Aquarias Rising

The most fascinating influence this year, is having both Jupiter and Saturn journeying through the exciting, progressive, and intuitive sign of Aquarius. Jupiter thrives here creating wonderful opportunities and good fortune, and Saturn, its co-ruler, can be channeled so one benefits by implementing new ideas into structured planning. Together you can build a solid foundation that lasts into the future. If you are feeling held back and frustrated, as many of us are these days, you will be inclined to break out. You are more determined to succeed and therefore do succeed. It can be a time of growth as well as breaking down barriers that are holding you back.


From a worldly perspective Jupiter/Saturn influences affect the rise and fall of important people and leaders. There are those that believe that the Star of Bethlehem was the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn approximately 2020 years ago. Throughout history some presidents have died in office or have experienced an assassination attempt. Major developments and changes are indicted for 2021. Be willing to embrace a whole new perspective on life.


In January as Mercury conjoins Jupiter and Saturn in your sign, Aquarius, you benefit by expanding your horizons in all areas of your life. You will attract opportunities that broaden your life experience. Through hard work you gain by utilizing your skills and talents. New projects that are diligently planned will be successful. Venus in trine aspect to Uranus will help offset the Mars square to Saturn on the 13th causing a temporary halt and frustration to achieving your goals. Mars conjoining Uranus in Taurus the third week motivates you make changes in your home. Take your time in getting the desired results. Rushing could lead to mistakes being made. The end of the month, the Sun conjoining Jupiter and Saturn highlights the use of your potential to attain your desired goals. However, a close relationship will be strained under the Full Moon on January 28th.


In February, Mercury will be retrograde from January 30th to February 21st causing you to reassess the direction of personal ambitions. During this time, new ideas appear as Mercury is under influences from the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. Mid-month disruption and stress are felt in the home and with family under a Saturn square aspect to Uranus. Vague communications undermine partnerships and finances on the 27th, the Full Moon.


In the first half of March, the Sun and Venus in Pisces attract monetary improvement. You will also be the recipient of hearing good news with Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius. You will be successful with implementing your insightful ideas. Still, vague communication is the cause of a financial glitch on the 23rd as Mercury in Pisces is in square aspect to Mars in Gemini. Avoid any speculative investments. You will not agree with someone under the Full Moon occurring on the 28th. Drive carefully as traffic delays or accidents are possible


During April, the Sun conjoining Venus and then Mercury brings harmonious social alliances. Mars trine Jupiter mid-month is a lucky time for you! The advantage is on your side with speculative investments, romance, creative aims, and issues concerning children. The Sun and Venus in sextile aspect to Mars and Jupiter the first half of April activates your social circle where enjoying events or attending functions is delightful. The one day that stress may be experienced with balancing home and work is the Full Moon, April 26th.

The first half of May, Venus and then the Sun are in positive aspect to Pluto where more meaningful experiences warm the home atmosphere. Subtle changes at work or home is a nice improvement on the 11th with Mars in sextile to Uranus. Mid-month Jupiter moves into the sign of Pisces for three months expanding the possibilities of your earning potential, improving your self-esteem, and garnering confidence. However, the 22nd and 27th of May will prove to be financially disappointing as both Mercury and Venus square Neptune. You will have a disagreement with a friend or loved one on the 26th, the Full Moon. Mercury will be retrograde from May 29th to June 22nd. You should avoid making important decisions or starting anything new during this time. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes.


During June, Mercury retrograde until the 22nd has you reevaluating your position on speculative/creative pursuits, romance, and leisurely activities. Wait to make any changes until after the retrograde. Resistance on the job is noted on the first week as Mars opposes Pluto. Unexpected changes with home or family occur on the 14th as things seem to be chaotic with Saturn in square aspect to Uranus. As Mercury goes direct on the 22nd you can move forward with speculative ventures, romance, leisure plans, or creative projects. Still, delays at work slow progress on June 24th, the Full Moon.


The first four days of July, Mars in adverse aspect to both Saturn and Uranus will be sure to block your advancement with personal goals as well as work. This is not the time to further yourself. Mid-month with Mercury in trine aspect to Jupiter you can make great progress with your ambitious goals. Good fortune shines on you. Personal and monetary improvements are considered as the Sun forms a favorable aspect to Neptune. You may encounter a setback with a relationship on July 23rd, the Full Moon.


In August, you will feel blocked or need to take on extra responsibilities in a relationship as the Sun and Mercury oppose Saturn. The third week then brings progress as you implement new ideas involving networking, higher-minded pursuits, and travel with the Sun and Mercury opposing Jupiter. Subtle changes at work are helpful with a positive Mars aspect to Uranus ion the 21st. The Full Moon on August 22nd indicates that you may be at odds with a relationship. Financial mishaps could be a problem if you are not careful as adverse oppositions occurs on the 23rd and 24th.


On September 2nd Mars opposing Neptune could upset a balanced budget. Watch all monetary transactions carefully. A partner may be disappointing. You will find more stability on the 6th with the Virgo New Moon. Mercury favorably aspecting Jupiter on the 20th brings another round of good news that adds to you furthering yourself with higher-minded aims, networking opportunities, and travel. The Full Moon on the 20th causes challenges with a financial joint venture, partnership, or areas of personal growth where miscommunication becomes a big problem. Educational or higher-minded quests, long distant correspondences, work objectives, or travel will be strained by Mercury adversely aspecting Pluto on the 22nh.


The 1st of October, Mercury is again in square aspect to Pluto causing an issue to surface with networking correspondences, higher-minded aims, work goals, or travel plans. It may be such that you need to redo or end what is not working out. A wonderful opportunity is foreseen enhancing networking, educational or spiritual pursuits, or travel plans possibly abroad on the 3rd as Mercury is in trine aspect to Jupiter. With Mars trining Jupiter on the 18th a promising work position is also noted. Both Mercury and Jupiter go direct on October 18th to bolster any new projects. Communication snags and travel delays are indicated on the 20th with the Full Moon. Social outings are to be enjoyed with Jupiter and the Moon in favorable aspect to Venus the last few days of October.


Once again, tension may lead you to terminate your association with a networking outfit, organization, or job with Mercury in adverse square aspect to Pluto on November 1st and 2nd. You will be pressed to make a decision. Stull, subtle influences support favorable developments during the month. On the 10th you run into obstacles with Mars in square aspect to Saturn, hindering your progress with working goals. Unexpected situations unfold at both work and home with Mars opposing Uranus on the 17th and the Full Moon occurring on November 19th. Definitely an intense month. The last week holds a Mercury/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius, enhancing your social life as you enjoy the season.


The beginning of December, the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th will encourage the attendance of social events. You are slated to have a great time. This could be the ideal time to start a new project that benefits your future. Pushing yourself to accomplish a lot, especially in the home, may run you down on the 8th with Mars in square aspect Jupiter. The Full Moon on the 18th has you at odds with a loved one. Also, speculative risks, are not advised. Personal stress may need to find an outlet on the 23rd as Saturn squares Uranus. However, the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius brings joyful experiences as you pursue your future goals with vigor and thoroughly enjoy the festive season with your social circle of family and friends. The last week the Sun and Mercury in favorable aspect to Uranus brings intuitive insights that inspire you and a new look for your living space.



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