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Capricorn Rising

The start of 2023, Jupiter residing in your fourth house sector of home, family, property, and emotional outlook brings great news for improving upon, buying, or selling a home. Your outlook on life and family will be positive for the first five and half months of the year. You will feel driven to fix up your home and enjoy it. Jupiter will be in your fifth house sector the rest of 2023 encouraging you toward creative or speculative pursuits, activities with children, leisure life, and romance. You are apt to have success with creative and investment opportunities. Leisure life is enjoyed and romantic attractions are pursued. Saturn leaving your financial sector after the first week of March will venture into Pisces your third house sector. You will become more focused on educational goals, writing projects, networking, and traveling. Socializing will be to a minimum as you concentrate on the work at hand to further your goals.

In January, the year is off to a shaky start with Mars retrograde until the 12th and Mercury retrograde until the morning of the 18th, communication glitches are foreseen, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For after the 18th Jupiter will have you feeling optimistic and steer you toward home improvements. The Full Moon will be the cause of conflicting views on the 6th. Mercury finally going direct will prompt you to more easily connect with those around. The New Moon on the 21st inspires favorable investments and lucrative financial opportunities.

For February, an early Full Moon on the 5th causes tension between home and work. Working extra hours may be stressful. Mercury in positive aspect to Jupiter on the 17th has you hearing exciting news about your job that may include financial gain. Spending money on home improvements is noted as well. On the 22nd with Mercury influencing Mars in Sagittarius, you are motivated by new ideas and reap the personal benefits. New streams of income are possible. Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 14th to the 16th blocks your progress with your daily routine. If you are feeling run down, you need to pay attention to your health. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20th enables you to be more perceptive. Educational goals, networking, and travel could enhance your existence.

In March on the 1st, you are approaching a Venus/Jupiter conjunction that you will benefit from as it attracts opportunity, especially with your home and family. Vague communication and misunderstandings will be the outcome of a Full Moon on the 7th. A challenging day is indicated on the 14th with Mars in adverse aspect to Neptune causing a problem at your job. Watch out for deception. On the 16th the Sun is squaring Saturn in Pisces along with Venus squaring Pluto. Your efforts are stalled at work. Vague situations may be disturbing. A New Moon on the 21st invigorates your career goals. Mercury conjoining Jupiter on the 27th brings positive news with your home and family.

For April, creative and speculative goals and finances will encounter trouble on the 3rd as Mercury will be in adverse aspect to Pluto. Do not over-extend yourself or start any new partnership ventures. Balancing home and career is problematic with the Full Moon on the evening of the 5th into the 6th. The late afternoon on the 7th is pleasantly productive as Venus influences Neptune and may even improve your earnings. The evening of the 10th and the 11th are supportive of your work behind-the-scenes and uplifting changes in the home or with a family member as the Moon in Sagittarius makes delightful aspects and the Sun conjoins Jupiter. Venus adversely aspecting Saturn on the 14th may cause social isolation and extra responsibilities at work for the day. Uplifting Moon transits on the 16th ease your stress and encourage a creative or spiritual approach to your work. Friendly connections are an added plus. The New Moon on the evening of the 19th into the 20th highlights home improvements and family. You will benefit from starting something new. Mercury goes retrograde on April 21st to May 14th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new.

The 4th of May with Venus squaring Neptune, curb your social expectations and watch out for misunderstandings at work and with speculative or romantic ventures. On the 5th, you may be out of sync with friends and loved ones with the Full Moon. Mercury goes direct at the end of the day on the 14th. Projects that you have put on hold can now be pursued. On the 15th your ideal goals can be realized as you make supportive connections with Mars trining Neptune. A romantic outing would be ideal. The New Moon on the 19th encourages creative or speculative pursuits, leisure activities, and travel. A monetary problem or partnership issue is difficult to resolve with Mars opposing Pluto on the 20th. Over exerting yourself may cause you to burn out on the evening of the 22nd into the 23rd as Mars will square Jupiter. The afternoon is to be enjoyed with friends or loved ones on the 28th as the Moon is in positive aspect to Uranus and Venus.

