Traveling By The Stars
Christine Rakela

Christine Rakela's new book, Traveling By The Stars, will steer you toward the most exciting and gratifying traveling experiences. Enjoy the travel strategy, Sun sign travel, and star compatibility while traveling. Have a great trip without the setbacks. Bon Voyage!

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Being an optimist, I try hard to find some astrological news that is positive, but the fall of 2022 has become a huge challenge. Knowing the facts so you manage your life accordingly could help you navigate the rough planetary aspects that are bound to shake up everyone, and for some, they already have.


Upsets in our life and around the world are noted. A leader could step down, fall, or die, and a country could rise or fall. Financial catastrophes are looming. Although Jupiter in Aries has been encouraging people to be more enterprising, it’s semisquare to Saturn has slowed progress as everything is taking more time and energy. However, Jupiter in Aries will experience a rebound late January into the spring and inspire you to accomplish a lot.


In the meantime, this September Mercury will go retrograde on the 10th until October the 3rd so watch out for miscommunication, mistakes, and reversal of activity. That is not my big concern. The end of September into October is what to brace yourself for: Could this be the furthering of the economic nightmare we are experiencing?


Saturn in square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, a money sign, indicates disruption to our sense of security as Saturn wants security and Uranus wants innovative change or unsettling craziness. This clashing of the planetary energies can create a financial upheaval in most industries. Then Jupiter at the end of October retrogrades back into Pisces. Hmmm….. I remember the last time this happened, (Jupiter in Pisces with Saturn square Uranus), and crypto and the stock market plummeted, so curb your expectations.


Mars will go retrograde too at the end of October. Yes, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Jupiter going direct the last week of November will help, but the real signs of improvement are after mid-January. My suggestion is to get all of your finances in good order and wade through the storm. We can be grateful the war, I predicted in my last Update, hasn’t made its way over here even if the supply chain and inflation have.


"WE ALL TRAVEL, maybe not to the ends of the earth, but we regularly make small journeys. And how often have we wished we had inside knowledge as to what delays and detours lay in front of us. Now, thanks to Christine Rakela, we can travel hopefully and arrive in one piece. Traveling By The Stars is a meticulously researched and well-written book that covers not only all of the planetary aspects that will influence our journey, for better or worse, but also which signs make for the best traveling companions, and what astrological factors benefit business travel, vacations, and romance. Don't leave home without it."

— Penny Thornton, astrologer, author, Astrolutely.com

"In keeping with Christine Rakela's knowledgeable, structured speaking style this book was no surprise. Traveling By The Stars is a must for your vacationing and astrological bookshelf. Christine's fascinating examples of travel and historical events are sure to guide you to safe passage every time.
This exciting and informative book can be used by wanderlust travelers, as well as learned students and astrological practioners. Enjoy! "
— Jacqueline Pentek, Cosmic Astrology Association