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Libra Rising

For almost five months in 2023, you will appreciate Jupiter residing in your seventh house sector of personal relationships and marriage. There will be terrific opportunities to gain from good relations with others in both business and pleasure. A joint partnership could also be lucrative and/or romantic. You will want to explore where you can improve upon your interaction with those around you. If single, there is opportunity to meet somene significant. Saturn after the first week of March will move into Pisces for the rest of the year affecting your sixth house sector and demanding you address all health issues. In doing so, you secure your future health and well-being.

For January, the year begins with Mars retrograde until the 12th and Mercury retrograde until the morning of the 18th, so it’s a gradual start. Tension will be felt with relatives and your working environment. The Full Moon on the 6th has you at odds with balancing the responsibilities of home and work. Do not let this get you down for after the 18th, Mercury goes direct thus helping out the communication around you. Jupiter will be activated and you will feel more confident and get results in working with others. The New Moon on the 21st highlights speculative and creative goals, leisure life, and romance.

For February, an early Full Moon on the 5th causes tension between you and a friend or loved one. On the 17th Mercury in positive aspect to Jupiter will improve the rapport in a personal relationship. Romance, leisure life, and creative pursuits are enhanced. On the 22nd your sharp intuition improves communication and empowers you with Mercury favorably aspecting Mars and a Moon/Jupiter conjunction. Do enjoy a personal relationship as romance is highlighted. Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 14th to the 16th will slow down your effort with educational goals, travel plans, and correspondence, especially with family members. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20th has you focusing on your health and well-being.

On the 1st of March, a Venus/Jupiter conjunction later that day enhances the romance in a close relationship or if single attracts social/romantic opportunity. The Full Moon on the 7th may be culprit causing an upset with health and/or work-related issues. Midmonth, rough days are foreseen on the 14th and 16th as Mars is in square aspect to Neptune and the Sun is in square aspect to Saturn along with Venus squaring Pluto. Keep a low profile, do not start anything new, and pace yourself. Disappointments are possible. A New Moon on the 21st invigorates you to pursue your goals. Mercury conjoining Jupiter in the evening of the 27th brings positive news with a personal relationship. Enjoy!

For April, Mercury will be in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 3rd, which will cause a conflict with friends or a monetary situation. It is best not to start any new partnership ventures. Although the Full Moon on the evening of the 5th into the 6th will cause tension with a personal relationship, the late afternoon on the 7th looks promising as you will feel at peace with Venus influencing Neptune. The Moon in Sagittarius makes delightful aspects on the evening of the 10th. A Sun/Jupiter conjunction on the 11th brings favorable opportunities with those around you. Socializing encounters obstacles, especially at work on the 14th as Venus adversely aspects Saturn. Uplifting Moon transits on the 16th improve upon your career standing or ambitious goals. Attention paid to your health pays off. The New Moon in Aries on the evening of the 19th into the 20th puts the spotlight on you and a close relationship. You will benefit from starting something new. Mercury goes retrograde on April 21st to May 14th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new.

In May on the 4th with Venus square Neptune, miscommunication and possible disappointment are noted, especially at work. On the 5th with the Full Moon monetary difficulty in foreseen. Partnership agreements may not proceed as planned. Mercury goes direct at the end of the day on the 14th. Mars in trine aspect to Neptune on the 15th creates possibilities of the ideal career or ambitious goal. On the 19th with the New Moon supports financial improvements, joint ventures, and personal rejuvenation. Resistance from friends and loved ones is experienced with Mars opposing Pluto on the 20th. Be careful of burning out or experiencing stress with a friend on the evening of the 22nd into the 23rd as Mars is squaring Jupiter. The afternoon of the 28th the Moon is in positive aspect to Uranus and Venus smoothing over partnership dealings and enhancing a favorable rapport at work or with an ambitious goal.

In June, Venus favorably aspecting Neptune on the 2nd makes this a pleasant day with your social circle. The Full Moon on the 3rd will stall travel plans, educational goals, and communication in general.  Your intuition will be sharp with investments and monetary dealings on the 4th. The Moon in positive aspect to Mercury and Uranus on the 6th makes this a very productive day with financial opportunities that may include home improvements. Saturn in square aspect to Mercury stymies future plans and communication, especially with your job on the 15th. The New Moon favors educational goals, travel, and communications on the 18th, but the Sun squaring Neptune later that day causes some confusion that may have to be worked out. Mark the 21st on your calendar as an excellent day for meeting up with friends, traveling, and exploring new avenues of learning with Mercury in positive aspect to Mars and the Moon in favorable aspect to Venus. On the 25th Mercury in adverse aspect to Neptune is the cause of disappointments with plans for the future, educational pursuits, and communication. On the 26th avoid altercations with others, joint ventures, and financial dealings as they will probably not work out with Mars in adverse aspect to Uranus.

The 1st of July is an optimistic day with the Sun favorably influencing Jupiter and the Moon in auspicious aspect to Venus. Your social circle and ambitious goals are enhanced with opportunity.  Watch your spending on the 2nd as Venus squaring Uranus will have you paying out more money than you thought. The Full Moon on the 3rd has you at odds with career goals and home responsibilities. Enjoy the company of loved ones and friends on the 7th as the Moon is in positive aspect to both Jupiter and the Sun. The New Moon on the 17th is surrounded by favorable Moon aspects, which will be supportive with your career or ambitious goals. The Sun opposing Pluto on the 21st may bring to an end a work or living situation, or family issue. Venus going retrograde on the 22nd slows the progress with your hopes, goals, and dreams. With the Moon in excellent trine aspect to Mars and Jupiter a productive evening behind the scenes with family or a partner rejuvenates your spirit and much is accomplished on the 30th.

