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Christine’s years of experience as a professional astrologer will answer your questions and lead you toward a more successful and happy life. Christine offers one hour and one and a half astrology sessions that may also be recorded.

Astrological Counseling on
Personal, Love, and Business
  • Compatibility Analysis Between You and Your Partner with the Exclusive Love Relationship Formula

  • Business Timing Consultations
    When is the best time to sign a contract or make an important business decision?

  • Travel Timing Consultations
    When is the best time to travel?

  • Astrocartography and Relocation
    When to move and where is the most optimal place to live?

  • Interpretation of Natal Charts, Transits, Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Synastry, Composite, Solar Returns, and Relocation.

Prices for readings start at:

$150. for a 1 hour recorded introductory session

$165. for all other 1 hour readings

$200. for 1 hour and 1/2 recorded session

$250. for 1 hour and 1/2 session involving many charts


For further information or to schedule an astrological Contact Me  for an appointment.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • 30 Years of Experience

  • Special Areas of Interest

  • Competitive Prices

  • Your monthly horoscope is offered so you can capitalize upon the great opportunities around you and also avoid the pitfalls. Details about your horoscope sign are also discussed.

  • A Travel Guide will indicate the more optimal times to travel and enjoy your trip, as you avoid delays and setbacks on challenging days.

  • A Moon Calendar will help you progress with the direct Moon and keep a low profile with the void-of-course Moon.

  • You can also purchase recorded lectures on many of your favorite subjects such as:All About Marriage, Find Your Astrological Soulmate, Relocation and Astrocartography, Your Solar Return, and the Composite Chart.

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