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Taurus Rising

Jupiter until May 16th is highlighting your 12th house sector of behind the scene projects, personal transformation, and health institutions that encourage personal well-being. You have an opportunity to get rid of unwanted habits and dive into areas of self-discovery that will enhance your life. You will gradually cut through your fears and develop confidence. As you strengthen your stance within yourself you will tap into your own resourcefulness that will assist you in the future. Jupiter will be in Taurus mid-May and the rest of 2023 highlighting your life as your confidence to branch out soars. Look for opportunities to expand your horizons. The advantage is on your side. You will have the energy to pursue your goals as your overall vitality improves.

The beginning of January, Mars is retrograde until the 12th and Mercury is retrograde until the morning of the 18th. Some stress will be felt with networking, correspondence, and travel plans. You may need to reevaluate your financial affairs. The Full Moon on the 6th creates communication snags and delays. Mars going direct on the 12th supports financial gain. Compensation for a loss is noted. Mercury direct on the 18th promotes better communication, travel, and networking. The New Moon on the 21st supports your career aims, social circle, and reputation. Upbeat days are foreseen on the 24th as the Sun influences Jupiter, and the 25th as the Moon conjoins Jupiter and favorably aspects the Sun in the afternoon.

For February, an early Full Moon on the 5th causes tension between your ambitions and home life. On the 17th with Mercury in positive aspect to Jupiter, good news lifts your spirits with home and family. Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 14th to the 16th causes resistance to financial gain. Wait for a better time. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20th promotes your hopes, goals, and dreams. On the 22nd Mercury aspecting Mars in Gemini inspires ideas that may lead to monetary improvement. 


On the 1st of March, support behind the scenes is noted with a Venus/Jupiter conjunction. The Full Moon on the 7th is the cause of miscommunication or a disappointment with a friend or loved one. A few rough days are slated for the 14th and 16th as Mars is in square aspect to Neptune and the Sun is in square aspect to Saturn in Pisces along with Venus squaring Pluto. Monetary improvement is stalled or encounters deception. Disappointments are likely. A New Moon on the 21st motivates your drive behind the scenes to accomplish much. Mercury conjoining Jupiter on the 27th brings positive news that lifts your spirits.

In April, Mercury in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 3rd will strain communications with a relative or coworker. Being by yourself to think things through is a better option. The Full Moon on the evening of the 5th into the 6th brings up health concerns that may need to be addressed. The late afternoon of the 7th is harmonious as Venus influences Neptune. The Moon in Sagittarius on the 10th encourages financial gain.  A Sun/Jupiter conjunction on the 11th brings opportunity working behind the scenes. Socializing will be strained on the 14th as Venus adversely aspects Saturn. You may also encounter a monetary obstacle. Positive Moon transits on the 16th have you getting better results with personal goals. The New Moon in Aries on the evening of the 19th into the 20th has you addressing issues behind the scenes to further your progress. Mercury goes retrograde on April 21st to May 14th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new.

In May, two challenging days are the 4th and the 5th. On the 4th with Venus in square aspect to Neptune, a possible friendship or monetary disappointment is noted. On the 5th, the Full Moon will bring up tension in a personal relationship. Mercury goes direct at the end of the day on the 14th securing better communication. A favorable aspect on the 15th supports your hopes, goals, dreams, and friendships with Mars trining Neptune. On the 19th the New Moon in Taurus indicates a positive new start for Taurus. Make the most of it. Resistance may be felt with Mars opposing Pluto on the 20th. Be careful of burning the candle on both ends, especially at home on the evening of the 22nd into the 23rd as Mars will square Jupiter. The Moon in favorable aspect to Uranus and Venus the afternoon of the 28th has you enjoying leisure life and opportunities around you.

In June, Venus in favorable aspect to Neptune on the 2nd enhances close relationships with soulmate connections. Outings with friends and family are also to be enjoyed. Financial pitfalls are foreseen with the Full Moon on the 3rd. Trust your intuition on the 4th as Mercury conjoins Uranus. On the 6th networking, travel plans, and educational goals are furthered as the Moon favorably influences Uranus and Mercury. Economic progress is blocked on the 15th as Saturn is in square aspect to Mercury. However, the New Moon on the 18th offers new ideas that enhance financial dealings, but the Sun squaring Neptune later that day causes confusion. The 21st is a great day to enjoy friends and family as well as implement plans that improve your earnings with Mercury in positive aspect to Mars and the Moon in favorable aspect to Venus. Mercury in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 25th is the culprit causing a financial setback. Next month is better. Mars in adverse square aspect to Uranus on the 26th brings conflicting views into the home. Giving yourself some space may be helpful.

On the July 1st, the Sun favorably influencing Jupiter and the Moon in Sagittarius may bring some good fortune your way! On the 2nd Venus in square aspect to Uranus will have you spending more money than you thought. You are likely to encounter mixed-communications, delays, and setbacks at your job with the Full Moon on the 3rd. The Moon in positive aspect to both Jupiter and the Sun on the 7th brings favorable interaction with those around you and supports your personal goals in life. The New Moon on the 17th promotes sensitive communication, educational goals, your working environment, and travel. The Sun opposing Pluto on the 21st may bring an end to a work situation. Stressful communication and traffic delays are noted. Venus going retrograde on the 22nd has you reassessing your emotional outlook. Any family concerns or home improvements will be delayed. With the Moon in positive trine aspect to Mars and Jupiter, the evening of the 30th has you being productive with pursuing speculative gain and travel plans.


