the Moon in soft aspect to Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto has you in touch with your deeper side. Mercury going retrograde on the 29th continues this theme. You bring in the New Year with the Sun influencing the Taurus Moon and attracting positive changes for the New Year.