Cancer Rising

In 2022, Jupiter in Pisces residing in your 9th house sector encourages you to travel, move, expand your networking connections, embrace a more spiritual life, enhance your philosophy, and look into educational pursuits that can further your career. You may also find in these activities that you are feeling more optimistic. The second half of the year, Jupiter will journey through Aries and promote your career, social standing, and reputation. You will attract opportunity your way. Connecting with the higher echelon will improve your career position. Still, you are concerned about the direction of your life.  As Saturn will be residing in your 8th house sector for 2022, you will feel inclined to address all financial dealings; earnings, investments, insurance, and taxes. Once secured you will have more stability in your life. Solidifying partnerships that benefit is a plus, whether it be in business or pleasure.


In January, The Sun in excellent trine to Uranus on the 1st encourages you to make your connections that will advance you in life toward your hopes, goals, and dreams. The New Moon on the 2nd puts the focus on relationships. A harmonious Sun/Venus conjunction may attract an important connection into your life on the 8th. Work and health related issues are a problem on the 11th as Mars squares Neptune. It is best to take it easy as your energy level will be low. Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th until February 3rd. You will find yourself rethinking where you stand with a personal relationship. You should avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and be aware of possible misunderstandings. On the 17th, a Full Moon brings up issues to be resolved in a close relationship. The New Moon on the 31st in Aquarius highlights all financial dealings, partnerships, and areas of personal growth.


For February, a positive aspect in the morning between Mars and Jupiter on the 4th has you more motivated to reach out to others and enjoy doing new projects. Travel could be on the agenda. Mars in favorable aspect to the Moon and Uranus on the 7th and 8th, encourages you to be productive in the pursuit of your future goals and get good results. The Full Moon on the 16th has you concerned with financial matters or a joint venture. Your ideas may clash. On the 17th, however, Jupiter and Uranus in subtle aspect brings a touch of luck with moving, travel, the pursuit of your future goals, personal growth, and friendship.  Neptune in favorable aspect to Mars on the 23rd and Venus on the 24th, has you connecting with familiar faces and appreciating your time with them.


The Piscean New Moon on the 2nd in March combined with Jupiter is especially auspicious in your 9th sector of travel, moving, spiritual growth, educational pursuits, and legalities. The Sun conjoining Jupiter on the 5th continues to encourage you to expand your horizons by seeking out travel, a new living situation, a spiritual quest, or educational goal. Good transits on the 7th and 8th have you making progress, but the Full Moon on the 18th may be the cause of a disappointment. You will also need to proceed with caution on the 22nd as Mars square Uranus is an accident-prone, erratic, and argumentative influence. The New Moon on the 31st in Aries shines a spotlight on your career.


In April, you may run into obstacles on the 4th as Mars conjoins Saturn. Take advantage of the fact you will be mentally stimulated with the Moon in Gemini making favorable aspects to the Sun and Mercury in Aries on the 6th. Jupiter conjoining Neptune in Pisces on the 12th wants you to dream of the ideal goal and attain it. This magical, mystical influence can enlarge your experience that you might benefit tremendously. On the 16th, a Full Moon is the cause of stress between home and work. The Sun in adverse square aspect to Pluto on the 18th may bring up an issue that sours or ends a relationship or career position. Good transits on the 22nd and 27th lift your spirits. Venus conjoining Jupiter on the New Moon on the 30th make this a banner day! Have fun going out, traveling, or being inspired.


For May, you will want to enjoy the evening of the 3rd as Venus influences Jupiter. The 4th is a productive day with Mars in subtle aspect to Uranus. A well-aspected Leo Moon promotes socializing on the 7th. May 10th to June 3rd Mercury will be retrograde. You will reassess where you stand with life behind-the-scenes.  Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. The Full Moon on the 15th may bring up an issue to be addressed with a friend or loved one. Enjoy the Sagittarius Moon in favorable aspect on the 16th and 17th. You will feel empowered in the pursuit of your desired goals on the 19th as the Sun is in positive trine aspect to Pluto. The Sun in favorable aspect to Jupiter on the 23rd supports your career and reputation. Much can be accomplished with ambitious goals on the 29th as Mars conjoins Jupiter.


