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A memoir – The fascinating life of a legendary pianist through fame, jealousy, loss, and great love. Discover the captivating journey of Van Cliburn, a classical music prodigy who changed history. As one of the most trusted people in his life, the author's personal relationship with Cliburn led her to write about his incredible life stories, often using his own words. Christine Rakela guided Van Cliburn with astrology, something they both enjoyed.

My Private Relationship with Van Cliburn


Traveling By The Stars
Christine Rakela

Traveling By The Stars, will steer you toward the most exciting and gratifying traveling experiences. Enjoy the travel strategy, Sun sign travel, and star compatibility while traveling. Have a great trip without the setbacks. Bon Voyage!

Traveling by th Stars Book Jacket

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Welcome to astrologywave,
where internationally known, certified astrologer Christine Rakela will guide you through the fascinating world of astrology!

There’s so much to discuss. First, there are some astrological changes going into 2024 that could have you moving in a new direction. Pluto’s exit out of Capricorn for seven and one third months and into Aquarius starting January 20th brings enlightenment as well unrest for the masses. We are already seeing much of this happening. Focusing on the futuristic and intuitive projection of Pluto in Aquarius will enhance your life. Avenues of new age technology, other than AI, can be uplifting and opportune. Certain goals can accelerate your life leaving fear and doubt behind you. Look for these opportunities. Luck is in the air during the late spring as Jupiter conjoins Uranus. Take advantage of it.

The financial world is changing with Uranus in Taurus, a money sign. Jupiter in Taurus, however, will be very helpful and at times will create a monetary surge. Tangible assets are encouraged. Still, we are impeded by the last horrible inauguration chart, which indicates financial woes if you are not careful. Saturn and Neptune slamming into the North Node of the financial sector is not the best of news. However, there is hope with Aquarian-type opportunities and possibly crypto. Either way, make sure your finances are secure. War continues to be on the military agenda as predicted in December of 2021 in my update. As certain aspects of life seem to be falling apart, it will take much effort with Saturn in Pisces to create new ideals, but this is what must be done. Saturn gradually moving closer to Neptune in Pisces indicates the same. So, keep busy and busier. Focus on what lifts up the world not what destroys it. If you want to succeed and thrive allow life to enlighten you.

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"WE ALL TRAVEL, maybe not to the ends of the earth, but we regularly make small journeys. And how often have we wished we had inside knowledge as to what delays and detours lay in front of us. Now, thanks to Christine Rakela, we can travel hopefully and arrive in one piece. Traveling By The Stars is a meticulously researched and well-written book that covers not only all of the planetary aspects that will influence our journey, for better or worse, but also which signs make for the best traveling companions, and what astrological factors benefit business travel, vacations, and romance. Don't leave home without it."

— Penny Thornton, astrologer, author,

"In keeping with Christine Rakela's knowledgeable, structured speaking style this book was no surprise. Traveling By The Stars is a must for your vacationing and astrological bookshelf. Christine's fascinating examples of travel and historical events are sure to guide you to safe passage every time.
This exciting and informative book can be used by wanderlust travelers, as well as learned students and astrological practioners. Enjoy! "
— Jacqueline Pentek, Cosmic Astrology Association

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