In June, Venus in favorable aspect to Neptune on the 2nd makes this a pleasant evening with a close relationship or friends. The Full Moon on the 3rd will be the cause of a setback with your work. Surprise opportunities and leisurely connections are experienced on the 4th with a Mercury/Uranus conjunction. The Moon in positive aspect to Mercury and Uranus on the 6th has you getting results for your personal pursuits in creativity and speculative investing by reaching out to others. A blocked communication or a disappointment is likely with Saturn in square aspect to Mercury on the 15th. The New Moon favors projects at work, that could be health related on the 18th, but with the Sun squaring Neptune later that day certain goals may not be realized. The 21st is a good day to communicate your ideas that could lead to financial gain with Mercury in positive aspect to Mars and the Moon in favorable aspect to Venus. The 25th is a problematic day with Mercury squaring Neptune. You will encounter challenging communication and a possible disappointment on the job. On the 26th a financial mishap could be upsetting with Mars squaring Uranus. Watch your funds.

July the 1st is a day to enjoy a close relationship or partnership as the Sun favorably influences Jupiter and the Moon is in Sagittarius. Leisure life and creativity are highlighted. Watch your spending on the 2nd as Venus squaring Uranus will have you paying out more money than you thought. The Full Moon on the 3rd has you at odds with others, especially personal relationships. Once again, you are inclined to go after your personal ideals and get some results on the 7th as the Moon is in positive aspect to both Jupiter and the Sun. Close relationships, partners, and clients thrive. The New Moon surrounded by favorable Moon aspects on the 17th emphasizes teaming up with a personal relationship or friend and pursuing an educational goal, networking project, or traveling experience. The Sun opposing Pluto on the 21st will strain a personal relationship or business partnership. Venus going retrograde on the 22nd has you reassessing your potential, where you stand with the people you work with, and your finances. Make sure you are paid what you deserve. With the Moon in excellent trine aspect to Mars and Jupiter in the evening, pursuits in higher-minded interests, networking, creative aims, and traveling work to your advantage on the 30th.

In August with the Full Moon on the 1st, a monetary impediment will need to be addressed. Partnerships and family members will be agreeable and enjoyable on the afternoon of the 6th as the Moon influences Venus and the Sun aspects Jupiter. Personal and business investments prosper. Having the advantage on your side with close relations improves upon your finances with favorable Moon influences on the 13th and a Sun/Venus conjunction. The Sun in adverse square aspect to Uranus on the 15th causes disagreeable circumstances, especially with joint ventures that may cost you financially. On the 16th the New Moon encourages moneymaking opportunity. All financial dealings fare well. Mars opposing Neptune will be the cause of communication setbacks, delays, and cancellations on the 22nd. Avoid traveling. Mars in positive aspect with Pluto on the 24th motivates you to work intensely with others to accomplish a desired goal. Networking, educational pursuits, long distance correspondence, and travel plans are strongly considered. On the 27th, the Moon in favorable aspect to Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus indicates good progress with reaching out to others and making plans. Creative goals and investment opportunities thrive. Another Full Moon on the 30th is problematic for correspondence with others, causing vagueness, delays, and missed appointments.

Venus goes direct on September the 3rd promoting teamwork and partnerships as well as financial gain. Enjoying leisure life and spending time with close ties or family is favored on the 4th with positive Moon influences. Creative and speculative ventures are successful. Jupiter going retrograde temporarily slows progress with home improvements, but you can still make strides. Excellent opportunity with networking, creative/speculative goals, travel plans, or educational aims is foreseen on the morning of the 8th with the Sun in trine aspect to Jupiter. A New Moon has you once again pursuing networking, upgrading your skills, travel plans, or spiritual quests and getting results on the 14th. The afternoon of the 15th Mercury goes direct allowing you to proceed with projects that have been on hold. New connections excite your long-term goals with the Sun in excellent trine aspect to Uranus. Attaining more of your hopes, goals, and dreams lifts your spirit on the 21st as the Moon in Sagittarius makes favorable aspects to Mars and Venus, and the Sun trines Pluto. On the 23rd, the Moon in trine aspect to Mercury and Jupiter steers you in a promising direction with plans for the future, networking, upgrading your skills, creative investment opportunities, leisure life, travel, and romance. Enjoy! The Full Moon has you encountering different views at work and home on the 29th. Financial opportunity that supports your home or personal improvements is foreseen on the 30th with the Moon in positive aspect to Venus and Mercury in excellent aspect to Uranus.

