Pisces Rising

In January, a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Uranus on the 1st has you becoming more serious about realizing your future hopes, goals, and dreams. A New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd further emphasizes your sought-after goals. You attract opportunities for your ambitious goals to be attained with a Sun/Venus conjunction on the 8th. On the 11th, Mars in challenging aspect to Neptune indicates a career disappointment will likely be encountered. Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th to the 3rd of February. Behind-the-scenes you will reevaluating your goals. Try to avoid making important decisions and watch out for miscommunication.  A Full Moon on the 17th brings up a problem with a friend or loved one. A New Moon on the 31st inspires projects behind-the-scenes.


For February, you are motivated in the morning with Mars influencing Jupiter to pursue goals that enhance your future on the 4th. Mars in excellent aspect to Uranus on the 8th has you not wasting any time in drawing up plans that promote ambitious goals and travel plans. Friends may be helpful. On the 16th, the Full Moon thwarts your work effort and is draining physically. Jupiter in positive aspect to Uranus on the 17th inspires opportunities on the job and encourages social connections that may involve travel. Consider learning something new. Mars is sextile aspect to Neptune on the 23rd has you redefining the pursuit of idyllic goals.


In March, a New Moon in Pisces that conjoins Jupiter on the 2nd encourages you to expand your horizons in life as you are feeling optimistic. A Sun/Jupiter conjunction continues to motivate you toward wonderful opportunities that enhance your life. On the 8th the Moon in positive aspect to Venus, Mars, and Pluto encourages socializing, utilizing inspiring ideas, and home improvements. Miscommunication may be the culprit of a setback with a personal relationship on the 18th. A disagreeable situation on the job could lead to anger and upset on the 22nd as Mars adversely aspects Uranus on the 22nd. A New Moon in Aries on the 31st drives you toward monetary improvements.


In April, you will feel blocked and may not want to overextend yourself on the 4th as Mars conjoins Saturn. A marvelous Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on the 12th magnifies your possibilities to reach your dreams.  Do capitalize upon this terrific influence.  You will run into a financial issue that demands a compromising attitude with the Full Moon on the 16th. You may feel stifled in improving your finances and reaching sought-after goals on the 18th due to the Sun in square aspect to Pluto.  Supportive Moon transits to Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune on the 22nd bring a realistic approach in the pursuit of future aims. Do capitalize upon the 30th, a banner day! The New Moon in Taurus with a conjunction of the two benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter makes this day a winner for you as you attract compliments, good will, and grand opportunities.


During the month of May, Mars influencing Uranus motivates you to implement new ideas on the job on the 4th.  A well-aspected Moon in Leo on the 2nd has you discussing ways to benefit financially. Your health is also in good standing.  May 10th to June 3rd Mercury will be retrograde. You gain from rethinking what you can contribute to your future goals.  Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. You will have issues with your life direction, networking, travel plans, and places of learning on the Full Moon on the 15th. You build a more solid foundation with the pursuit of ambitious aims on the 19th as the Sun favorably influences Pluto. The Sun in positive aspect to Jupiter on the 23rd encourages financial gain. The 29th is an excellent day to reap monetary rewards for your effort as the Sun is in auspicious aspect to Jupiter. Consider this day a winner!


In June, you become more aware of issues behind-the-scenes as Saturn goes retrograde on the 4th for several months.  Enjoy fixing up your home and/or entertaining guest on the 11th as Venus conjoins Uranus. The Full Moon on the 14th has you feeling stress with balancing home and career. Plans may go awry on the 18th as the Sun squares Neptune. Monetary success is foreseen on the 21st as the Moon conjoins Jupiter and is in sextile to Mercury.  A New Moon in Cancer along with a Sun/Jupiter influence and Venus in sextile to Jupiter encourages speculative and creative ventures, leisure life, and romance. on the 28th.


