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Aquarias Rising

Jupiter will be residing in your third house sector, bringing you opportunity with communications, educational goals, travel, and improvements with your work the first five and a half months of 2023. You will feel more optimistic and motivated to express your ideas and socialize. Short trips are on the agenda so think about packing your bags for a fun-filled venture. Work improvements or a new job will lift your spirits. The rest of 2023 Jupiter will be in your fourth house sector encouraging home improvements, selling your home, or buying a new one. Your outlook on life will be cheery and there will be positive interactions with women. There can also be reconciliations with a family member. Saturn will be moving into your second house sector, which rules over your earnings and potential. You will become more serious about securing your assets and utilizing your fullest potential. If you are in a situation where your potential is not being recognized it may be time to leave for something better.

In January, on the 5th with the Sun trining Uranus you will strike out in an independent direction as change works to your advantage, especially behind-the-scenes. The Full Moon on the 6th causes stress with your work that may affect your health. Mars will be retrograde until the 12th and delay progress with your personal investments and creative pursuits. Mercury will be retrograde until the morning of the 18th, so it’s a gradual unfolding month. Reassess how you would like to overcome personal hinderances. Mercury going direct will help steer you into a constructive direction. The New Moon inspires you in the attainment of future goals on the 21st.

For February, a Full Moon on the 5th strains a close relationship. One of you may need some space. On the 17th, enthusiastic communication with a personal relationship makes your day with Mercury in positive aspect to Jupiter. On the 22nd Mercury aspecting Mars in Sagittarius lifts your spirits. Networking ventures, educational goals, and travel may be opportune. Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 14th to the 16th will slow progress with creative goals, speculative pursuits, or leisure life. The New Moon in Pisces has you focusing using your potential to improve your earnings on the 20th.

In March, an approaching Venus/Jupiter conjunction on the 1st, brings positive happenings in your working environment. You benefit from correspondence, networking, educational goals and travel. You may find money disappearing or run into a difficult monetary situation with the Full Moon on the 7th. Rough days are forecasted for the 14th and 16th as Mars in adverse aspect to Neptune, the Sun in square aspect to Saturn, and Venus is squaring Pluto. Your financial earnings will not support your future aims. Deception with the handling of your funds has you upset. A New Moon on the 21st has you eagerly pursuing an educational goal or travel plans or new networking strategy. Once again, Mercury conjoining Jupiter on the 27th brings positive news with an educational aim, networking opportunity, or trip. Still, keep an eye on your finances.  

In April on the 3rd, Mercury will be in adverse aspect to Pluto, a problematic relationship situation, possibly with a family member, could be very strained or come to end. The Full Moon on the evening of the 5th into the 6th causes impulsive differences between you and a close relationship. The late afternoon on the 7th brings subtle financial opportunity as Venus influences Neptune. You will find time to enjoy pursuing your sought-after goals and outings with friends that may include traveling with the Moon in Sagittarius making uplifting aspects on the evening of the 10th. A Sun/Jupiter conjunction on the 11th continues to enhance your life by expanding your horizons with networking, travel plans, or centers of learning. On the 14th, impediments are encountered with financial ventures that are likely to lead to a loss as Venus adversely aspects Saturn. With uplifting Moon transits on the 16th monetary opportunities support projects or assignments at work. You will also experience more peace and perceptiveness at home. The New Moon on the evening of the 19th into the 20th motivates you to be more adventuresome with connecting with other via the internet, studying new material, or taking a trip. Mercury goes retrograde on April 21st to May 14th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new.

Although there are some good days in May, on the 4th Venus will square Neptune causing issues with a friend or loved one that leads to deception with money or a financial loss. And on the 5th the Full Moon is problematic for your career, but may also cause disagreements at home. Mercury goes direct at the end of the day on the 14th, which will help you be more productive with your work, especially at home. You benefit from pursuing an idyllic work environment on the 15th with Mars trining Neptune. With the New Moon on the 19th, you will get good results for your effort with tasteful home or office improvements. A close relationship encounters stiff resistance on the 20th as Mars opposes Pluto. Be careful of burning out, especially in dealing with a close relationship or family member on the evening of the 22nd into the 23rd as Mars adversely aspects Jupiter. The afternoon of the 28th you attract monetary opportunity, job and home improvements, and a personal rejuvenation as the Moon is in favorable aspect to Uranus and Venus.