In October, Mercury opposing Neptune on the 2nd will be the cause of communication mix-ups and disappointments with appointments, travel, and your work environment. Conversation may turn serious to capitalize upon a smooth transition or improvement at work on the 3rd as the Moon favorably influences the Sun and Mercury is in positive aspect to Pluto. Adverse aspects with the Moon, Mars, and Pluto create challenges with close relationships and coworkers on the 7th and 8th. Be patient working through the resistance. Focusing on bringing comfortable and harmonious conditions into your work space is noted with the New Moon on the 14th. The Moon in uplifting aspect to Mercury and the Sun on the afternoon of the 19th promotes positive improvements with your job. Mercury in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 20th creates challenges with close relationships and your career position. A major change may need to occur. The afternoon/evening of the 21st looks promising as you find support with your future aims as Venus favorably aspects Jupiter. The Moon in supportive aspect to the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter on the 24th highlights your hopes, goals, and dreams, networking, travel, and educational pursuits. On the 28th, a Full Moon is an impediment to you attaining personal goals, investment opportunities, and creative pursuits. Avoid stressful gatherings.   

November the 2nd is a great day as the Moon is in supportive aspect to the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. You will benefit from ventures or gatherings with personal relationships, loved ones, friends, and investments in your goals and dreams. With the Moon in adverse square aspect to Mars and Uranus, the 5th is noted to be a stressful day with close relationships. Avoid risky ventures and investments. With Moon in Virgo influencing Jupiter and the Sun on the 7th advancement is seen through networking and investment opportunities, educational pursuits, leisure life, and romance. On the 10th, 11th, and 12th do not pursue any new projects and keep an eye on your money as Mars is opposing Uranus. Friendships or close relationships may be strained. The New Moon on the 13th also involves Uranus, which indicates a new approach to your personal ideals. Some space my be needed with a friend or loved one. Three positive influences on the 17th, Mars trine Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, and Moon trine Uranus encourage you to plan the attainment of future goals and a traveling itinerary with a friend or close relationship. Mars in difficult square aspect to Saturn will limit correspondence and cause a possible setback at work on the 25th. The Full Moon on the 27th creates some tension on the job that might be resolved with a sense of humor.

In December, you get results for your efforts with creative or investing projects, planning a leisurely outing, or spending time with loyal friends on the 5th as the Moon favorably aspects Uranus and Venus trines Saturn. Hearing happy news that improves upon your career and reputation is noted on the 7th as the Moon favorably aspects the Sun and Mercury auspiciously aspects Jupiter. The New Moon on the 12th has you enjoying projects behind-the-scenes and supports your overall health and well-being. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th to January 2nd. Watch out for mistakes, miscommunication, delays, and do not start anything new. On the 16th with networking and correspondence with others, you may be disappointed at work as the Sun is in adverse aspect to Neptune. You are feeling optimistic and ready to partake in creative or leisurely experiences with loved ones as Mercury favorably aspects Jupiter on the 18th. Successful connections enable you to attain your sought-after goals. Constructive plans have you laying out a solid itinerary that benefits your personal goals and investment opportunities on the 22nd with a Moon/Jupiter conjunction and a Sun/Mercury conjunction. Venus in ideal trine to Neptune on the 25th makes this a special and spiritually meaningful day to spend with family, friends, and loved ones. Travel and leisure life may be ideal. A Full Moon on the 26th will have you at odds with a personal relationship. With Mars in adverse aspect to Neptune vague communications and thinking causes problems with traveling, educational goals, and your job on the 28th. Make the best of it. Jupiter going direct on the 30th with positive Moon aspects will lift your spirits in time to appreciate close connections with others.  A Jupiter trine Moon influence promises expansion and excellent results with a creative aim, speculative pursuit, leisurely travel plan, or time with a loved one for the New Year!

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