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Gemini Rising

Jupiter in your 12th house sector will bring more confidence and opportunities behind the scenes that make you smile in 2024 until May 25th. Good fortune is foreseen as Jupiter conjoins Uranus in April that encourages assignments or projects to thrive. Pluto in Capricorn stalling partnerships in business or pleasure will temporarily journey into Aquarius, where it will create new correspondences that are exciting from January 20th to September 1st. You may be dreaming of the ideal goal to pursue, but find obstacles to deal with in the process with Saturn in Pisces along with Neptune. Staying focused helps you reach the goal.

At the start of 2024 Jupiter will be direct along with Mercury going direct on January 2nd. These forward influences highlight progress behind the scenes. Communication glitches or a disappointment in a close relationship is noted the evening of the 8th with Mercury in adverse aspect to Neptune. Working with a partner brings productivity on the 11th, the New Moon. Establishing solid goals with your career occurs mid-month for two weeks as Jupiter is within one degree of influencing Saturn. Communication glitches and delays are foreseen with the Full Moon on the 25th.

In February several planets will be moving through Aquarius inspiring new networking opportunities that may involve avenues of learning and/or travel. Progress with work and health is noted on the 3rd as the Moon favorably influences Mars, Neptune, and Mercury. A Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Aquarius on the 5th may be enlightening, but also offer a change in your agenda or travel plans. Educational goals, spirituality, other cultures, long distance correspondences, or travel are promoted on the 9th with the New Moon. Avoid signing any contracts on the 11th as Mercury will be in semisquare to Neptune. Balancing home and your career is challenging with the Full Moon, on the 24th.

The first few days of March, Jupiter will semisquare Neptune. A project may turn into a pipe dream and be disappointing. Do not over-extend yourself. Networking and your work flow on the 5th as the Moon favorably influences Jupiter and the Sun. Do not start anything new on the 9th with Mars in adverse aspect to Uranus. Accidents are likely so be careful. You will be more idealistic with your future as the New Moon occurs on the 10th. During the day of the 19th, dreamy aspects concerning your career find a productive path with the Moon in favorable aspect to Neptune and the Sun. You will be in disagreement with a friend or loved one on the 25th with the Full Moon.

In April, Mercury goes retrograde on April 1st to April 25th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new. The New Moon on the 8th motivates you to tackle any behind the scenes issues. You will find luck behind the scenes with a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction the second half of the month. Support and progress are noted with projects and personal growth. Do take advantage of this uplifting influence. The Full Moon on the 23rd draws attention to a work issue or health problem that may need to be addressed. Positive activities with your job or career are experienced on the 25th as the Moon is in excellent aspect to Mars and Neptune.

The start of May, Pluto goes retrograde on the 2nd and has you reevaluating the direction of your life. A long-distance correspondence or move could be in the offing. Still, extra pressure is foreseen with your working situation as Saturn is in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 5th. The New Moon on the 7th once again promotes getting results with projects behind the scenes. A breakthrough with your progress is noted on the 8th as the Moon conjoins Uranus and Jupiter. On the 17th, the Moon in positive aspect to Venus, Uranus, and the Sun favor great opportunity with creative or speculative pursuits. A Sun/Jupiter conjunction brings confidence with projects on the 18th. Difficulties with a personal relationship are indicted with the Full Moon on the 23rd. Great advancement is foreseen with Jupiter moving into the sign of Gemini on the 25th for the rest of the year. You will be seen in a good light with those around you. This is the time to expand your horizons.

The start of June on the 1st, the Moon in Aries making favorable aspects supports your future hopes, goals, and dreams. On the 5th, the Moon in Gemini conjoining Jupiter and Mercury brings optimism and attracts positive opportunity your way. The New Moon on the 6th promotes you nicely. A career or reputation setback is noted on the 12th with Mercury square Saturn. A disappointment with a project or a challenging obstacle is indicated on the 16th with Venus square Neptune, 17th with Mercury square Neptune, and 20th with Sun square Neptune. Staying focused on these days is what is needed. A monetary setback is noted with the Full Moon on the 21st.

In July, the New Moon on the 5th encourages securing your finances. Future goals and friends support monetary gains on the 6th with the Moon aspecting Venus, Uranus, and Neptune favorably. An ideal situation enhances your talents as well as your pocketbook on the 11th with Venus in auspicious aspect to Neptune. Accident-prone influences are noted on the 15th and 16th with Mars conjunct Uranus and the Moon in opposition to Uranus and then Mars. The Full Moon on the 21st is the culprit behind partnership and financial setbacks.


In August, the New Moon on the 4th favors learning, correspondence, and travel. Enjoy time with a friend. Mercury goes retrograde on August 5th to the 28th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new. Communication snags and travel delays are indicated with the Full Moon on the 19th.

The start of September, situations may not go as planned on the 2nd with Mars in square aspect to Neptune. A New Moon on this day may help in finding a solution. On the 4th resistance from a partner or friend will be encountered with Mars inconjunct Pluto. Pressure at work and home will be experienced on the 7th as the Sun opposes Saturn. The 15th is a banner day to be thoroughly enjoyed as the Moon is in auspicious aspect to both Venus and Jupiter! Leisure life, romance, traveling, and creative/speculative goals are all highlighted. A career move is disappointing on the 20th as the Sun is in opposition to Neptune. Watch your reputation. New ideas can be applied to behind-the-scenes projects or a home upgrade on the 24th with Mercury in trine aspect to Uranus.

In October, the New Moon on the 2nd encourages leisure life, creative goals, and activities with children. Jupiter retrograde on the 9th will slow some of your progress, but you will still feel the need to expand your horizons in life. Tension on the job is noted on the 14th as Venus is in opposition to Uranus. Stress may also affect your health. On the 15th the Moon favorably influences Uranus, Venus, and Neptune attracts career opportunity and has you enjoying your social circle. Challenged are noted with a friend or loved one as the Full Moon strains a relationship on the 17th. A great evening at home or out on the town is foreseen on the 24th as the Moon in Leo influences Venus in Sagittarius and Mars is in positive aspect to Uranus.

In November, strained communications and travel delays are frustrating on the 3rd with Mars in opposition to Pluto. However, pursuing your sought-after goals is noted on the 11th. Work and health issues surface with the Full Moon on the 15th. The 25th is another great day astrologically that enhances leisure life, creative activities, travel, and positive correspondences. Personal relationships thrive with the New Moon on the 30th. A new acquaintance is exciting. Mercury goes retrograde on November 25th to December 15th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new.

For December, your social life is enhanced by the Moon and Mercury in Sagittarius. Pursuing your future hopes, goals, and dreams brings results on the 9th with the Moon in favorable aspect to Pluto, Venus, and Mars.  The Moon in favorable aspect to Jupiter and the Sun has you enjoying the company of others on the 10th. The Full Moon will be the cause of stress felt in a relationship on the 15th. Still, with Mercury direct, you will take delight in the holiday season. Someone may disappoint you on the 18th as the Sun is in adverse aspect to Neptune. Jupiter in square aspect to Saturn solidifies plans for the future on the 24 th. The New Moon on the 30th encourages the security of partnerships, investments, and personal growth opportunities that enhance your life in the New Year!

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