Traveling By The Stars
Christine Rakela

Christine Rakela's new book, Traveling By The Stars, will steer you toward the most exciting and gratifying traveling experiences. Enjoy the travel strategy, Sun sign travel, and star compatibility while traveling. Have a great trip without the setbacks. Bon Voyage!

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So, what is going on in the United States? To find out we look at the day of the inauguration, January 20, 2021 at 12pm in Washington, DC. Four transits sealed the fate of America, transiting Pluto in opposition to the US Mercury, transiting Saturn in semisquare aspect to Neptune, Jupiter in square aspect to a Mars/Uranus conjunction, and a Jupiter/Saturn/ Sun midpoint conjunction.

Pluto in opposition to the US Mercury is an intense influence that compels us to think deeply about everything. This can be good in getting to the root problem of an issue, but it has its limitations. The tendency if you are not keeping yourself busy is to feel repressed or get depressed. So, make a long list of things that need to be accomplished and address each listing. Astrological influences emit energy. How you use this energy can see you being very productive or not.

Saturn in semisquare aspect to Neptune on the positive side has you working extremely hard to reach your goals or ideals. Under this influence life is realistic, and in some respect may lose its vivid color or imagination. Still, goals can be attained. The adverse side of this influence is very debilitating and may feel like certain aspects of your life are falling apart. Some people will feel this influence more than others. Perhaps when things dissolve, we have an opportunity to create a better life.

Jupiter in square aspect to Mars and Uranus can be very revitalizing, but you can also burnout. Mars conjunct Uranus can be restless and erratic, with unexpected situations presenting themselves. Personally, you can bring out more of your uniqueness and independence which will sometimes cause you to cut off situations or people who no longer serve your interests. Unfortunately, wars have been started under a Mars/Uranus aspect even with Jupiter influencing it. Once again, keeping busy and adding a physical workout is advised.

A Jupiter, Saturn, and Sun midpoint conjunction could be our saving grace. Jupiter with Saturn offers stability with long term goals, especially when in aspect to the Sun. Here, these planets promote expansive opportunities built on a solid foundation. Let’s hope so. Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun in Aquarius are also very enlightening and uplifting!

How long will all of these influences last? Until the next inauguration. Personally, I have a list almost as long as Santa Claus. I am not going to let myself go there, being thwarted. I feel it, but do not attach myself to the influence. I am looking for solid opportunities that further my goals in life. You can do the same and have one heck of a productive year!

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"WE ALL TRAVEL, maybe not to the ends of the earth, but we regularly make small journeys. And how often have we wished we had inside knowledge as to what delays and detours lay in front of us. Now, thanks to Christine Rakela, we can travel hopefully and arrive in one piece. Traveling By The Stars is a meticulously researched and well-written book that covers not only all of the planetary aspects that will influence our journey, for better or worse, but also which signs make for the best traveling companions, and what astrological factors benefit business travel, vacations, and romance. Don't leave home without it."

— Penny Thornton, astrologer, author, Astrolutely.com

"In keeping with Christine Rakela's knowledgeable, structured speaking style this book was no surprise. Traveling By The Stars is a must for your vacationing and astrological bookshelf. Christine's fascinating examples of travel and historical events are sure to guide you to safe passage every time.
This exciting and informative book can be used by wanderlust travelers, as well as learned students and astrological practioners. Enjoy! "
— Jacqueline Pentek, Cosmic Astrology Association