On August the 1st, the Full Moon has you at odds with balancing work and home. The afternoon of the 6th, you may want to relax in the company of family and friends as the Moon influences Venus and the Sun aspects Jupiter. Home improvements are noted as well. A Sun/Venus conjunction brings social harmony into the home on the 13th. The Sun in adverse square aspect to Uranus on the 15th will have you needing your freedom to pursue your independent goals. The New Moon on the 16th once again shines a spot light on improving your home and spending time there. A disappointment with a friend or loved one will occur on the 22nd as Mars opposes Neptune. Mars in positive aspect with Pluto on the 24th motivates you to make some positive changes with a loved one, future goals, educational aims, or travel plans. The Moon in favorably aspect to Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus on the 27th make this an excellent day for to socialize, travel, and enjoy leisure life. Another Full Moon on the 30th has you addressing an issue with a friend or loved one.

In September, Venus goes direct on the 3rd attracting opportunity to improve upon your home or property as well as connect with family and relatives. Positive Moon aspects to Mercury and Jupiter on the 4th encourage you to improve and enjoy your life possibly through speculative or creative ventures. Jupiter going retrograde temporarily will slow down progress with behind-the-scenes projects. The Sun in trine aspect to Jupiter the morning of the 8th encourages creative goals and leisure life. A New Moon on the 14th promotes your plans with speculative ventures, creative activities, and leisurely pursuits. On the 15th Mercury direct along with the Sun in positive trine aspect to Uranus inspires a new path for your life. The 21st is a banner day steering you in a prosperous direction with the Moon in Sagittarius making positive aspects to Mars and Venus, and the Sun trining Pluto. Family is to be enjoyed. On the 23rd the Moon in trine aspect to Mercury and Jupiter promotes networking, correspondence, educational aims, and travel. The Full Moon on the 29th may be the cause of a temporary setback at work that could be health related. Compromise where you can. Your social life and leisure life are enhanced on the 30th with the Moon in positive aspect to Venus and Mercury in excellent aspect to Uranus.

In October, Mercury in opposition to Neptune on the 2nd will be the cause of vague communication that disrupts your rapport with a friend or loved one. On the 3rd favorable aspects with the Moon and Sun, along with Mercury trining Pluto advance logical thinking that improves your earning potential. Adverse Moon, Mars, and Pluto aspects on the 7th and 8th cause tension at work with coworkers or close relations. Resistance will be encountered. The New Moon on the 14th brings more harmony into the work place. On the 19th the Moon in Sagittarius in uplifting aspect to Mercury and the Sun brings partnership and financial improvements. Mercury in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 20th strains personal relations with those around you. The afternoon of the 21st is personally uplifting with Venus in trine aspect to Jupiter. The Moon in supportive aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter on the 24th reinforces your rapport with close relationships and friends that may be interested in furthering your future goals. However, on the 28th a Full Moon causes tension with a personal relationship.

November the 2nd is a great day as the Moon is in supportive aspect to the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. You are able to happily get errands accomplished and also make nice connections with those around you. Stress with family members and close relations is foreseen on the 5th with the Moon in adverse square aspect to Mars and Uranus. Being argumentative will not help the situation. Favorable relations with family and relatives are noted on the 7th as the Moon in Virgo influences Jupiter and the Sun. Mercury squaring Saturn on the 10th and Mars opposing Uranus on the 11th stunts financial growth and strains a close relationship. Space may be needed to ease the tension. The New Moon on the 13th, which also involves Uranus, encourages you to develop a more in-depth view of your relationship as you both may need more freedom. Mars trine Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, and Moon trine Uranus on the 17th has you planning out your future goals with a personal relationship and you both benefit. Travel could be a part of your agenda. On the 25th, Mars in difficult square aspect to Saturn will block any financial gains. Personal goals are stifled at this time too. The Full Moon on the 27th creates communication mix-ups and monetary snags. Miscommunication may be the problem.

In December, your intuition will be sharp on the 5th as the Moon favorably aspects Uranus. Venus in trine aspect to Saturn encourages securing your goals. On the 7th, the Moon is in supportive aspect to Mars and the Sun, and Mercury is in trine aspect to Jupiter promoting good news with networking, educational aims, and travel plans. The New Moon on the 12th in Sagittarius motivates you toward lucrative investments, partnerships, and favorable agreements. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th to January 2nd. Watch out for miscommunication, delays, mistakes, and do not start anything new. The Sun in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 16th will be the cause of a difficult monetary and/or a partnership situation. As Mercury favorably aspects Jupiter on the 18th good news appears on the horizon with the direction of your life. Networking, travel, educational aims, and spirituality are to be happily pursued. You will embrace the holiday season. Constructive plans are initiated on the 22nd as Mercury conjoins the Sun. On the 25th, Venus in excellent trine to Neptune creates an idyllic atmosphere for the holiday. A Full Moon on the 26th will be the cause of communication glitches and delays. The Sun in positive trine aspect to Jupiter on the 27th lifts your spirits to branch out. Financial deception is noted with Mars in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 28th.  Jupiter going direct and the Moon in favorable aspect to Jupiter on the 31st highlights prosperity in the New Year!

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