Taurus Rising

You greet 2022 with Jupiter residing in your 11th house sector of your future goals and friendships. Jupiter here encourages you to expand your horizons and capitalize upon the opportunities around you that can enhance your life. Cultivating and enjoying friends will open up your perspective and lead to new ideas. The second half of the year Jupiter will move into Aries, highlighting your resourcefulness to rid yourself of personal handicaps and gradually build an inner confidence that is empowering. Exploring deeper thoughts and feelings leads to more enlightenment. Saturn trekking through Aquarius in your 10th sector is still putting some pressure on you at work. The key to Saturn is if you work hard, you are rewarded. Although it may seem limiting at times, there is always something to be learned.


In January, the year starts off good on the 1st as the Sun in favorable aspect to Uranus encouraging travel, networking, educational pursuits, and even developing a new philosophy about life. The New Moon on the 2nd in Capricorn only emphasizes this further. Make your plans and pursue them. On the 8th, a Sun/Pluto conjunction may bring up some tension in negotiations and/or on your job. The 11th could be disappointing so do not over-extend yourself.  Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th until February 3rd so avoid making important decisions, watch out for misunderstandings, and do not assume anything. You will be reassessing where you stand with your career. A change may be in the offing. A Full Moon will be the cause of communication mix-ups and delays on the 17th. However, a New Moon on the 31st has you receiving more recognition with your job or career.


The first three days of February Mercury will still be retrograde, but on the 4th Mars in positive aspect to Jupiter in the morning will motivate you to tackle any goals that have been on hold. Nice planetary influences are foreseen on the 7th and 8th as you do not waste any time getting results for your efforts. The Full Moon on the 16th makes it challenging to balance work and home life. Jupiter in positive aspect to Uranus in Taurus will be especially uplifting on the 17th. You are feeling more optimistic and find others more agreeable on the 23rd and 24th as Neptune is in favorable aspect to Mars and then Venus.


In March, the New Moon on the 2nd will inspire you toward your hopes, goals, and dreams. Yet some resistance may be felt the evening of the 2nd. A Sun/Jupiter conjunction on the 5th encourages you to seek out new opportunities and support from those around you.  Positive feelings are experienced on the 7th and you are very productive on the 8th as the Moon will trine Pluto, Mars, and Venus. The Full Moon on the 18th will cause miscommunication with a friend or loved one, and some confusion about where you are heading. The 22nd,, as Mars conjoins Uranus, is another rough day. Be careful with arguments, accidents, and do not start anything new. On the 31st, the New Moon will motivate you behind-the-scenes to accomplish much.


For April, you will be productive on the 1st and 6th. Jupiter and Neptune forming a conjunction on the 12th has you dreaming dreams. Your earth sign gives you an opportunity to realize them. The Full Moon on the 16th could bring up some health issues or a difficult situation at work. The 18th is also challenging as the Sun will adversely square Pluto. Do take advantage of positive transits on the 22nd. The New Moon on the 30th along with a Venus/Jupiter conjunction make this a banner day! Whatever you do, you will be enjoying yourself.


In May, on the 4th you are not wasting your time in getting things done. You are making progress and implementing new ideas on the 7th with the Moon in Leo influencing Mercury and Venus. May 10th to June 6th Mercury will be retrograde. You will reassess how you can capitalize upon your earnings. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. The intense Full Moon on the 15th will have you at odds with others. The 17th and 19th you are feeling optimistic and empowered, addressing what needs to be done. The Sun in good aspect to Jupiter on the 23rd promotes your goals. The 29th is a banner day with the advantage on your side.


During the month of June, you may feel a little sluggish as Saturn goes retrograde on the 4th. Although you will enjoy some wonderful influences on the 13th, the 14th brings a Full Moon, creating conflict in working things out with a close relation or partner. Your goals may not be realized on the 16th as the Sun is in adverse square aspect to Neptune, but you are lively and social on the 20th and 21st. The New Moon on the 28th is complimented by a Venus/Jupiter influence, highlighting favors, positive connections, and support with your working agenda.


