Gemini Rising

You will definitely benefit from Jupiter in your career and reputation sector the 10th house the first half of 2022. You may be honored for your work, receive a promotion, experience job improvements or acquire a new job. Idyllic goals can be reached. You will be sporting a good reputation and your social circle will likely expand. As Jupiter travels into Aries the second week of May, you will find yourself being more aggressive in pursuing your sought-after future hopes and goals. Friends and organizations may be helpful. Look for opportunities to capitalize upon and further your plans. In your 9th house sector, Saturn will be causing you to think more seriously about the direction of your life. This can be helpful in planning long-term goals, but sometimes limiting socially. Moving, travel, educational pursuits, spiritual quests and legalities may all be contemplated.


In January, the year begins on a high note as the Sun forms an excellent aspect to Uranus on the 1st, inspiring solid ideas that support monetary dealings and partnerships. A New Moon on the 2nd helps further this vision. The 8th may turn out to be a pleasant day with the Sun conjoining Venus. However, you may be led into the wrong direction and thus disappointed on the 11th as Mars adversely aspects Neptune. Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th until February 3rd. You will find yourself reassessing long distance connections, networking possibilities, travel plans, and educational goals. Avoid making important decisions and starting anything new, and watch out for communication mix-ups. A Full Moon on the 17th may upset your monetary affairs and joint ventures. However, the New Moon on the 31st brings improvements with networking, travel plans, and educational goals.


The beginning of February Mercury is still retrograde, but you are energized to pursue your plans on the morning of the 4th with Mars in positive aspect to Jupiter. Behind-the-scenes you are busy and making strides on the 7th and 8th. The Full Moon on the 16th is the cause of some miscommunication and/or traffic delays, or missed appointments. Neptune in positive aspect on the 23rd and 24th to Mars and then Venus in Capricorn has you being industrious in the pursuit of more idyllic goals.


The New Moon on March 2nd in Pisces emphasizes what is going on with your career. Fortunately, Jupiter is residing there to move your aims toward improvements. A Sun/Jupiter conjunction on the 5th attracts career benefit. And the Moon making favorable aspects to Pluto, Mars, and Venus on the 8th has you implementing constructive plans to get ahead. You may encounter conflict with balancing your home ad career on the 18th, the Full Moon. Beware of argumentative situations, accidents, and erratic behavior on the 22nd as Mars is in square aspect to Uranus. Avoid starting anything new. The New Moon in Aries on the 31st promotes future incentives.


In April, you will experience some delays with a Mars/Saturn conjunction on the 4th. More agreeable interactions occur the afternoon of the 6th and 7th. You will reach for your dream goals on the 12th as Jupiter conjoins Neptune, especially with your career. On the 16th the Full Moon has you at odds with a friend or loved one. Compromising may help. A strained partnership or financial issue will arise on the 18th as the Sun adversely squares Pluto. Do take advantage of supportive transits on the 22nd and 27th. The New Moon and a Venus/Jupiter conjunction makes the 30th a banner day.


In May, Mars in favorable aspect to Uranus has you busy getting results for your efforts on the evening of the 3rd into the 4th. May 10th to June 3rd Mercury will be retrograde. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. The Full Moon on the 15th may take a toll on your health and well-being. You will be feeling more upbeat on the 16th and 17th with the Moon in Sagittarius making positive aspects. The Sun in trine aspect to Pluto on the 19th along with Mercury influencing Jupiter puts you in a strong position to negotiate for better terms with partnerships and money. The Sun in favorable aspect to Jupiter on the 23rd enhances your career. A promotion could be in the offing. With Jupiter now in Aries conjoining Mars and the Moon in favorable aspect on the 29th, you are highly motivated to reach your sought-after goals.


The month of June, Saturn going retrograde on the 4th may slow down some of your future plans. You may be in need of more information that could help you in formulating them. An evening out on the 11th could be exciting with Venus conjoining Uranus. The Moon in Sagittarius in favorable aspect is uplifting on the 13th. The Full Moon on the 14th may put pressure on a close relationship. The 16th is also problematic as the Sun adversely influences Neptune. You may feel disillusioned. Positive influences on the 20th and 21st change your mood for the better. A New Moon on the 28th along with several Jupiter transits is to be enjoyed.