In August, the Full Moon on the 1st creates tension between you and a friend or loved one. You will enjoy the company of a personal relationship and friends the afternoon of the 6th as the Moon influences Venus and the Sun aspects Jupiter. Once again, connecting with friends who support your hopes, goals, and dreams is noted on the 13th. Although you attract uplifting social connections on the 15th due to a Sun/Venus conjunction, you will still have to contend with the Sun in adverse square aspect to Uranus on the 15th. You may want some freedom from a stifling partner. The New Moon on the 16th once again encourages the pursuit of your hopes, goals, and dreams. Mars opposing Neptune will be the cause of a health setback that interferes with your work on the 22nd. With Mars in positive aspect with Pluto on the 24th you are driven to tackle any issues with family and close ties. The Moon in favorably aspect to Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus make this a splendid day on the 27th. Investment opportunities and family improvements are uplifting. Another Full Moon on the 30th encourages you to address any health or work issues. Good health brings happiness.

Venus goes direct on the 3rd of September promoting personal goals, dreams, and friendship. The Moon influencing the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter favorably on the 4th enable you to succeed with joint ventures, profitable investments, and areas of personal growth. However, Jupiter goes retrograde temporarily slowing down progress with some personal goals for a few months. The morning of the 8th is opportune with behind the scenes projects that may involve money-making potential as the Sun is in trine aspect to Jupiter. A New Moon on the 14th favors working in private to accomplish your goals and personal well-being. The afternoon of the 15th Mercury goes direct allowing you to proceed with projects that have been on hold. The Sun in excellent trine aspect to Uranus inspires lucrative gains. On the 21st, you attract benefits and opportunity that enhance your future as the Moon in Sagittarius makes favorable aspects to Mars and Venus, and the Sun trines Pluto. On the 23rd, the Moon in trine aspect to Mercury and Jupiter steers your work into a favorable direction with accomplishing behind the scenes projects and lucrative ventures. The Full Moon has you at odds with a personal relationship on the 29th. Your social life is enhanced and a close relationship is to be enjoyed on the 30th with the Moon in positive aspect to Venus and Mercury in excellent aspect to Uranus. Financial opportunity with a partner is also noted.

In October, Mercury opposing Neptune on the 2nd will be the cause of vague communication and disappointments especially at work or health related situations. Positive aspects with the Moon and Sun, along with Mercury trining Pluto on the 3rd have you staying focused with projects and your home environment where smooth communication wins people over to your point of view. Adverse aspects involving the Moon, Mars, and Pluto create challenges with close relationships at work and home on the 7th and 8th. You will surely encounter resistance. The New Moon on the 14th enhances your personal life. The Moon in Sagittarius in uplifting aspect to Mercury and the Sun on the afternoon of the 19th promotes great communication, travel, networking, and educational goals. Mercury in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 20th strains close relationships, especially at home. Could it be time to move? The afternoon of the 21st looks positive for financial dealings concerning investments, spending, or joint partnerships with the Moon trining Uranus and Venus in trine aspect to Jupiter. On the 24th, the Moon in supportive aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter highlights idyllic work conditions that improve your earning potential. On the 28th, a Full Moon is the cause of a stressful, financial issue. Watch your funds.

November the 2nd is a great day as the Moon is in supportive aspect to the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. You will benefit from a partnership, financial venture, and areas of personal growth. On the 5th, the Moon in adverse aspect to Mars and Uranus is noted to be a stressful day with friends and finances. Avoid risky ventures. The Moon in Virgo influencing Jupiter and the Sun on the 7th emphasizes monetary improvement, successful joint ventures, and personal growth. On the 10th, 11th, and 12th do not pursue any new financial ventures and keep an eye on your money as Mars is opposing Uranus. The New Moon on the 13th also involves Uranus, which indicates a new approach to all financial matters. On the 17th, Mars trine Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, and Moon trine Uranus all encourage you to set up an economic plan that stabilizes your assets and improves upon your earnings. Mars in adverse aspect to Saturn will have you encountering obstacles with working conditions, educational pursuits, and travel plans on the 25th. The Full Moon on the 27th creates delays, communication mix-ups, and travel cancellations.

In December, implementing new ideas you get results for your efforts on the 5th as the Moon favorably aspects Uranus and Venus trines Saturn. Good news lifts your spirits with personal and work goals on the 7th as the Moon is in supportive aspect to Mars and the Sun, and Mercury favorably aspects Jupiter. The New Moon on the 12th in Sagittarius promotes educational aims, travel plans, networking, and communications. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th to January 2nd. Watch out for miscommunication, delays, mistakes, and do not start anything new. On the 16th, the Sun in adverse aspect to Neptune is the cause of more setbacks with educational goals, travel plans, networking, and correspondence. On the 18th, good news is in the stars with home investments, partnerships, and financial gain as Mercury favorably aspects Jupiter. Holiday highlights lift your spirits. Constructive influences promote stability in the home with a Sun/Mercury conjunction on the 22nd. Venus in excellent trine to Neptune on the 25th brings compliments, financial favors, and support with your overall health and well-being. A Full Moon on the 26th causes challenges with balancing home responsibilities with work or your social circle. Mars in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 28th brings vague communication that may upset travel plans or your set agenda. Make the best of it. Jupiter going direct on the 30th will enhance prosperity for the coming year. Jupiter in trine aspect to the Moon brings stable results and happiness in the New Year! 

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