Sagittarius Rising

For the year 2022, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, Jupiter, will be in Pisces residing in the 4th house sector of the home, family, your emotional self, and your ancestry. Expanding your home or moving to a new one is likely. Gatherings with family are to be enjoyed. You will have a brighter outlook on life. As Jupiter moves into Aries, your 5th house sector, you are apt to enjoy creative pursuits, leisure life, romance, and spending time with children. In your 3rd house sector, we find the planet of Saturn encouraging you to stay focused on your goals and tending to personal projects. Learning new subject matter and sticking to tasks can further your ideals. Guidance may come from siblings and relatives


 In the month of January, the Sun will form a supportive trine aspect to Uranus on the 1st encouraging positive changes with your work that may increase your earnings. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd has you drawing up constructive plans for monetary improvements. A Sun/Venus conjunction on the 8th attracts a lucrative opportunity on the 8th. You may feel disillusioned with a family member or issue in the home on the 11th as Mars adversely influences Neptune. Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th until February 3rd. You will be doing a lot of reevaluating of plans and projects, places of learning, travel plans, and relatives. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for communication glitches. A Full Moon will bring up a financial issue on the 17th. The New Moon in Aquarius has you expanding your social network on the 31st.


In February, you are energized to come up with a solid financial plan on the morning of the 4th as Mars favorably influences Jupiter. The Moon in promising aspect to Venus, Mars, and Pluto and a Mars/Uranus trine aspect on the 8th encourages constructive results for your efforts in using your skills and talents to improve your income. Communication mix-ups and delays occur under the Full Moon on the 16th. A subtle, but favorable Jupiter/Uranus influence on the 17th attracts work opportunity and home improvements. Mars in supportive aspect to Neptune on the 23rd continues to encourage you toward the pursuit of your idyllic goals.


For March, a New Moon in Pisces influencing Jupiter on the 2nd promotes home improvements that bring more happiness. The Sun in conjunction with Jupiter on the 5th could lead to expanding, improving, or moving from your home to a new place. Positive Moon influences on the 8th persuade you to reach out to others and make connections that benefit you. A Full Moon on the 18th impedes you mentally in getting ahead with career aims and/or home expansion. On the 22nd, as Mars is in adverse square to Uranus, erratic influences cause setbacks with work and issues at home. Hold your temper. The New Moon on the 31st in Aries encourages you to explore your creativity, leisure life, and romance.


In April, a Saturn/Mars conjunction brings extra responsibilities as well as blocks to your desires in you job on the 4th. Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune on the 12th has you pursuing the ideal living situation. Your outlook is bright and continues to motivate you. On the 16th, a Full Moon puts you at a disadvantage with personal goals, a friend, or close relationship. The Sun in adverse square aspect to Pluto on the 18th temporarily stifles your creativity, earnings, and enjoying life.  The Moon in Capricorn making favorable aspects on the 22nd sees you working hard and reaping the benefits on your job. A banner day is foreseen with the New Moon on the 30th coupled with a Venus/Jupiter conjunction! You will attract solid benefits your way. Making a promising investment has you relishing the good life.


In May, Mars in sextile aspect to Uranus on the 4th has you speedily attending to chores and errands on the job. The Moon in Leo spices things up socially with positive aspects on the 7th.  May 10th to June 3rd Mercury will be retrograde. You will be reassessing where you stand with a close relationship. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for miscommunication. An intense Full Moon on the 15th may temporarily block you from being successful with your work. The Sun in excellent aspect to Pluto on the 19th has you continue to focus on getting results with your personal projects. The Sun in good aspect to Jupiter on the 23rd brings merriment to a personal relationship and a successful connection to a business one. A winning Mars conjunct Jupiter aspect promotes your drive to be successful with creative pursuits, speculative aims, romantic ventures, and spending time with children on the 29th.


For the month of June, Saturn going retrograde until the third week of October will slow down your pace so you do things correctly with personal objectives, educational pursuits, writing projects, travel, siblings, and relatives. New ideas can be infused in your work on the 11th as Venus conjoins Uranus. A Full Moon on the 14th causes a disagreeable situation with a relationship. You may also find a challenging relationship problem or disappointment on the 16th as the Sun squares Neptune. The Moon in conjunction to Jupiter and sextile to Mercury on the 21st has you feeling optimistic about leisure life, loved ones, travel, creative goals, and speculative gain. On the 28th a New Moon in Cancer along with a subtle Venus/Jupiter influence and the Sun interacting with Jupiter promises a warm, inviting time with close relations and partnerships.


