SCORPIO / Scorpio Rising




By Christine Rakela

In 2020, Jupiter in Capricorn will not only bring better news your way, but also job improvements and possible travel. Educational goals are highlighted as well. This year is an excellent time to go back to school or take some refresher courses, especially when Jupiter conjoins Pluto throughout the year. Since mentally you have probably been feeling down with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn pulling you into a dark abyss, Jupiter is bound to lift your spirits, but not entirely. You will still have to contend with Saturn and Pluto forming a conjunction in early January and also aspecting Mars adversely, so hang it there. Gradually you will be feeling better. The Full Moon on the 10th may temporarily add to your worries. Uranus going direct brings new connections that may enlighten you. A personal relationship may either progress or part ways. The New Moon on the 24th brings new ideas into your home or a whole new living situation. Mars square Neptune at the end of the month indicates that luck is not on your side right now, especially with money so be careful.
During February, there are supportive influences after the Full Moon on the 8th into the 9th. Mars in positive aspect to the Sun and Mercury the third and fourth weeks has you accomplishing errands and feeling motivated. Creative projects, educational goals, and spiritual quests are highlighted. As Mercury goes retrograde from the February 17th until March 10th you will be reassessing speculative pursuits, creative aims, or romance. Avoid making important decisions, don’t start anything new, watch out for misunderstandings.
In March, the favorable conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto will encourage job opportunities, where you may be able to negotiate for a better deal, pursue educational goals and travel, especially after Mercury goes direct on the 10th.Be aware that there is a difficult Full Moon on the 9th. Venus in wonderful trine to Jupiter and Pluto the last week of March brings a positive interaction with personal relations, coworkers, and your social circle. You may be the recipient of some good news or embark on a wonderful trip or educational goal. Mars and Saturn joining hands into Aquarius the last few days of March into April will expose some challenges at home and with family. Be patient in working things out as there is no easy remedy here.
The same may be experienced the first week of April as Mars squares Uranus. Don’t start anything new, such as a renovation or family outing. Fortunately, most of the month Venus will be in excellent aspect to Mars persuading home improvements or the discussion of such, personal investments, partnerships, and areas of personal growth. The second week of April, Mercury in promising aspect to Jupiter and Pluto once again brings food fortune with speculative gain, creativity, travel, or educational aims. A New Moon and a Sun/Uranus conjunction toward the second half of the April inspires personal relations.
The first week May, Venus in square aspect to Neptune indicates a financial and/or partnership loss if you are not careful. Any vague situations need to be addressed to avoid problems. Tread cautiously. The Full Moon on the 7th may have you at odds with a close relationship. Try not to be stubborn. Mid-May the Sun trines Pluto and Jupiter creating some wonderful opportunities to improve your working environment, pursue an educational goal, or have fun traveling. A personal relationship will strengthen and possibly lead to even more enjoyment. If single, this could be a time to meet someone special. Venus goes retrograde on May 13th until June 25th, and has you reevaluating where you stand with all financial matters. Not the best time to start a new investment.
In June, the Sun and Venus continue to have you questioning where you stand with your financial affairs. As Mars favorably aspects Jupiter and Pluto the third week, you will take a more active stance with speculative ventures, work, educational pursuits, and traveling. Much can be accomplished, even getting a new job. Mercury is retrograde from June 18th - July 12th causing you to rethink the direction of your life and personal goals. Avoid making important decisions, don’t start anything new, and watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes.
In July, as Mars favorable aspects Venus almost all month, social advancements can be made on the job. Agreeable partnerships steer you in a good direction. However, Mercury retrograde could still cause some communication mix-ups until after the 12th. Jupiter in sextile to Neptune the second half of July indicates that this is a great time to pursue learning or a spiritual quest. Look for ways to improve your job situation, take on a risky venture or creative goal, or travel.
Except for the Full Moon on the 3rd of August, the Sun and Mercury are in positive aspect to Mars mid-month bringing much productivity into your career and work projects. However, from the 12th until the end of August, Mars in challenging aspect to Pluto and then Saturn creates delays or postponements with travel and difficulty on the job where you encounter extra responsibilities, resistance, or obstacles of one kind or another. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
The first week of September, Mercury and later the Sun trining Pluto and Saturn has you concentrating on your future goals and how to best proceed in accomplishing them. Friends could be of support. Then Mars retrograde in adverse aspect to Saturn will slow down your effort on the job. Your health could also take a toll so do get enough sleep.
During October the Full Moon on the 1st has you struggling with issues at work. Also, Mars retrograde squaring Pluto may cause some resistance coming into the second week. However, Venus in auspicious trine to Uranus and then Jupiter mid-month brings some good fortune your way with personal relationships, friends, and business alliances. As others will find you quite charming, if single, a new relationship prospect is on the horizon. Personal goals thrive. October 14th until November 3rd Mercury is retrograde so avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for misunderstandings.
In November, the Sun trining Neptune the second week has you pursuing more idyllic goals with leisure life, travel, opportune ventures, and romance. Jupiter in favorable aspect to the Sun and especially Pluto most of the month promotes job improvements, educational pursuits, or travel. You are mentally feeling good.
In December, Venus in favorable aspect to Neptune and Jupiter continues to attract good will at work, institutions of learning, and with travel plans. You will be keen on socializing and just having more fun as well. Do over-extend yourself with relatives or those that have importance in your life, which will only add to the holiday cheer. Not only does the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius ensure an optimistic attitude, but you will attract compliments and possible financial gain this season. Jupiter conjoining Saturn in Capricorn mid-month attracts peace of mind and long-term security with your work. A fitting way to bring in the holidays!
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