For July, your goals are stalled and friends are hard to reach on the 1st as Mars adversely influences Pluto. A lack of clarity follows you on the 2nd as Mercury adversely influences Neptune. An issue at home may need to be addressed. Better days are ahead. New Ideas concerning your work, educational goals, or travel plans have you inspired on the 10th a s the Sun aspects Uranus. A Full Moon on the 13th brings up an issue with a friend or personal relationship.  The Sun in favorable aspect to Neptune promotes speculative and creative ventures, travel plans, and leisure life on the 17th. The 23rd is a banner day as Mercury auspiciously influences Jupiter and the Moon makes good transits! You excel in your work and capitalize upon financial opportunities. A promotion, bonus, or financial venture with promise is foreseen on the 31st with the Sun in excellent aspect to Jupiter.


In August, an erratic schedule could lead to an accident on the 1st as Mars conjoins Uranus so be careful.  Mars in adverse aspect to Saturn may slow down your efforts behind-the-scenes on the 7th and a Full Moon on the 11th curtails your progress on the job. Good transits on the 16th with the Mercury trine Uranus and the Moon trine the Sun bring constructive conversation that improves your work and compliments your skills. Miscommunication with a close relationship on the 21st is noted as Mercury opposes Neptune. Uplifting aspects with the Moon and Venus on the 24th have you excelling with social connections, financial deals, and work assignments. A New Moon on the 27th supports the stability of a close relationship.


In the month of September, Mars in positive aspect to Jupiter the morning of the 1st has you pursuing monetary improvements as well as home repairs. The 7th is a banner day with the Moon making excellent aspects to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter! Joint ventures, wise investments, and personal growth improve your life tremendously. September 9th to October 2nd Mercury will be retrograde. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches A communication mix-up strains a relationship with the Full Moon on the 10th. New developments in a close relationship are indicated with the Sun in positive aspect to Uranus on the 11th. The Sun opposing Neptune on the 16th puts you at odds in a personal relationship. The New Moon in Libra, however, encourages partnership agreements on the 25th. Enjoy the 30th, a banner day as the Moon in Sagittarius favorably aspects the Sun and Jupiter. Your career and reputation soar to new heights. Partnerships in business and pleasure flourish.


In October, your will make progress with financial improvements, partnerships, and areas of personal growth with the Moon in promising aspect to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter on the 4th. New social connections enhance your status. However, under the Full Moon on the 9th partnerships are in disagreement. You will not be motivated or make much progress on the 11th as Mars is in square aspect to Neptune. You aim to build a better foundation, especially at home on the 14th as the Moon makes constructive aspects to the Sun, Venus, and Saturn.  On the 19th, the Sun in adverse aspect to Pluto causes a halt to partnership agreements and your future goals. The New Moon on the 25th has you focusing on your life direction and making plans to further yourself with networking, educational pursuits, and travel. As Mars goes retrograde on the 30th you reassess how you feel about your home situation for a few months.


For November, the Moon in positive aspect to the Sun, Venus, and Uranus promotes networking, educational aims, and travel on the 3rd. A Full Moon on the 8th foresees a financial snag that may involve a partnership. The Moon in excellent aspect to the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune on the 13th has you making great progress with speculative ventures, financial investments, travel, and leisure life. Blocks to your desires are noted on the 19th as Mars is in difficult aspect to Neptune. You thrive with the Sun in auspicious aspect to Jupiter on the 20th. You are feeling great about your life direction and pursuing goals that matter. Networking opportunities, educational pursuits, and travel enhance your life. A New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd promotes your career and reputation. This carries over into the 24th as the Moon conjoins Mercury and Venus.  Look to expand your horizons with your work.


In December, there is a lack of clarity that may interrupt your work with Mercury in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 1st. The Moon in positive aspect to Jupiter and Pluto on the 6th has you making a connection that leads you to your sought-after goals. You may encounter a temporary obstacle with your career standing on the 7th with the Full Moon. Mercury in favorable aspect to Uranus on the 17th foresees you drawing up plans that support your dreams. The New Moon in Capricorn has your focusing steadily on your future hopes and dreams on the 23rd. You will enjoy the company of family and friends on the 25th as the Moon favorably influences Mars and Jupiter. Mercury going retrograde on the 29th will encourage you to reevaluate your plans for the future. The 31st brings stability for the New Year with the Moon in Taurus and the Sun Capricorn in excellent trine aspect.