Capricorn Rising

Jupiter in Pisces until mid-May journeying through your 3rd house sector of communication, travel, educational pursuits, siblings, and relatives will encourage you to connect with individuals that further your interests and expand your working opportunities and your perspective of the world. Jupiter will move into Aries mid-May and enhance your home and family gatherings. You may find interest in your ancestry and maintain a positive outlook on life. In your 2nd house sector where Saturn resides, you will be focused on securing your finances. Once done, you can rest assured that your life is on a strong foundation.


In January, the Sun in Capricorn in excellent trine aspect to Uranus on the 1st indicates the advantage is on your side in making changes that enhance your life. New leisurely and creative experiences will expand your perspective. A New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd only furthers this message as the spotlight is on you and doing what benefits you. A Sun/Venus conjunction on the 8th attracts favors, compliments and good will. You may encounter a disappointment behind-the-scenes on the 11th as Mars adversely influences Neptune. Be careful with driving. Mercury will be retrograde from the 14th to February 3rd. You are apt to reevaluate your financial earnings and aim toward improvements. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. A Full Moon on the 17th causes an issue with you and a personal relationship. The New Moon in Aquarius on the 31st inspires financial opportunity.


For February, Mars in sextile aspect to Jupiter on the morning of the 4th will energize you to accomplish a lot on the job. Mars in excellent trine aspect to Uranus on the 8th has you busy pursuing speculative goals, creative pursuits, leisurely activities, or a romantic adventure. You may encounter a financial snag on the 18th with the Full Moon. Jupiter in favorable aspect to Uranus on the 17th inspires you and persuades you to consider traveling or involving yourself with a community event. You may want to pursue your ideals on the 23rd as Mars is in subtle aspect to Neptune.


In March, a New Moon with Jupiter’s influence on the 2nd has you making positive connections with others. You will find yourself strongly interested in learning, teaching, negotiating, or traveling. You may decide on an educational goal, networking opportunity, or traveling plan on the 5th as the Sun conjoins Jupiter. Favorable aspects with the Moon to Venus, Mars, and Pluto on the 8th encourage your career growth through social alliances. Miscommunication may lead to a disappointment on the 18th, the Full Moon. An erratic Mars square to Uranus on the 22nd discourages a monetary investment or speculative venture.  A New Moon in Aries on the 31st persuades you to attend to matters in the home.


For the month of April, a Mars/Saturn conjunction has you applying yourself on the job, but receiving little compensation on the 4th. As the Moon favorably influences the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn you experience a more harmonious day on the job. A Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on the 12th brings wonderful opportunities to expand your work or business and create more idyllic conditions. A Full Moon on the 16th will be the cause of a conflict at work. Home issues could also arise. The Sun in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 18th has you encountering obstacles and feeling alone.  A change with how you live your life is foreseen. On the 22nd the Moon in Capricorn making positive aspects to Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune has you reaping results for your efforts. A New Moon in Taurus on the 30th along with a Venus/Jupiter conjunction brings wonderful opportunities on this banner day! The advantage is on your side with speculative pursuits and your work.


In May, you are feeling motivated to address work, personal plans, and social scheduling on the 4th as Mars influences Uranus. On the 7th, the Moon in Leo in aspect to Mercury and Venus has you busy with social exchanges that further your work. May 10th to June 3rd Mercury will be retrograde. You will be reassessing how to improve your work schedule and overall health and well-being. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. The Full Moon on the 15th may strain a friendship or personal relationship. Being stubborn will not help. The Sun in trine aspect to Pluto makes you feel empowered on the 19th. The Sun in positive aspect to Jupiter on the 23rd promotes your work and health. A Mars/Jupiter conjunction is inspiring and motivates you to tackle any goal on the 29th. Home improvements and connections with family are uplifting.


For June, you may notice a sluggishness with your earnings starting the 4th as Saturn goes retrograde. Reassessing how to earn more will pay off. A Venus/Uranus conjunction has you enjoying leisure life on the 11th. The Full Moon will be the cause of a temporary issue at work on the 14th.  A communication mix-up is the result of the Sun in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 18th. The Moon in positive aspect to Mercury and Jupiter on the 21st has you happily motivated to excel in your work. On the 28th a New Moon in Cancer with Venus in promising aspect to Jupiter and the Sun influencing Jupiter promotes a banner day where you will find success and enjoyment with any personal relationship.


