Leo Rising

You will feel rejuvenated the first half of 2022 with Jupiter in your eighth house sector building confidence, encouraging personal growth, improving finances, and expanding upon partnerships in business and pleasure. Look for ways to increase your income through investments and joint ventures. Jupiter journeying into Aries the second half of the year promotes networking connections, travel, moving, spirituality, and centers of learning. You will find yourself more optimistic and attract better working conditions. The 7th house sector of relationships is being tested with Saturn residing here. You may find others put pressure on you or you have to take on more responsibility in helping someone and/or you are seeking more stability in a relationship. Keep in mind that you need to have stability within yourself in order to find that in a close relationship.


 New opportunities appear on the job January 1st that put you in the spotlight. The New Moon on the 2nd continues this theme and may bring an improved position. A pleasant rapport with others on the 8th has others being more agreeable with you with the Sun conjunct Venus. Your luck is stymied on the 11th as Mars squares Neptune.  Do not take any financial risks. On the 14th until February 3rd, Mercury will be retrograde. You will be rethinking where you stand with a personal relationship. Watch out for mistakes and misunderstandings, avoid making important decisions, and do not start anything new. A Full Moon on the 17th is frustrating on the job. Better days are ahead. The New Moon in Aquarius highlights relationship improvements on the 31st.


Starting February 4th, you will be more motivated at work and attending to errands in the morning thanks to a Mars aspect to Jupiter. You are bound to get results for your effort on the job on the 8th as Mars is in excellent aspect with Uranus in Taurus. A Full Moon on the 16th will strain a relationship connection temporarily. You may experience some luck with work or career goals on the 17th as Jupiter is in positive aspect to Uranus. Financial gain is also noted. Neptune in subtle, but favorable aspect to Venus and Mars on the 23rd and 24th create more idyllic conditions on the job and with your health.


In March, a New Moon involving Jupiter on the 2nd puts a positive spin on all financial dealings, investments, insurance, and taxes. If anything is out of order do address it in this cycle. This theme continues on the 5th as the Sun conjoins Jupiter making it an advantageous time to look for support with increasing your finances. You will benefit working hard on the 8th to bring your ideals into a reality. Then enjoy socializing on the evening of the 8th. Be careful getting lost in your dreams on the 13th as the Sun conjoins Neptune. You may experience a monetary loss or disappointment with a partnership on the 18th with the Full Moon. An unexpected situation with your career or a personal relationship could be upsetting and lead to an argument on the 22nd as Mars squares Uranus. On the 31st, a New Moon in Aries is invigorating as you connect with those around you and make progress.


The 4th of April will have you encountering setbacks with Mars conjoining Saturn, especially with close relationships. The Moon in favorable aspect to the Sun and Mercury on the 6th has you conversing with friends and coworkers and making progress with your ideas. Jupiter conjunct Neptune highlights idyllic conditions with monetary expansion and gain, personal growth experiences, and creative partnerships. In shooting for the stars keep your feet on the ground. A Full Moon on the 16th puts pressure on a work situation. Communications may be strained. The 18th is problematic too with your career and reputation as the Sun squares Pluto. Weed out what you can. Favorable Moon transits on the 22nd and 27th lift your spirits yet keep you focused.  The New Moon on the 30th coupled with a Venus/Jupiter conjunction makes this a banner day! Luck is on your side with your career position and financial gain.


In May, you will not waste your time on the 4th in being productive with a work assignment a Mars influences Uranus. The Moon in positive aspect to both Mercury and Venus on the 7th has you formulating ideas for your future. Friends may be helpful. May 10th to June 3rd Mercury will be retrograde. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. On the 15th, a Full Moon has you at odds with work and home. Being stubborn will not appease the situation. You are working hard and feeling empowered on the 19th as the Sun favorably trines Pluto. The Sun in positive aspect to Jupiter on the 23rd has you making favorable connections with friends and coworkers that support your goals. You will experience good results with your career, reputation, and social standing on the 29th as the Moon conjoins Mercury in Taurus. A Mars conjunction with Jupiter also promotes networking connections, travel, and educational pursuits.


In June, you will notice the sluggishness of Saturn retrograde affecting your relationships starting on the 4th. You may need to exercise patience in your dealings with others. You will enjoy more popularity in your career on the 11th as Venus conjoins Uranus. The Moon in Sagittarius making positive aspects will have you feeling upbeat and wanting to enjoy life on the 13th.  The Full Moon on the 14th may be the cause of tension between a friend or loved one. Issues and miscommunication will exist in a close relationship. You will find disappointment with the 16th as well with a friend or partnership as the Sun squares Neptune. You will be highly motivated to connect with others and capitalize upon your ideas on the 21st as the Moon in Aries conjoins Jupiter and is in sextile aspect to Mercury. The New Moon on the 28th along with the Sun influencing Jupiter and Venus in positive aspect to Jupiter makes this a promising day behind-the-scenes.