In June, being diligent at work may pay off handsomely on the 2nd. Benefits on the job attract a more harmonious environment with Venus in auspicious aspect to Neptune. The Full Moon on the 3rd will create a challenge between you and a loved one. Creative and speculative pursuits are complicated as well. On the 6th, Venus will journey into the sign of Leo for four months and will attract compliments and favors from a relationship your way. Work improvements at home lifts your spirit on the 6th as the Moon is in positive aspect to Mercury and Uranus. Saturn in square aspect to Mercury on the 15th blocks financial opportunity and personal investments. Be careful of deceptive circumstances. The New Moon favors ideas that boost speculative gain, creative activities, and leisure life on the 18th, but the Sun squaring Neptune later that day causes some confusion. With Mercury in positive aspect to Mars and the Moon in favorable aspect to Venus on the 21st, socializing and enjoying the company of a loved one is noted. On the 25th Mercury in adverse aspect to Neptune brings disillusionment and possible loss with an agreement or monetary dealing. Restless, detached, and argumentative influences with a close relationship are noted on the 26th with Mars adversely aspecting Uranus.

The 1st of July is a great day! You will happily benefit from the advantage being on your side with your work assignments or projects. This may be the time to ask for a raise with the Sun favorably influencing Jupiter and the Moon in Sagittarius. Comfortable home improvements are also noted. Scheduling changes, new faces, and extra expenditures affect your progress at work on the 2nd as Venus squares Uranus. The Full Moon on the 3rd will undermine your health and make things difficult at work. Opportunity on the job leads to an upgraded position and/or financial gain on the 7th as the Moon is in positive aspect to both Jupiter and the Sun. The New Moon on the 17th surrounded by favorable Moon influences highlights work options that enhance your life. Improving your health is noted. Your career and reputation are in good standing on the 22nd, but later in the day the Sun opposing Pluto may bring to an end a work situation. Venus going retrograde on the 22nd slows personal progress and socializing. With the Moon in excellent trine aspect to Mars and Jupiter the evening of the 30th, plans that benefit you financially and personally should be implemented. You also benefit from home improvements, personal growth, and new ventures.

In August, the Full Moon on the 1st creates tension between you and a close relationship. Some space may be required. Social and possible travel opportunity that also support your work goals will have you enjoying yourself the afternoon of the 6th as the Moon influences Venus and the Sun aspects Jupiter. You attract benefits your way at work on the 13thas the Sun influences Venus and the Moon is in favorable aspect to both Mars and Uranus. Enjoying fixing up your home or work space is also noted. With the Sun in adverse square aspect to Uranus on the 15th, you will feel a need to break out of stagnant conditions on how you are relating to a loved one. The evening could still be enjoyed. The New Moon on the 16th highlights your connection with a close relationship. Mars trining Uranus that same day encourages work developments. On the 22nd, Mars opposing Neptune will be the cause of an unraveling financial situation. Watch out for deception in a partnership. Steady and constructive planning directs you toward solid, monetary gain with Mars in positive aspect to Pluto on the 24th. Through hard work behind-the-scenes constructive goals and financial increases will prosper on the 27th as the Moon favorably aspects Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus. Another Full Moon on the 30th creates deceptive financial tactics so avoid transactions at this time.