In July, you may experience a personal setback with yourself or an issue at home on the 1st as Mars is in square aspect to Pluto. And on the 2nd Mercury square Neptune will be the cause of miscommunication, a work problem, or a health issue. Better days are ahead. The Sun in positive aspect to Uranus and the Moon favorably influencing Jupiter on the 10th has you inspired and feeling optimistic. A Full Moon on the 13th creates a problematic issue with a close relationship. The Sun in opposition to Pluto on the 19th continues to put stress on a relationship where something needs to be addressed. The 23rd is a banner day! Mercury in auspicious trine to Jupiter along with the Moon in positive aspect promotes investment opportunities, partnership ventures, and areas of personal growth. A harmonious Sun trine Jupiter influence once again on the 31st encourages you to expand your horizons with joint ventures, lucrative opportunities, and personal growth.


The 1st of August a Mars/Uranus conjunction has you busy sorting out speculative possibilities, creative pursuits, and travel plans. Changes to your schedule are likely. Firm things up at a later date. On the 7th Mars in adverse aspect to Saturn is not a good time to be addressing financial issues as you will encounter frustration. The Full Moon on the 11th continues to slow your efforts with financial dealings. This is definitely a challenging month. The 16th you are apt to make good progress with Mercury in trine aspect to Uranus and the Moon and Sun in harmonious aspect. Miscommunication and delays are indicated on the 21st as Mercury opposes Neptune. The Moon in Leo making positive transits on the 24th is rejuvenating and sees others being more agreeable. A New Moon on the 27th in Virgo has you focusing on your direction in life and possible travel plans.


In September, the Moon in Scorpio on the 2nd in positive aspect has you getting involved with your work as you set your eyes on the future. The Moon in uplifting aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter on the 7th is a banner day! Take advantage of good social and financial opportunities. September 9th to October 2nd Mercury will be retrograde. You will be reassessing your career and how you want to proceed. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. Miscommunication and setbacks are noted on the 16th as the Sun opposes Neptune. On the 18th as the Sun is in excellent aspect to Pluto, you will be concentrating on drawing up plans that support your direction in life and possible travel incentives. A New Moon in Libra on the 25th highlights your career ambitions and how you can further them. The Moon in Sagittarius in trine aspect to Jupiter and sextile to the Sun on the 30th makes this a banner day! You are happily motivated to take advantage of career or work opportunities.


For October, the 4th is a great day with the Moon In favorable aspect to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter. You excel with work and career goals. Lucrative gains are noted. A Full Moon on the 9th has you balancing the responsibilities of home and work. Mars in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 11th has you stymied by a work problem that is disappointing. However, on the 14th you are keenly productive with work or career objectives. The Sun in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 19th may cause upset to you career and reputation. The New Moon on the 25th refocuses your efforts on future goals. As Mars goes retrograde until the second week of January you will rethink how you are approaching your working goals and overall health.


In November, the Moon in promising aspect to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus on the 3rd encourages connections with friends and the pursuit of future hopes and goals. Watch your expenditures, especially with friends on the 5th as Venus opposes Uranus. The Full Moon on the 8th is a deterrent to progress with your future goals and friends. The Moon in trine aspect to the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune on the 13th has you making progress with discussing your thoughts on the future with a close relationship. You may experience a setback at work with Mars square Neptune on the 19th. The Sun in harmonious aspect to Jupiter on the 20th later in the day has you laying out an excellent plan to have you reach your sought-after goals. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd and the Moon in conjunction with Mercury and Venus on the 24th are two great days for advancement behind-the-scenes that instills a bright outlook.


For December, Mercury in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 1st causes a communication setback. The Moon in favorable aspect to Mercury and Venus on the 3rd has you enjoying life behind-the-scenes and making uplifting connections with others. The Full Moon on the 7th slows your work progress and vitality. The Sun in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 14th creates a challenge in your work environment. You are feeling more inspired on the 17th as Mercury favorably influences Uranus. The New Moon on the 23rd in Capricorn puts the spotlight on you and your accomplishments this year. The Moon in upbeat aspect to Mars and Jupiter on the 25th bring excitement with enjoying the company of others. Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th wanting you to reassess where you stand with yourself. The year sums itself up with the Moon in Taurus on the 31st approaching a trine aspect to the Sun that opens solid yet promising new doors to the future.