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Sagittarius Rising

Jupiter in your fifth house sector will happily encourage you to pursue creative or speculative goals, leisure life, activities with children, and romance the first five and half months of 2023. You will be more motivated to take risks as the advantage is on your side. Relationships are to be enjoyed as you freely connect with those around you. If you are looking, romance is in the picture. Your future is looking bright. Jupiter will be in your sixth house sector the rest of 2023 highlighting work projects and improving upon your health and well-being. As you rid yourself of unwanted habits and what is limiting your progress, you will develop more strength and confidence. Saturn in Aquarius will have you focusing on work assignments and correspondence with others the first three months of the year. Then, Saturn moving into Pisces sees you stabilizing your home situation. If you are feeling you can not fix-up your place, it is time for a move. 

In January, the Full Moon on the 6th challenges you financially. Any joint partnerships are strained and earnings are limited. Mars will be retrograde until the 12th and Mercury retrograde until the 18th, so progress is slow at first. You will feel frustrated at times with others, but need to be patient. You can act decisively after the 12th. This is a time to also reassess where you stand with all partnerships. Develop a solid financial plan that you can implement when Mercury goes direct. After the 18th Jupiter will have you motivated and pursuing your ideals. The New Moon on the 21st supports a new direction with educational goals and correspondence with others. Networking connections, travel, and centers of learning are also highlighted.

For February, a Full Moon on the 5th causes strained communications, delays, and cancellations. On the 17th with Mercury in favorable aspect to Jupiter good news is heard with correspondences, travel plans, or relatives. On the 14th to the 16th, Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto will have you encountering conflicts with partnership agreements and money. Do wait for a better time to address your agenda. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20th puts the spotlight on your home. Being perceptive and creative will help steer you in the right direction. On the 22nd, Mercury aspecting Mars in Sagittarius and a Moon/Jupiter conjunction has you driven to attain your goals as you make connections that are successful. Luck is on your side with creative pursuits, speculative gain, activities with children, and romantic ventures.

In March, on the 1st you are approaching a Venus/Jupiter conjunction that will attract support with creativity, investment opportunities, and leisure life. The Full Moon on the 7th has you feeling vague and uncertain about issues at home and with your career. Midmonth, difficult days are foreseen on the 14th and 16th with Mars square Neptune, Sun square Saturn in Pisces along with Venus in square aspect to Pluto. You may encounter confused or deceptive individuals that could undermine your efforts. Disappointments are likely with family or a close connection. A New Moon on the 21st invigorates you to pursue your promising ventures, leisure life, and romance. Mercury conjoining Jupiter on the 27th brings positive news about a speculative or creative venture. Leisure life, travel, and activities with children are delightful.

In April with Mercury in adverse aspect to Pluto on the 3rd, correspondence on the job will be blocked as will educational and travel plans, and legalities of any kind. The Full Moon on the evening of the 5th into the 6th creates tension between you and a friend or loved one. The afternoon of the 7th creative approaches have success at work with Venus influencing Neptune. The Moon in Sagittarius the evening of the 10th into the 11th where it meets up with a Sun/Jupiter conjunction has you feeling more optimistic and enjoying your life. Idyllic ventures prosper. Social obstacles and possible rejection may be experienced on the 14th as Venus adversely aspects Saturn. With uplifting Moon transits on the 16th investments of time, energy, or money bring results. You are more aware of your potential on the job. The New Moon has you once again pursuing creative pursuits, speculative gain, leisure life, and romance on the evening of the 19th into the 20th. Mercury goes retrograde on April 21st to May 14th. Watch out for problems with communication and misunderstandings. Wait on making important decisions or starting anything new.

