VIRGO/ Virgo Rising




By Christine Rakela

In 2020, Jupiter in Capricorn is wanting you to enjoy leisure life, creative pursuits, and romance. If you have been feeling that life isn’t fun, possibly due to more responsibilities, you will especially appreciate Jupiter’s presence. As Jupiter meets up with Pluto and then Saturn late in the year, you have an opportunity to secure a creative position, educational goal, or romance well into the future. You will find it will not be without a lot of effort as Saturn and Pluto form a conjunction in early January and also aspect Mars adversely. You will have to be realistic about your responsibilities in order for you to enjoy what life has to offer for you down the road. The Full Moon on the 10th only adds more pressure. In gradually moving away from the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, you will be able to accept your responsibilities and make progress. Uranus going direct brings new intuitive thought and a change of pace with work or an educational goal. A New Moon on the 24th improves work and your daily routine. At the end of the month Mars square Neptune may be the cause of a disappointment at home or with a personal relationship.
During February, there are some supportive influences, especially after the Full Moon on the 8th into the 9th that could cause a minor upset with your work. Mars in positive aspect to the Sun and Mercury the third and fourth weeks will encourage favorable yet realistic relations with those around you. Then Mercury goes retrograde from the February 17th until March 10th causing you to reassess how you feel about a personal relationship. Avoid making important decisions, don’t start anything new, watch out for misunderstandings.  
In March, Jupiter and Pluto are forming a terrific conjunction that will help you with speculative gains, creative pursuits, and educational goals as well as improvements in romance, especially after Mercury goes direct on March 10th. Keep in mind there is a challenging Full Moon on the 9th. Venus in wonderful trine to Jupiter and Pluto towards the end of the month brings good news with educational goals, creative pursuits, networking, or travel plans. The last few days of March into April, Mars and Saturn move into Aquarius indicating you will need to focus and work hard at your job. Don’t overdo it or you are likely to get ill.
During the first week of April, Mars squaring Uranus foresees scheduling changes and some stress at work. Luckily Venus in positive aspect to Mars most of the month helps make for congenial communications so everyone gets along. The second week of April, Mercury in promising aspect to Jupiter and Pluto brings productivity with all partnerships. Creative and speculative projects thrive. A New Moon toward the second half of the April is also supportive. At the end of the month, Uranus conjoining the Sun inspires educational aims, spiritual quests, travel, and networking.
In May, Venus squaring Neptune the first week generates vague and disappointing communications with all relationships. Best to keep a low profile and don’t expect too much from anyone. If you feel like you are two ships passing in the night with a loved one, be patient as this will pass. The Sun in favorable aspect to Pluto and Jupiter enhances speculative and creative pursuits, leisure life, travel, and romance. Opportinities to enjoy life are on the agenda. Networking and distant correspondences are highlighted as well. The Full Moon on the 7th doesn‘t help. Venus goes retrograde on May 13th until June 25th, encouraging you to rethink where you stand with your career and the personnel there.
During June, the Sun and Venus continue to have you questioning your career status. Mars in favorable aspect to both Jupiter and Pluto promote a good, assertive rapport with personal relationships and loved ones. Mercury is retrograde from June 18th - July 12th. Avoid making important decisions, don’t start anything new, and watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes.
In July as Mars favorable aspects Venus almost all month, progress can be made with partnerships in your career, socializing, and monetary affairs. Remember that Mercury retrograde could still cause some setbacks until after the 12th.The second half of July Jupiter in sextile to Neptune supports personal relationships, working partnerships, as well as creative aims, and speculative goals. 
Besides the Full Moon on the 3rd of August, the first half of the month foresees progress behind-the-scenes with personal projects, partnership ventures, and monetary affairs as the Sun and Mercury are in positive aspect to Mars. You will feel motivated toward any goal. Starting on the 12th until the end of August, Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto and Saturn will test partnership agreements and possibly block you from achieving your goals at this time. More hard work may need to be done before you can branch out.
The first week of September, Mercury and later the Sun trining Pluto and Saturn sees you accomplishing a great deal by persevering to get the job done. Then Mars retrograde in square aspect to Saturn will be the cause behind setbacks at work. Extra responsibilities may drain you physically so get enough rest.
During October the Full Moon on the 1st could bring up a financial problem that needs to be addressed. Also, Mars retrograde squaring Pluto may cause some resistance coming into the second week.  However, Venus in auspicious trine to Uranus and then Jupiter mid-month is a terrific combination for success with travel plans, educational goals, spiritual quests, creative pursuits, and yes, romance. October 14th until November 3rd Mercury is retrograde. Avoid making important decisions or starting anything new. Misunderstandings may occur.
In November, the Sun in excellent aspect to Neptune the second week enhances outings with personal relations and friends. An improved work environment may be realized. Jupiter in favorable aspect to the Sun and especially Pluto most of the month promotes job improvements and outings with your social circle, creative goals, speculative aims, and romance. You will feel empowered under these influences.
December brings favorable influences for this special season. Venus in supportive aspect to Neptune and Jupiter brings pleasant gatherings with personal relationships. An on-going romance or romantic encounter will seem idyllic. The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius most of the month brings much happiness into the home and with family. Jupiter conjoining Saturn in Capricorn mid-month helps solidify creative pursuits, educational goals, risky ventures, and romantic ties. Uplifting transits enhance the holiday season! 
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