CANCER / Cancer Rising




By Christine Rakela

In 2020, Jupiter in Capricorn will improve all personal relations and business partnerships. You have the opportunity to secure working partnerships that lead to prosperous goals in the future. Feeling good about yourself others will gravitate to you as you attract favors and goodwill. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn can assist you in accomplishing long-term aims. There may be a lot of work involved, but the payoff down the road is your reward. In January, Saturn and Pluto will form an anticipated conjunction and adversely aspect Mars, especially the second week. Personal setbacks and delays with working agreements out with others may be frustrating, but you have no choice than to be patient with your prospects. More work may be required. A Full Moon on the 10th only adds to an already intense situation. As we move away from the Saturn/Pluto influence you will notice more progress with personal relationships and partnerships. Uranus going direct in January will inspire you toward the pursuit of your hopes, goals, and dreams, especially when its highlighted throughout the year. A New Moon on the 24th brings new ideas with how you are handling your overall finances. Mars square Neptune the end of the month denotes disappointments so keep a low profile.
In February, the Sun in positive aspect to Mars will motivate you on the job, but a Full Moon on the 8th into the 9th could be the cause of a financial problem or joint venture. Midmonth the Sun and Mercury in positive aspect to Mars is supports networking, educational goals, legalities, or traveling plans.
Then Mercury goes retrograde from the February 17th until March 10th causing you to rethink the direction of your life. Avoid making important decisions or starting anything new under this influence. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes being made. Also beware of a challenging Full Moon on the 9th. More activity is experienced the middle week of March as Mars forms a conjunction with Jupiter and Pluto, especially with business or personal relationships. Be cooperative in working out any negotiations. Venus in auspicious trine to Jupiter and Pluto towards the end of the March enhances the social scene and business relations. Enjoy your time out with others.
Late March into April, Mars and Saturn move into Aquarius together and are the culprits behind problems in partnerships and business negotiations. Your confidence level may be low as well. No one is willing to compromise right now so do not expect it. At the end of the month as Uranus conjoins the Sun the spotlight is on your future hopes, goals, and dreams.
The first week of April as Mars squares Uranus you do not want to start anything new with a friend or partner. An unexpected situation could arise where you want to distance yourself from someone. Then Mars in positive sextile with Venus improves working relations the rest of the month, where you are able to amicably express yourself and be well-received.
In May, Venus adversely aspecting Neptune the first week will be the cause of miscommunication that leads to a misunderstanding. Networking, educational goals, travel plans, and distant correspondences are vague and do not offer the support you had hoped for at this time. An unpredictable Full Moon on the 7th does not help matters. Wait for a better period to pursue any goals. Venus goes retrograde on May 13th, causing you to reevaluate your goals behind-the-scenes. The Sun will be in excellent aspect to Pluto and Jupiter mid-month promoting personal relationships, business partnerships, and friends. Lots of progress can be made.
During most of June, the Sun and Venus are highlighting projects behind-the-scenes, but be alert on the 5th, 6th, and the 7th when Mars squares the Sun in Gemini causing communication mix-up and possibly disappointments. A Full Moon is present as well. Venus goes retrograde the 12th to the 25th of June encouraging you to reassess issues or anything holding you back. The third week of June, Mars in favorable aspect to Jupiter and Pluto motivates you to work with others and address any nagging issues. Then starting on June 18th to July 12th, Mercury is retrograde and has you rethinking personal goals and figuring out how you want to proceed from here.
 In July, Mars favorably influences Venus almost all month and motivates you to make those social connections on the job that enhance your career. Sharing you thought-over ideas could bring results. Mercury retrograde could still cause some communication problems, especially on the 5th, the Full Moon. The second half of July, Jupiter is in positive sextile to Neptune indicating that networking projects, educational pursuits, travel plans, and spiritual quests would expand your horizons and inspire you.
Except for the Full Moon on the 3rd of August, the first half of the month indicates favorable conditions with career and monetary prospects as the Sun and Mercury are in positive aspect to Mars. You will feel motivated to improve your position. Starting on the 12th until the end of August, Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto and Saturn will test your connections with personal relationships and coworkers. Working hard through this month may help, but you could still encounter a difficult situation. Resistance will get you nowhere so cooperate where you can.
In early September, Mercury and then the Sun trining Pluto and Saturn the first half of the month will bring up some serious conversation that assists you on the job. Then Mars in square aspect to Saturn will be the cause behind delays and obstacles that keep you from your career goals. Your reputation may need to be protected.
In October the Full Moon on the 1st will stall your efforts at home and work. Fortunately, Venus trining Uranus and then Jupiter the second and third weeks of October attracts opportunities in the pursuit of your hopes, goals, and dreams. Friends and personal relationships could be very supportive in getting you there. October 14th until November 3rd Mercury is retrograde. Avoid making important decisions or starting anything new under this influence. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes. October 31st heralds another Full Moon that creates issues with creative goals, personal relationships, or friendships.
In November after Mercury goes direct, the Sun is in positive aspect to Neptune and Jupiter is in favorable aspect to the Sun and especially Pluto the first half of the month. Creative goals, travel plans, networking aims, and spiritual pursuits are favorably received by others, especially close relations. You may feel under the weather with the Full Moon on November 30th.
Fortunately, in December several good aspects bring in the holiday spirit. Venus in excellent aspect to Neptune and Jupiter promotes leisure life, travel, personal ties, spiritual quests, networking, and educational goals. The Sun and Mercury gradually forming a conjunction in Sagittarius offer improvements and optimism on the job. Jupiter conjoining Saturn mid-month secures partnership agreements and personal relationships. A fine time to bring in the special holidays!  
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