Traveling By The Stars
Christine Rakela

Christine Rakela's new book, Traveling By The Stars, will steer you toward the most exciting and gratifying traveling experiences. Enjoy the travel strategy, Sun sign travel, and star compatibility while traveling. Have a great trip without the setbacks. Bon Voyage!

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Look to the past if you want to know the future. You can apply this statement to everything in life.

The months of December 2020, (Jupiter moving into Aquarius), and March of 2020, (US Mercury opposing Pluto) hold some answers, as does June of 2020, (Saturn square Uranus). Similar influences are coming around again. Luckily, we are better prepared and this can make all the difference in the world. Jupiter retrograding back into Aquarius will also be very helpful. It’s inspiring and jet-setting influence has us dreaming of the ideal vacation or actually going there. Jupiter in Aquarius promotes the economy, travel adventures, and good times. So do consider taking a trip during 2021 and be sure to look at Travel Times to find the best time to leave for a great trip! My book, “Traveling By The Stars” will help ensure a wonderful traveling experience.

 Recently, in June of 2021, we experienced Mercury retrograde causing a lack of clarity, and Saturn in square aspect to Uranus, causing stress especially financially. Crypto drastically fell and the stock market experienced losses. These losses, however, have an opportunity to recover and Jupiter in Aquarius is bound to make that happen as it retrogrades back into Aquarius the end of July, will go direct on October the 18th as it favorably trines Mars, and remains in Aquarius until December 29th. Crypto and the stock market soared when Jupiter entered Aquarius in December of 2020 and continued its beneficial influence well into the spring of 2021.

This fall, transiting Pluto opposing the USA Mercury, as it did in March of 2020, will be the cause of some intense news, possibly connected to the variant, politics, or the economy. Still, late November and December are looking good, except for the last week of December when Saturn will be in square aspect to Uranus in Taurus a money sign, as it did in June 2021. It looks like you will be spending more money than you thought over the holidays. Watch those investments as well.

Capitalizing upon Jupiter in Aquarius from August to the end of December is encouraged as it only comes around once every twelve years and it can be a lucky influence, especially if you are an air or fire sign or have planets in these elements. Wherever transiting Jupiter in Aquarius falls in your astrology chart, you are apt to succeed. Do consider an uplifting traveling experience. It could be the trip of a lifetime, especially if your follow “Traveling By The Stars.”


"WE ALL TRAVEL, maybe not to the ends of the earth, but we regularly make small journeys. And how often have we wished we had inside knowledge as to what delays and detours lay in front of us. Now, thanks to Christine Rakela, we can travel hopefully and arrive in one piece. Traveling By The Stars is a meticulously researched and well-written book that covers not only all of the planetary aspects that will influence our journey, for better or worse, but also which signs make for the best traveling companions, and what astrological factors benefit business travel, vacations, and romance. Don't leave home without it."

— Penny Thornton, astrologer, author, Astrolutely.com

"In keeping with Christine Rakela's knowledgeable, structured speaking style this book was no surprise. Traveling By The Stars is a must for your vacationing and astrological bookshelf. Christine's fascinating examples of travel and historical events are sure to guide you to safe passage every time.
This exciting and informative book can be used by wanderlust travelers, as well as learned students and astrological practioners. Enjoy! "
— Jacqueline Pentek, Cosmic Astrology Association