Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising




By Christine Rakela 


 In 2020, Jupiter in Capricorn is a grand happening for Sagittarius since Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have been depleting your self-esteem and blocking the execution of your skills and talents for all to see. This has only caused you to shy away from what could be accomplished in your lifetime. Now is the chance for just that to happen, especially when Jupiter conjoins Pluto throughout the year. Jupiter will reassure enough so that you venture out and capitalize upon the opportunities that will present themselves. Real progress will start after Saturn and Pluto form a conjunction in early January and also aspect Mars adversely. The Full Moon on the 10th is part of this scenario, which may temporarily set you back. Working hard will get you through these influences. Think of the empowering goal in the future. Uranus going direct brings the implementation of new ideas on the job. The New Moon on the 24th supports your work agenda and new projects. Mars square Neptune at the end of the month denotes some disappointment in the home or with family. Don’t over-extend yourself.
In February, there are good influences after the Full Moon on the 8th into the 9th. Jupiter in sextile aspect to Neptune the second and third weeks supports activities in the home. Your outlook on life will lift your spirits and improve family relations. Mars in positive aspect to the Sun and Mercury the third and fourth weeks brings some productivity into the home. As Mercury goes retrograde from the February 17th until March 10th you will be reevaluating where you stand with your home situation. Move or stay, might be what you are asking yourself. Avoid making important decisions or starting anything new under this influence. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes being made.
In March, the favorable conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto will have you working at your best to show others your skills and talents, and attract the opportunities that reflect your sought-after goals in life, especially after Mercury goes direct on the 10th. Be aware that there is a difficult Full Moon on the 9th as well. Venus in wonderful trine to Jupiter and Pluto the last week of March brings compliments and support to get your ideas and projects out into the world. Only Mars and Saturn joining hands into Aquarius the last few days of March into April will temporarily hold you back. Not everyone will be in agreement with what you have to say. Applying yourself and getting the work needed done to excel is the best course of action for now.
The same may be experienced the first week of April as Mars squares Uranus. Don’t start anything new projects. Watch out for accidents. Fortunately, most of April Venus will be in excellent trine aspect to Mars motivating you to discuss and proceed with improving your financial outlook. Favorable investments even in a home could make the difference. The second week of April, Mercury in promising aspect to Jupiter and Pluto help steer you in a good direction with capitalizing upon your potential. Be open to what you can achieve. A New Moon and a Sun/Uranus conjunction toward the second half of the April brings new conditions at work that may even be inspiring.
The first week May, Venus squaring Neptune may find you disappointed with a situation in your home, a family member, friend, or close relationship. Don’t have any expectations with anyone during this period. The Full Moon on the 7th stirs up issues on the job. The Sun in positive aspect to Pluto and Jupiter mid-May will not only emphasize the use of your skills and talents, but you will be able to cash in and succeed financially with them. Venus going retrograde on May 13th until June 25th, has you reevaluating where you stand with a personal relationship or friend.
This theme continues in June as the Sun and Venus continue to have you questioning the rapport you have with a close relationship or friend. You may need time to figure things out. As Mars favorably aspects Jupiter and Pluto the third week, you will be more assertive with the pursuit of you projects that will use your potential and bring you lasting contentment. Much can be accomplished. Mercury is retrograde from June 18th - July 12th causing you to rethink the direction of your life and personal goals. Avoid making important decisions or starting anything new. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes.
In July, almost all month Mars will be in supportive aspect to Venus encouraging you to be creative and capitalize upon partnership ventures. Romance is also highlighted at this time. However, Mercury retrograde wants you reassess all partnerships and financial ventures until the 12th. Jupiter in sextile to Neptune the second half of July brings some good fortune with family, your home, and your outlook on life. Recognition of your skills and talents will have you feeling positive about the future.
After the Full Moon on the 3rd of August, the Sun and Mercury are in excellent aspect to Mars mid-month motivating you to experience leisure life, travel, pursue an educational goal or spiritual quest or networking project. However, from the 12th until the end of August, Mars in challenging aspect to Pluto and then Saturn will have you working extra hard to attain personal goals through the use of your skills and talents. Put leisure life aside and focus on your work for the best results. Still you will feel blocked at times and need to persevere. Aim toward something that has lasting value.
In the first week of September, Mercury and later the Sun trining Pluto and Saturn has you working hard to secure your reputation with your career. Being meticulous about your approach will pay off. Then Mars retrograde in square aspect to Saturn makes life more difficult than it needs to be. Stay focused on using your resourcefulness to see you through any challenging project. Not everyone will appreciate you right now. Be patient.
During October the Full Moon on the 1st is a temporary stall to your sought-after goals. Issues with a friend or loved one may arise. Mars retrograde squaring Pluto may cause some resistance in working out a financial problem coming into the second week.  Your skills may be tested as well. However, Venus in wonderful trine to Uranus and then Jupiter mid-month brings out the best in your career. You will sporting a favorable reputation and receive recognition for what you have to contribute. A lucrative opportunity may appear. October 14th until November 3rd Mercury is retrograde so avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for misunderstandings.
In November, progress is made after the 3rd as the second week foresees the Sun trining Neptune, which encourages the pursuit of more idyllic conditions with your home. Jupiter in favorable aspect to the Sun and especially Pluto most of the month empowers you to display your talents to the world. You will experience great fulfillment to finally excel in the direction you have always wanted.
In December, Venus in favorable aspect to Neptune and Jupiter brings pleasant social events with family and friends that you feel special about in life. Using your resourcefulness, you attract financial gain. Compliments and favors continue to strengthen your confidence. The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius lifts your spirits for the holiday cheer. Good news could be in the offing. Jupiter conjoining Saturn in Capricorn mid-month foresees your self-esteem being on solid footing as you are confident in what lies ahead with the enlightening use of your skills and talents. Monetary stability is at hand. A wonderful, good omen for the holidays!


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