In July, you will encounter some resistance from others on the 1st and a lack of clarity on the 2nd as Mars squares Pluto and Mercury squares Neptune. The 10th you may experience an upswing with your career that offers financial gain and compliments as the Moon trines Jupiter and the Sun influences Uranus. The planetary aspects fall short on the 13th as a Full Moon and Venus square Neptune occur. Do not have any expectations. Go after idyllic goals on the 17th, but keep a low profile on the 19th as the Sun opposes Pluto. Jupiter influencing Mercury and the Moon make the 23rd a terrific day! Enjoy. The New Moon on the 28th emphasizes your working environment, travel, and educational pursuits. The Sun trine Jupiter on the 31st promotes your hopes, goals, and dreams.


For August, Mars in tight aspect to Uranus on the 1st has you very busy behind-the-scenes. Just watch out for accidents and situations that could become argumentative. Obstacles to networking, legalities, travel, and educational goals are noted on the 7th as Mars squares Saturn. The Full Moon on the 11th denotes communications snags, travel delays, and missed appointments. On the 21st as Mercury opposes Neptune, vague communications could lead to misunderstandings. A rather trying month, but good transits on the 22nd and 24th lift your spirits. The New Moon highlights projects in the home. Are you upgrading, moving, or selling? You will find some answers on the 27th.


In September, Mars in Gemini in favorable aspect to Jupiter in Aries will energize you to tackle any goal on the 1st. The Moon in Aquarius making three excellent aspects on the 7th is uplifting and communicative. September 9th to October 2nd Mercury will be retrograde. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. Do capitalize upon the Sun in trine aspect to Uranus on the 11th by making independent decisions about your living situation and personal issues. The Sun opposing Neptune on the 16th indicates some disillusionment with family or career projects. You will feel empowered on the 18th and enjoy your evening on the 19th as Venus trines Uranus. Leisure life and your creativity are emphasized on the 25th under the New Moon in Libra. The Moon in Sagittarius in favorable aspect to the Sun and Jupiter puts the advantage on your side in dealing with others. Feeling confident on the 30th, you will reach for new horizons.


The Moon in aspect to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter on the 4th of October makes this a banner day where you will make the right connections to further your goals. On the 9th, the Full Moon causes stress between you and a friend or loved one.  You may experience a disappointment on the 11th as Mars is in adverse aspect to Neptune. Be careful of being led in the wrong direction. The 14th is a communicative and productive day. Pluto in adverse square aspect to the Sun and Venus on the 19th will bring up situations that need to be addressed. A risky situation, partnership, or joint financial venture could come to an end. On the 25th, the New Moon emphasizes your overall health and well-being. Get involved.  Mars going retrograde on the 30th in Gemini has you rethinking the direction with many of your goals. Take your time is this reassessment.


In November, much productivity can occur at work with the Moon favorably influencing the Sun, Venus, and Uranus on the 3rd. Extra expenditures are noted on the 5th as Venus opposes Uranus. The Full Moon on the 8th will bring up a health issue that needs to be addressed. As Mercury will be in positive aspect on the evening of the 14th to Venus and Jupiter, do enjoy yourself. You will encounter a disappointment with a close relationship or colleague on the 19th as Mars is in adverse aspect to Neptune. You regain your composure on the 20th with the Sun in excellent aspect to Jupiter. Future aims can be realized. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd along with Jupiter going direct indicates that this is the time to seek out opportunities that enhance your life.


For December, there will be a lack of clarity on the 1st as Mercury squares Neptune. Good early in the day transits support your objectives on the 6th. The Full Moon on the 7th has you clashing with a close relation. Keep those lines of communication open. You may feel somewhat disillusioned on the 14th as the Sun squares Neptune. You will be sharp and able to address what needs to be addressed on the 17th with Mercury trine Uranus. A New Moon on the 23rd offers productivity with how you are handling your finances and any partnership situation. The 25th is socially lively as the Moon in Aquarius aspects Mars and Jupiter. Although Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th, an uplifting Sun trine to the Moon influence favorably starts the New Year.