For July, you will run into problems and resistance at work on the 1st with Mars in square aspect to Pluto. Confusion with a monetary situation or friend is noted on the 2nd as Mercury squares Neptune. Implementing new ideas at work inspires you on the 10th as the Sun is in subtle aspect to Uranus and the Moon in favorable trine to Jupiter. The Full Moon along with Venus in square aspect to Neptune on the 13th will be the cause of conflict, confusion, and disappointment, especially at work and with your money. The Sun in excellent aspect to Neptune encourages personal growth, creative partnerships, and monetary insightfulness on the 17th. Problems on the job may stress out your health on the 19th as the Sun opposes Pluto. Mercury in auspicious trine to Jupiter on the 23rd brings good news to you personally. The New Moon in Leo on the 28th continues to put the spotlight on you and your incentives. The Sun in excellent trine aspect to Jupiter on the 31st along with other favorable transits, is a banner day that sees you expanding your horizons and feeling confident in your dealings with others.


In August, stress may be high on the 1st with your career or work as Mars forms a conjunction with Uranus. Be careful with accidents and arguments. The 7th is another challenging day as Mars squares Saturn causing you to encounter obstacles and setbacks with others. Difficulty may arise in a personal relationship on the Full Moon on the 11th. Better days are ahead. Your intuition is sharp and goals go as planned on the 16th as Mercury is in trine aspect to Uranus and the Moon in favorable aspect to the Sun. A financial loss and major communication problems are foreseen on the 21st as Mercury opposes Neptune. The Moon making positive aspects on the 24th to Mars and Jupiter steer you in a more upbeat direction. The New Moon on the 27th encourages you to get your finances in order.


For September, on the 7th the Moon in Aquarius in excellent aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter promotes close relationships, travel, and leisure life. Enjoy! September 9th to October 2nd Mercury will be retrograde. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. The Sun in trine aspect to Uranus on the 11th supports your career along with a financial upswing. Do not have any expectations on the 16th as the Sun opposes Neptune. You will feel empowered and productive on the 18th as the Sun influences Pluto favorably. Positive Moon transits coupled with a favorable Venus trine Uranus influence on the 19th attract benefits your way at work that compliment your self-esteem. The New Moon in Libra on the 25th highlights your working environment, educational goals, and travel. The Moon in Sagittarius making nice aspects to the Sun and Jupiter on the 30th promote creative aims, leisure life, travel, and centers of learning. Take advantage of these uplifting influences.


In October, the Moon in Aquarius favorably influencing the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter on the 4th make this a banner day. Harmonious relations with others advance you socially. Personal relationships prosper. The Full Moon on the 9th is the cause of a communication upset and/or traffic delay. You may be misled on the 11th as Mars squares Neptune. Friends or partnerships may be disappointing or deceptive. Keep your wits about you. Good, solid communication has you addressing issues that further your future goals and have you making progress on the 14th. The 19th is another challenging day on the job as the Sun squares Pluto and Venus squares Neptune. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 25th brings more depth and meaning into the home. Mars going retrograde on the 30th has you drawing up new plans for your future the next few months.


On November 3rd, you will find promising Moon transits that focus on improvements with financial dealings, investments, personal growth, and partnerships. You may feel at odds socially with Venus opposing Uranus. The Full Moon on the 8th coupled with Uranus can encourage you to strike out on your own with your career or work. The Moon in favorable aspect in the afternoon and evening of the 13th has you addressing issues behind-the-scenes that benefit you financially. You are more likely to pursue your ideals on the 14th as the Sun is in positive aspect to Neptune. On the 19th you run into disillusionment with your future aims as Mars squares Neptune. The Sun in excellent aspect to Jupiter on the 20th encourages wise investments of time and energy. The Moon in Sagittarius conjoining Mercury and Venus on the 24th brings much happiness to your leisurely experiences. Have fun!


In December, a lack of clarity puts you at a disadvantage on the 1st as Mercury squares Neptune. Avoid risky ventures. You are on more solid footing on the 6th as the Moon in Taurus makes promising aspects.  The Full Moon on the 7th has you at odds with a friend or close relationship. The Sun in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 17th indicates a possible financial loss or disappointment. The advantage is not on your side. You will be productive in the afternoon of the 17th as Mercury trines Uranus in Taurus. The Moon in Aquarius in favorable aspect to Jupiter and Mars on the 25th make this a lively day. Subtle yet pleasant transits on the 28th bring clarity to personal goals and your daily agenda. Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th and has you reassessing where you stand with your health. The Moon in the solid earth sign Taurus on the 31st along with the Sun coming into positive aspect to the Moon indicates harmonious possibilities that work to one’s advantage for the New Year.