The month of May has its challenges. On the 4th, expectations fall short and disappointments are indicated with a close relationship as Venus adversely squares Neptune. And on the 5th, you will need to address a work issue or health problem under the Full Moon. Mercury goes direct late in the day on the 14th helping communications improve. On the 15th with Mars trining Neptune financial investments, home enhancements, and personal improvements are ideal. The New Moon on the 19th supports getting results for projects on the job. With Mars opposing Pluto on the 20th, you will experience stressed and disagreeable communications, delays, and scheduling changes. Be careful with running around and burning out on the 22nd into the 23rd as Mars adversely aspects Jupiter. Exhaustion from too much work, late night studying, or hectic traveling schedules may be experienced. The Moon in favorable aspect to Uranus and Venus on the 28th attracts pleasant situations at home and with family.

For June, Venus in favorable aspect to Neptune on the 2nd favors monetary opportunity, supportive partners, and personal growth. Your home will be inviting. On the 3rd the Full Moon will cause a conflict between you and a close relationship. Intuitive insights will be your guide and help you generate earnings on the 4th and 6th as the Moon is in positive aspect to Mercury and Uranus. Communication snags cause trouble with close relations at home and work as Saturn adversely aspects Mercury on the 15th. You may not be so popular. The New Moon inspires you to express your ideas with a close connection on the 17th into the 18th. The Sun squaring Neptune later that day may cause a disappointment so lower your expectations. The 21st is an excellent day for socializing, learning, exploring, and traveling with a personal relationship as Mercury is in positive aspect to Mars and the Moon favorably aspects Venus. The 25th brings vague communications and possible disappointment with a close relationship as Mercury squares Neptune. The 26th indicates argumentative situations and accidents so be careful, especially at work and while traveling.

In July on the 1st, an upbeat rapport with others increases monetary opportunity with the Sun and Mercury favorably influencing Jupiter. Unsettling communications and scheduling changes are noted on the 2nd as Venus squares Uranus. The Full Moon on the 3rd is the cause of a financial issue. Partnerships are strained. Investments of opportunity improve monetary gain and a home upgrade on the 7th as the Moon is in positive aspect to both Jupiter and the Sun. The New Moon on the 17th emphasizes monetary security, partnerships in business and pleasure, and personal growth. However, the Sun opposing Pluto on the 21st causes disruption with partnerships and financial gain. Venus going retrograde on the 22nd slows correspondence with others, travel plans, educational goals and spiritual quests. On the 30th, the Moon in positive aspect to Mars and Jupiter promotes productivity at work and secures your reputation on the job. Health improvements are also indicted.

In August, the Full Moon on the 1st will cause miscommunication, delays, and cancellations, especially while traveling. The afternoon of the 6th is socially pleasant and motivates you to enjoy creative projects, activities with children, and romance with your mate as the Moon influences Venus and the Sun aspects Jupiter. Positive correspondence, educational objectives, and travel are pleasantly enjoyed on the 13th with a Sun/Venus conjunction. Behind the scenes projects run into inconsistencies or changes of schedules with the Sun in adverse square aspect to Uranus on the 15th. The New Moon on the 16th promotes favorable communication, travel plans, and educational goals. Mars opposing Neptune will be the cause of a disappointment on the job or with your career position or a problem encountered at home on the 22nd. Do not over-extend yourself. Mars in positive aspect with Pluto on the 24th may help secure a career position or financial deal. The Moon favorably aspecting Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus make this a day where traditional values are treasured and work results manifest on the 27th. Constructive goals will thrive. Challenges are noted with balancing your career and hone responsibilities on the Full Moon on the 30th.