In June, as Saturn starts retrograding on the 4th, you will need to reassess where you stand with all monetary dealings. Putting things in good order will make you feel secure. Venus and Uranus in aspect are promoting an evening out with friends on the 11th. The Moon in Sagittarius making good aspects on the 13th is physically rejuvenating. However, the Full Moon on the 14th may be taxing. Do not over do it even though you may want to over do it. A friend or project may be disappointing on the 16th as the Sun squares Neptune. Positive Jupiter influences on the 20th and 21st will be uplifting. The New Moon on the 28th in Cancer along with the Sun in square aspect to Jupiter and a Venus/Jupiter influence is a good omen for Cancers everywhere.


For July, some pressure from a personal relationship may be experienced on the 1st as Mars collides with Pluto. The 2nd is not any better as Mercury opposes Neptune causing a likely disappointment with communication or a behind-the-scenes issue. The 10th is an upbeat day with the Moon in favorable aspect to Jupiter and the Sun influencing Uranus. The 13th denotes a Full Moon that could be largely disappointing with Venus square Neptune occurring at the same time. Go after your idyllic goals on the 17th as the Sun favorably influences Neptune. The Sun opposing Pluto will cause tension in a relationship on the 19th. The 23rd with Mercury in trine aspect to Jupiter is a banner day where financial gains can be made. The New Moon in Leo highlights your income on the 28th and on the 31st the Sun in trine aspect to Jupiter brings compliments, favors, and money your way!


In August on the 1st, Mars conjoins Uranus which is likely to bring up an issue with a good friend. Being aggressive will not help the problem. Mars in adverse square aspect to Saturn on the 7th creates tension with a partnership, finances, or a friend. You may have difficulty balancing out work and home or family under the Full Moon on the 11th.  You may find yourself encountering misunderstandings or confusion on the 21st as Mercury opposes Neptune. Favorable Moon transits on the 24th are to be enjoyed. The New Moon on the 27th in Virgo emphasizes networking, communication, travel, and learning. Make the most of it.


For September, the Moon in positive aspect to Neptune and Pluto on the 2nd highlights creative activities. An Aquarian Moon influencing Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars is insightful in having you connect with people that inspire or help you on the 7th.  September 9th to October 2nd Mercury will be retrograde. You will rethink your living situation. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. The Sun in favorable trine aspect to Uranus promotes new connections that further your personal goals on the 11th. Plans may fall through on the 16th as the Sun opposes Neptune. Good results are noted with working partnerships on the 19th as the Sun influences Pluto. The New Moon in Libra on the 25th emphasizes your home. The Moon in trine aspect to Jupiter and in sextile to the Sun on the 30th promotes your work in a grand way.  


In October, the Moon in positive aspect to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter make the 4th a banner day! Opportunities for career advancement are noted. The Full Moon on the 9th may have you at odds with balancing work and home. Cooperating might be the key. An adverse Mars square Neptune influence on the 11th may have you feeling confused behind-the-scenes. Do not overextend yourself. A productive day is noted on the 14th, but Pluto in adverse aspect to the Sun and Venus on the 19th causes tension with a close relationship and/or your living situation. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 25th in Scorpio highlights creative pursuits, leisure life, and romance.  Mars going retrograde on the 30th has you reassessing your goals behind-the-scenes for the next few months.


In November, favorable transits on the 3rd put the advantage on your side in dealings with others. The 5th may be a time to enjoy the company of those around you, even if it is pricey as Venus opposes Uranus. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio on the Full Moon on the 8th makes this an intense day in figuring out your future. Transits that support your aims are noted on the 13th. You will feel forced to take a back seat and wait for more opportunity on the 19th as Mars squares Neptune.  Confusion may surround you so be careful in your decisions. The Sun in favorable aspect to Jupiter encourages you to pursue creative projects, speculative ventures, and leisure life on the 20th. A New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd and favorable aspects on the 24th indicate positive improvements on the job.


The month of December do not expect much on the 1st as Mercury is in adverse aspect to Neptune causing a lack of clarity and possible disappointments. On the 6th, the Moon in favorable aspect to Jupiter and Pluto opens up the dialogue with personal relationships and business partners. The Full Moon on the 7th will bring up issues with work and health related concerns that can be resolved. Work may not go as planned on the 14th with the Sun in adverse square aspect to Neptune. The New Moon on the 23rd in Capricorn focuses on relationships. Positive influences on the 21st and 25th are uplifting and encourage you to enjoy the season. Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th. You will be reevaluating personal relationships. The Sun approaching an excellent trine aspect to the Moon is an inspiring omen for the New Year.