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Leo Rising

In 2024, Jupiter will be in your 10th house sector until May 25th and will bring excellent improvements to your job or career! Good fortune with your work is also foreseen in April as Jupiter conjoins Uranus. Pluto in Capricorn, for many years, will temporarily journey into Aquarius, where it will bring new insights about personal relationships from January 20th to September 1st. Someone new could be on the horizon or you will improve upon your current commitment. Saturn in Pisces along with Neptune wants you to be more realistic about your monetary situation. Vague partnerships may need to be discarded so a new alliance can be formed.

In 2024, you will be glad for the excellent improvements with your career and reputation as Jupiter will be direct along with Mercury going direct on January 2nd. These enhancing influences bring solid results for your efforts. Communication glitches, networking problems, and travel disappointments are noted the evening of the 8th with Mercury in adverse aspect to Neptune. Constructive progress made with your work is indicated on the 11th, the New Moon. Mid-month for two weeks Jupiter is within one degree of influencing Saturn. During this time secure financial negotiations, especially on the job. A personal relationship will experience trouble on the 25th with the Full Moon. One of you may need some space.

In February on the 3rd, joint ventures on the job or at home bring improvements as the Moon favorably influences Mars, Neptune, and Mercury. Several planets will be moving through Aquarius inspiring new opportunities with relationships or partnerships. A Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Aquarius on the 5th may open up your perspective with a close relationship, but also bring some changes. The New Moon continues to promote this theme encouraging exciting new ventures on the 9th with the New Moon. With all financial transactions, look out for miscommunication and avoid signing any contracts on the 11th as Mercury will be in semisquare to Neptune. Issues with finances that may involve a partner are noted with the Full Moon, on the 24th.

Jupiter will semisquare Neptune the first three days of March. In your career, people may promise more than they can deliver. Wait for another time to proceed. Work and health related interests prosper on the 5th as the Moon favorably influences Jupiter and the Sun. Do not start anything new on the 9th with Mars in square aspect to Uranus. Accidents are likely so be careful. On the 10th, the New Moon encourages a more perceptive approach to your monetary situation. During the day of the 19th, you will benefit from implementing creative ideas toward your financial and personal projects as the Moon is in favorable aspect to Neptune and the Sun. Miscommunication and delays are noted on the 25th with the Full Moon.

In April, Mercury goes retrograde on April 1st to April 25th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new. You will find good fortune with your work or career goals thanks to a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction the second half of April. Your reputation is also enhanced. You will need to balance your responsibilities with work and home under the Full Moon on the 23rd. On the 25th the Moon is in excellent aspect to Mars and Neptune and encourages investment opportunities at work or with your home.

The beginning of May as Pluto goes retrograde on the 2nd, you will be reevaluating where you stand with a close relationship or partnership. The New Moon on the 7th promotes the attainment of career goals. An exciting opportunity is foreseen on the 8th as the Moon conjoins Uranus and Jupiter. Work or career advancement brings compliments for your skills and talents on the 17th as the Moon is in positive aspect to Venus, Uranus, and the Sun. On the 18th a Sun/Jupiter conjunction encourages you to seek out new horizons with projects on the job. A friend or loved one presents challenges on the 23rd with the Full Moon. Jupiter moving into the sign of Gemini on the 25th for the rest of the year is worth celebrating as it encourages opportunities to realize your hopes, goals, and dreams. Friends or group situations may be helpful.

The beginning of June, take advantage of agreeable correspondences with networking, group associations, educational pursuits, and travel plans to reach your dreams as the Moon in Aries on the 1st makes favorable aspects to the Sun and Venus. On the 5th, the Moon in Gemini conjoining Jupiter and Mercury gets the day off to a wonderful start as you pursue your sought-after objectives. The New Moon on the 6th continues to promote your hopes, goals, and dreams. However, plans may not materialize on the 12th with Mercury square Saturn. Not everything will turn out perfect on the 16th with Venus square Neptune, 17th with Mercury square Neptune, and 20th with Sun square Neptune. Keep a low profile with no expectations on these days. Work is taxing and you may be feeling under the weather with the Full Moon on the 21st.

In July, the New Moon on the 5th encourages you to address issues behind the scenes. Positive career developments are noted on the 6th with the Moon aspecting Venus, Uranus, and Neptune favorably. Financial opportunity through a possible joint venture is agreed upon on the 11th with Venus in auspicious aspect to Neptune. Accidents are likely on the 15th and 16th with Mars conjunct Uranus and the Moon in opposition to Uranus and then Mars. A Full Moon on the 21st slows progress at work and wants you to look after your health.


In August, the New Moon on the 4th shines the spotlight on you. This is a good time to seek personal improvements. Mercury goes retrograde on August 5th to the 28th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new. Tension is experienced in a close relationship with the Full Moon on the 19th.

The start of September, joint ventures and financial dealings that concern your future may go awry on the 2nd with Mars in square aspect to Neptune. A New Moon on this day may assist in finding a solution. On the 4th resistance on the job is encountered with Mars inconjunct Pluto. A financial setback is indicated on the 7th as the Sun opposes Saturn. The 15th is an enjoyable day where you will benefit from a close relationship that brings good fortune with your future goals as the Moon is in auspicious aspect to both Venus and Jupiter! The Full Moon on the 17th is the cause of a monetary setback. A partner could be involved. The same is also experienced on the 20th as the Sun is in opposition to Neptune. Your skills are complimented along with financial improvements on the 24th with Mercury in trine aspect to Uranus.

In October, socializing and making opportune connections is encouraged with the New Moon on the 2nd. Jupiter retrograde on the 9th wants you to reevaluate your future. Tension with your job and on the home-front is indicated on the 14th as Venus is in opposition to Uranus. On the 15th, the Moon favorably influences Uranus, Venus, and Neptune attracts improvements with finances and partnerships. Areas of personal growth should be pursued. Communication glitches and travel delays are foreseen on the 17th with the Full Moon. Striking out in a new direction with your career brings exciting opportunities your way on the 24th as the Moon in Leo influences Venus in Sagittarius and Mars is in positive aspect to Uranus.

In November, a personal issue is difficult to overcome on the 3rd with Mars in opposition to Pluto. Financial investments and job improvements are favored on the 11th. Stress is encountered at home and with your job under the Full Moon on the 15th. You are motivated to happily connect with others and pursue worthy speculative and creative goals on the 25th as the Moon is in positive aspect to Pluto, the Sun, and Mars. A dynamic New Moon on the 30th promotes leisure life, romance, creative pursuits, and activities with children. Mercury goes retrograde on November 25th to December 15th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new.

In December, the Moon and Mercury in Sagittarius have you enjoying life this holiday season. Your social life prospers on the 9th with the Moon in favorable aspect to Pluto, Venus, and Mars. The Moon in favorable aspect to Jupiter and the Sun continues to encourage promising relationship developments on the 10th. Tension with a friend or loved one stalls your progress with personal goals on the 15th with the Full Moon. Mercury direct in Sagittarius has you thoroughly enjoying the holiday spirit. On the 18th having fun may be disappointing and costly as the Sun is in adverse aspect to Neptune. Jupiter in square aspect to Saturn helps establish a plan for the future that will require some work on the 24th. The New Moon on the 30th spotlights addressing your overall health and well-being, and work agenda so you are well-prepared for the New Year!

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