In July, not everyone will be so cooperative on the 1st due to Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto. The 2nd with Mercury opposing Neptune foresees communication problems. Still the 10th is an uplifting day as the Sun influences Uranus and Jupiter aspects the Moon. On the 13th, the Full Moon could be very disappointing so do not have a lot of expectations. It’s best to keep a low profile. Idyllic goals can be pursued on the 17th as the Sun is in trine aspect to Neptune. Communication and working environments are strained on the 19th as the Sun opposes Pluto. A banner day on the 23rd is to be thoroughly enjoyed. On the 28th, the New Moon in Leo puts a spotlight on your home life. You will want to entertain family and friends on the 31st.


For August, Mars conjunct Uranus on the 1st causes erraticism, accidents, and arguments so pace yourself with everything. Blocks to your desires are experienced on the 7th as Mars will be in square aspect to Saturn. The Full Moon on the 11th has you straining with balancing responsibilities with work and home. It is definitely a challenging month. Good transits are foreseen on the 16th and 22nd, but communication problems and misunderstandings are noted on the 21st as Mercury opposes Neptune. The New Moon on the 27th emphasizes children, creative aims, and leisure life.


In September, you are energized on the 1st to accomplish your goals as Mars is in aspect to Jupiter. Do capitalize upon the 7th with three uplifting transits promoting good communication. September 9th to October 2nd Mercury will be retrograde. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. New opportunities present themselves on the 11th as the Sun favorably trines Uranus. Your goals will be difficult to reach on the 16th as the Sun opposes Neptune, but you will feel empowered and productive on the 18th as the Sun favorably trines Pluto. It’s a great evening for socializing on the 19th as Venus is in excellent aspect to Uranus. The New Moon on the 25th focuses on your overall health and well-being. The 30th is bound to lift your spirits with Jupiter influencing the Moon.


The 4th of October is a banner day that you want to enjoy. The Full Moon, however, on the 9th creates a conflict on the job or with your health. Do not have any expectations on the 11th as Mars is in square aspect to Neptune. Pursue your goals on another day. You will be productive on the 14th, but run into a stressful situation on the 19th as Pluto is in adverse aspect to the Sun and Venus. Endings are likely, especially with situations that are already problematic. A New Moon on the 25th spotlights a personal relationship. With Mars going retrograde on the 30th, certain projects may be on hold for a few months. 


In November, the Moon is making three favorable aspects that support smooth transitions, negotiations, and compromise on the 3rd. An outing with a close relationship could be fun yet costly on the 5th as Venus opposes Uranus. The Full Moon on the 8th will cause some stress in a personal relationship. Cheerful communications are noted on the 14th as Mercury will be in trine aspect to Jupiter. You may run into a disappointing situation on the 19th as Mars is in square aspect to Neptune. The Sun in trine aspect to Jupiter on the 20th encourages you to expand your horizons. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd highlights partnerships, in business and pleasure, monetary dealings, and personal growth. Others may seem more cooperative.


On the 1st of December communication problems are noted with Mercury in square aspect to Neptune. The evening of the 3rd not everything will be up to par as Venus aspects Neptune adversely. Much can be accomplished on the 6th with positive aspects. You will find others challenging on the 7th as a Full Moon takes place. Try not to over-extend yourself on the 14th as Mars in adverse aspect to Neptune is occurring. Do enjoy good and insightful transits on the 17th as Mercury trines Uranus. The New Moon on the 23rd wants you to take a good look at the direction of your life and plan well. The 25th is a day to be enjoyed as the Moon on Aquarius favorably influences Jupiter and Mars. Pleasant transits on the 28th have you reflecting on the past. Mercury will go retrograde on the 29th encouraging you to take a second look at the direction of your life, networking opportunities, educational goals, and travel. You bring in the New Year knowing that comfort and security are reflected in the Moon in Taurus in positive aspect to the Sun in Capricorn .