CAPRICORN / Capricorn Rising




By Christine Rakela


 In 2020, Jupiter in Capricorn, your Sun sign, can only mean good things. You will greet a newly-found confidence. Expansive opportunities will be on the horizon that you can capitalize upon as long as you don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you have been feeling blocked and stressed out due to Saturn and Pluto’s presence in Capricorn, Jupiter will be very helpful in alleviating these uncomfortable issues and also build a more solid foundation that you can rely on in the future. Jupiter offers a level of protection from the forces that be. When Jupiter conjoins Pluto throughout the year, you will have a chance to prosper in the pursuit of sought-after goals. Opportunities will unfold after Saturn and Pluto form a conjunction in early January and also aspect Mars adversely that is sure to put a lot of pressure on you. The Full Moon on the 10th is part of this scenario, which may temporarily set you back. Working hard will get you through these influences. Uranus going direct encourages you to try new creative or speculative pursuits and new places to travel. The New Moon on the 24th supports inspiring projects. Mars squaring Neptune at the end of January may be the cause of an accident or disappointing work situation. It’s best to keep a low profile and drive carefully.
In February, favorable influences are noted after the Full Moon on the 8th into the 9th. Jupiter in sextile aspect to Neptune the second and third weeks attracts favorable work conditions. Good news may be in the offing. Socializing will be pleasant. Spiritual goals prosper. Mars in positive aspect to the Sun and Mercury the third and fourth weeks denote more productivity with your job and personal projects. As Mercury goes retrograde from February 17th until March 10th communication mix-ups are foreseen. You will reassess work goals and travel plans. Avoid making important decisions or starting anything new under this influence. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes being made.
In March, a terrific conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn will empower you to move forward with important goals. The personal strength that you have earned over the years can now be put to use in a constructive manner so you benefit considerably, especially after Mercury goes direct on the 10th. Be aware that there is a challenging Full Moon on the 9th as well. Venus in excellent trine to Jupiter and Pluto the last week of March attracts leisurely activities, social life, creative projects, travel, and romance. Enjoy these complimentary yet meaningful influences. Only Mars and Saturn joining hands into Aquarius the last few days of March into April will temporarily hold you back. You may feel unappreciated. A monetary problem could arise so watch your funds.
This influence will continue into the first week of April as Mars squares Uranus. Don’t start anything new, like an investment opportunity or financial strategy. Luckily, most of the month Venus will in excellent aspect to Mars improves not only work conditions, but increases clientele. Reaching out socially enhances business opportunities as well. The second week of April, Mercury in optimistic aspect to Jupiter and Pluto brings job progress as you set the pace for more activity that brings financial gains. A New Moon and a Sun/Uranus conjunction toward the second half of the April inspires more leisure life in places you have yet to discover.
The first week May, Venus in square aspect to Neptune indicates issues on your job and/or scheduling changes, that could mean a financial loss brings disappointment. The Full Moon on the 7th may have you experiencing some stress with a friend or close relationship. One of you is being stubborn. The Sun in excellent trine aspect to Jupiter and Pluto mid-month will help improve conditions overall with a little luck on your side, especially with speculative gain, creative pursuits, and leisure life. Venus goes retrograde on May 13th until June 25th, and has you reevaluating your work and how you would like to proceed. Changes are in the offing.
During June as the Sun and especially Venus continue to affect your work situation, you are reassessing the implementation of changes. Decisions are best made after the 25th of June. Mars favorably aspecting Jupiter and Pluto the third week sees you more assertive with educational goals, travel plans, work agenda, and communications. Much can be accomplished in these areas. Mercury is retrograde from June 18th - July 12th causing you to rethink learning or updating skills, educational pursuits, work agenda, and travel plans. Make you decisions after Mercury goes direct. Avoid starting anything new. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes.
During July, almost all month Mars will be favorably aspecting Venus supporting positive progress at work and at home where others seem more agreeable, especially after the 12th. Not a bad time to sprucing things up or considering it. Jupiter in sextile to Neptune the second half of July encourages smooth, more ideal work conditions, learning new skills, spiritual quests, or travel plans. Do pursue these activities.
The Sun and Mercury are in excellent aspect to Mars mid-month after the Full Moon August the 3rd, motivating you to favorably address investment opportunities, partnership ventures, and home improvements. Yet from the 12th until the end of August,
Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto and then Saturn will be the cause of delays and obstacles to your desired goals. You may find yourself feeling under the weather, irritable, and dealing with some aches and pains. To channel this influence work hard on a project and don’t take any chances. There could also be issues concerning your home and property or family that will need to be addressed.
In the first week of September, Mercury and later in the month the Sun trining Pluto and Saturn have you thinking about the direction of your future and how you can put some plans into action that benefit you long-term. Institutions of learning, networking, long distance correspondences, and travel are possible pursuits. Then Mars retrograde in square aspect to Saturn slows down your efforts at home and work. Be patient with everything taking longer.
During October, the Full Moon on the 1st creates an issue with your career and/or home. Not the best time to expand. A family problem may need to be resolved. As Mars retrograde squares Pluto the second week, you may encounter some resistance with a friend or family member. Repairs may need to be made with your living situation. There is no easy fix. However, Venus in wonderful trine to Uranus and then Jupiter mid-month brings fortunate circumstances with networking, distant correspondences, places of learning, leisure life, and romance. The advantage is on your side with investments, joint ventures, and love. October 14th until November 3rd Mercury is retrograde so avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for misunderstandings.
In November after the 3rd, the second week foresees the Sun trining Neptune encouraging the pursuit of your future hopes and dreams. While Jupiter in favorable aspect to the Sun and especially Pluto most of the month brings the opportunity to realize your goals. Feeling more empowered you are apt to be successful in negotiations of any kind. Friends could be helpful.
In December, Venus in positive aspect to Neptune, Pluto, and then Jupiter the first half of the month attracts pleasant social outings with friends and coworkers, meaningful experiences that encourage your connection with the holidays, and favors and compliments from personal relationships. The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius has you cheerful tending to work, maybe wrapping presents, behind-the-scenes. Long distant connections lift your spirits. The middle of December, Jupiter conjoining Saturn in Capricorn has you securing your life and knowing that your foundation offers long-term stability. With such contentedness and peace of mind, you are able to appreciate the holidays!
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