On the 3rd of September, Venus goes direct which will put relationship dealings in the spotlight. Enjoy! Several positive Moon influences are wonderfully supportive with family, sprucing up your home, and financial dealings on the 4th. However, Jupiter going retrograde will slow progress with work and issues at home for a few months. Financial success and investments in your home or monetarily is noted the morning of the 8th with the Sun in trine aspect to Jupiter. A New Moon on the 14th highlights monetary planning that brings prosperity especially after the 15th as Mercury will be direct. Social opportunity will improve your good fortune with the Sun in excellent trine aspect to Uranus. On the 21st feeling confident and socializing with others, you can promote your dream goals. Networking, educational goals, and travel plans prosper with the Moon in Sagittarius making favorable aspects to Mars and Venus, and the Sun trining Pluto. The Moon in trine aspect to Mercury and Jupiter on the 23rd steers your work into a more focused and favorable direction to be well-received at your job, increase your finances, and improve your home or work space. Communication mix-ups, delays, and scheduling changes have you frustrated on the Full Moon on the 29th. Networking, correspondence, educational pursuits, and travel lift your spirits and indirectly benefit joint ventures and possible financial gain on the 30th with the Moon in positive aspect to Venus and Mercury in excellent aspect to Uranus. There will be a positive rapport with a personal relationship.

In October on the 2nd, financial disappointments are encountered as Mercury opposes Neptune. Favorable aspects with the Moon and Sun, along with Mercury trining Pluto on the 3rd bring a more structured approach to investments and joint partnerships that benefit you. Adverse aspects with the Moon, Mars, and Pluto on the 7th and 8th have you encountering difficult problems on the job and with connecting with others. Be careful driving or traveling. Accidents are likely. The New Moon on the 14th encourages furthering your learning skills, networking, and traveling. The Moon in Sagittarius in positive aspect to Mercury and the Sun on the afternoon of the 19th promotes correspondence with others, networking, upbeat educational pursuits, and travel. Mercury in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 20th strains or ends a connection at work. Applying yourself behind-the-scenes is productive. The evening of the 21st an approaching Venus trine Jupiter aspect attracts money-making opportunities and tasteful home investments. On the 24th the Moon in supportive aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter brings career and job opportunity that increases your income. On the 28th, you will find it challenging to balance your work with home on the Full Moon.

November the 2nd is a good day as the Moon is in supportive aspect to the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. You will benefit from work projects, partnership ventures, and investments in your home. On the 5th, the Moon in adverse square aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Uranus, is noted to be a stressful day at both work and home. Financial and career opportunities open up on the 7th as the Moon in Virgo influences Jupiter and the Sun. On the 10th, 11th, and 12th do not pursue any new project at work or home as they are slated to be unsuccessful as Mars is opposing Uranus. The New Moon involving Uranus on the 13th emphasizes erratic improvements on the job that may help get you out of a rut. Three positive influences on the 17th, Mars trine Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, and Moon trine Uranus encourage you toward ideal work opportunities that not only stabilize your assets, but also enhance your reputation. Mars in difficult square aspect to Saturn is a planetary block to attaining your dream goals on the 25th. Monetary improvement is at a standstill as well. Your luck is limited and an issue with a friend is encountered on the 27th, due to the Full Moon. There are better days ahead. 

In December, partnership agreements and investments in your home bring more security into the picture on the 5th as the Moon favorably influences Uranus and Venus trines Saturn. Good fortune shines with friendly connections, distant correspondence, networking, and upgrading your skills that has you manifesting your sought-after goals on the 7th. The Moon is in supportive aspect to Mars and the Sun, and Mercury is in trine aspect to Jupiter. The New Moon on the 12th in Sagittarius promotes your hopes, goals, and dreams. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th to January 2nd. Watch out for miscommunication, delays, mistakes, and do not start anything new. On the 16th, the Sun in adverse aspect to Neptune is the cause of setbacks with friends, attaining set goals, investments, speculative projects, and money. On the 18th as Mercury favorably influences Jupiter, good news is foreseen with behind-the-scenes projects and home improvements. Your effort is successful for the holidays. Constructive influences with the Sun and Mercury promote work stability on the 22nd. Venus in perfect trine to Neptune on the 25th brings meaningfulness into your holiday season. You are sporting a good reputation for family and friends. Challenges with health and work responsibilities are indicated on the Full Moon on the 26th. Mars in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 28th has you confronting a financial challenge. Be careful, deception is in the air. Good fortune is foreseen on the 30th as Jupiter goes direct. A positive Jupiter/Moon influence promotes prosperity in the New Year! 

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