In July, you will run into obstacles with financial dealings, personal projects, and possibly a loved one as Mars is in strong square aspect with Pluto on the 1st. Miscommunication will be a problem on the 2nd with a close relationship or family member as Mercury adversely influences Neptune. Partnerships, investments, and areas of personal growth are emphasized on the 10th as the Sun aspects Uranus. You will need to address a monetary concern on the 13th due to the Full Moon. The Sun in harmonious aspect to Neptune on the 17th favors partnership agreements, investments that may involve your home, and personal growth. As the Sun opposes Pluto on the 19th blocks to your agenda involving working relationships and financial ventures are noted. Mercury in auspicious aspect to Jupiter, and the Moon in positive aspect to the Sun and Jupiter on the 23rd make this a banner day! Networking connections, travel, educational goals, creative pursuits, and leisure life are highlighted. The Sun in favorable aspect to Jupiter and the Moon making supportive aspects on the 31st continues to promote the networking, travel, creative, and leisurely theme. Enjoy!


For the month of August, a lively Mars/Uranus conjunction has you busy at work on the 1st. Just make sure you do not have to back track because of your hastiness. Scheduling changes are likely. A square aspect between Mars and Saturn will curtail your energy level on the 7th. Try taking a day off. A Full Moon on the 11th brings delays and miscommunication. On the 16th, Mercury in trine aspect to Uranus has you implementing insightful ideas into your projects. You may experience a disappointment with a work project as Mercury will be in opposition to Neptune on the 21st. The Moon and Venus in Leo making supportive aspects on the 24th has you conversing with others and devising a plan that may involve creativity, spirituality, travel, and leisure life. A New Moon on the 27th in Virgo puts the spotlight on your career.


In September, Mars in sextile aspect to Jupiter on the 1st will motivate you to reach out to others and take risks. You will experience a banner day on the 7th! The Moon in excellent aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter promotes your future hopes and dreams by making connections that support your ideals. September 9th to October 2nd Mercury will be retrograde. You will reevaluate where you are heading with your future. Avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for miscommunication. The Moon in excellent aspect to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter will persuade you to make connections that enhance your future hopes, goals, and dreams. Do not be shy. The Sun in trine aspect to Uranus on the 11th encourages you to capitalize upon new ideas that lead you to your dreams. The Sun opposing Neptune on the 16th creates disillusionment with career goals that affects the home. On the 19th with Venus in uplifting trine aspect to Uranus you attract benefits that further your future goals.  A New Moon in Libra on the 25th highlights your dreams goals. The Moon in Sagittarius in trine aspect to Jupiter and sextile to the Sun on the 30th encourages you to enjoy life to the fullest as positive, creative support and investment opportunities have you smiling.


In October, the Moon in positive aspect to the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter on the 4th has you thriving on being socially connected to advance yourself toward your future goals. You are at a disadvantage with a friend or loved one under the Full Moon on the 9th. People may not seem to be who they are on the 11th as Mars squares Neptune. A disappointment is likely. The Moon in Gemini trine the Sun, Venus, and Saturn offers good, constructive communication with achieving sought-after goals on the 14th. The Sun in adverse aspect to Pluto will deter you from moving ahead with your plans on the 19th. A New Moon in Scorpio emphasizes working behind-the-scenes on the 25th. On the 30th, Mars going retrograde until the second week of January will slow down your momentum with overextending yourself to others.


For November, the Moon in Pisces interacting with several planets is being supportive of improvements in the home as well as with yourself on the 3rd. The Full Moon on the 8th lowers your immune system and work productivity. Stay healthy.  The Moon in Cancer in supportive aspect promotes financial dealings, partnerships, and personal rejuvenation on the 13th. You may experience a disappointment in a close relationship on the 19th as Mars is in difficult square aspect to Neptune. Keep the lines of communication open. The Sun in favorable aspect to Jupiter on the 20th persuades you to relax and enjoy family and your home. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd and the Moon in conjunction with Mercury and Venus on the 24th attract social invitations, good will, and personal expansive opportunities.


For the month of December, you may feel some vague confusion on the 1st as Mercury squares Neptune. The Moon in Taurus making constructive aspects on the 6th gets results. You may experience a disagreement in a close relationship under the Full Moon on the 7th. Not everything will go your way on the 14th as the Sun is in adverse aspect to Neptune. The New Moon on the 23rd highlights your earned income. You easily socialize and have fun with the Moon in uplifting aspect to Mars and Jupiter on the 25th. Mercury will move retrograde on the 29th encouraging you to reevaluate your finances and improve upon them. The evening of the 31st offers an opportunity to bring out your potential for the New Year as the Sun is in auspicious aspect to the Moon.