On the 3rd of September, Venus goes direct emphasizing positive communications, centers of learning, spiritual quests, and travel. Several favorable Moon influences on the 4th have you achieving your goals at work and getting along with coworkers, but slow progress is foreseen as Jupiter goes retrograde for a few months. Organizing your work and tending to future goals will prove to be productive the morning of the 8th as the Sun is trining Jupiter. A New Moon on the 14th highlights your career with new ideas that get results. It’s a good day to make changes. Mercury going direct the afternoon of the 15th continues to emphasize good progress with your work as the Sun is in excellent aspect to Uranus. The 21st can be considered a banner day with opportunities for financial gain, improving your image, and enjoying learning, exploring, and traveling as the Moon in Sagittarius makes favorable aspects to Mars and Venus, and the Sun trines Pluto. Make the most of it. You will also benefit financially and achieve working goals on the 23rd as the Moon favorably aspects Mercury and Jupiter. The Full Moon has you at odds with a friend or loved one on the 29th. Your social life is enhanced through creative aims, networking, traveling, and leisurely activities on the 30th with the Moon in positive aspect to Venus and Mercury in excellent aspect to Uranus. You can accomplish much at work as well.

In October, vague and problematic communications interfere with your progress with your career and working goals on the 2nd with Mercury opposing Neptune. The Moon trining the Sun, along with Mercury in trine aspect with Pluto on the 3rd describe the implementation of a financial strategy that reaps some benefits. Opportunity with sought-after goals is noted. Adverse aspects create challenges with friends, partnerships, and joint financial ventures on the 7th and 8th. Resistance will be encountered. The New Moon on the 14th inspires you toward your hopes, goals, and dreams. The Moon in positive aspect to Mercury and the Sun inspires friendly get-togethers that help you attain your goals and improve your earnings on the afternoon of the 19th. Mercury adversely aspecting Pluto on the 20th will block you from moving ahead with financial developments, the pursuit of your dream goals, and partnerships. Communications may be at a stand-still. On the 24th the Moon in positive aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter supports improvements at home. Moving is an option to be considered. On the 28th, a Full Moon brings challenges into the work place. This may take a toll on your health.

In November on the 2nd, applying yourself on the job will bring lucrative gains and productive partnerships as the Moon favorably aspects the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. The Moon in adverse square aspect to Mars and Uranus on the 5th will have you encountering erratic changes, stress, anger, and possible accidents in your environment. Avoid altercations with others and traveling. On the 7th, improved working conditions have your career running smoothly as the Moon in Virgo influences Jupiter and the Sun.  On the 10th, 11th, and 12th, once again stressful working conditions are indicated as Mars opposes Uranus. Keep an eye on your health. Careful that you do not burn out. The New Moon on the 13th involving Uranus paints a new outlook on your work behind-the-scenes that accentuates your desire for independence. Three positive influences on the 17th, Mars trine Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, and Moon trine Uranus promote idyllic home conditions that support money-making opportunities on the job. On the 25th, Mars in difficult square aspect to Saturn will cause complications with people, especially at home. This is not the time to ask for cooperation. The Full Moon has you running into conflicting views on the 27th. It will be a challenge to reach a compromise with a personal relationship. Having a sense of humor might help.

In December, support with your career and working on projects is noted on the 5th as the Moon favorably aspects Uranus and Venus trines Saturn. Enjoying the company of friends and loved ones is splendid on the 7th as the Moon is in supportive aspect to Mars and the Sun, and Mercury trines Jupiter. On the 12th, the New Moon in Sagittarius attracts opportunity and compliments your way that are to be enjoyed. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th to January 2nd. Watch out for miscommunication, delays, mistakes, and do not start anything new. On the 16th, the Sun adversely influencing Neptune puts you at odds with a family member or friend that is disappointing. Getting profitable results with partnerships or investments or working hard on the job is slated for the 18th as Mercury favorably aspects Jupiter. The holiday scene is lively with opportunities to socialize. Constructive influences organize your shopping, spending, and errand list on the 22nd with a Sun/Mercury conjunction. Venus in excellent trine to Neptune on the 25th has you finding pleasant support from your family and social circle. Spending time at home is ideal. On the 26th a Full Moon causes conflict with partnerships in business or pleasure, and your finances. Communication glitches are foreseen. Mars in adverse aspect to Neptune on the 28th has you encountering a disappointment in your home or with a family member. Jupiter going direct on the 30th will inspire a new outlook on your health and well-being as it highlights stability and prosperity in the New Year! 

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