AQUARIUS / Aquarius Rising




By Christine Rakela


For 2020, Jupiter in Capricorn will be a real blessing as it breaks through any personal insecurities or patterns that have not benefitted you. Now is the time to purge yourself of issues that have held you back from reaching your desired success. During the year, especially when Jupiter conjoins Pluto your confidence will greatly improve enabling you to surge ahead with projects, especially those that require your attention bind-the-scenes. Jupiter is preparing you for future progress. Your momentum will increase after Saturn and Pluto form a conjunction in early January and also aspect Mars adversely. The Full Moon on the 10th is part of this scenario. Don’t let any fears undermine what you know you can do. Apply yourself where it is needed. Uranus going direct encourages a unique approach to home concerns. The New Moon on the 24th offers support with home improvements. Mars square Neptune at the end of January indicates that there could be a financial loss. A monetary issue that involves a friend may have to be addressed.
In February, you will experience better influences after the Full Moon on the 8th into the 9th. Jupiter in favorable aspect to Neptune the second and third weeks supports financial growth. Being resourceful and using your skills and talents you receive acknowledgement and compliments. Mars in subtle aspect to the Sun and Mercury the third and fourth weeks motivates you to deal with work issues behind-the-scenes. Mercury goes retrograde from the February 17th until March 10th and has you reevaluating where you stand financially and how you can improve it. Avoid making important decisions or starting anything new under this influence. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes being made.
In March, the wonderful conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto will be gradually empowering you to expand your horizons in life. You will put fear aside in lieu of a more prosperous life, especially after Mercury goes direct on the 10th. Do note the difficult Full Moon on the 9th as well. Venus in excellent trine to Jupiter and Pluto the last week of March has you working happily in private on any projects. You could be improving your home, entertaining friends and family there, or moving to a new house. You are projecting a positive outlook on life that is contagious. Only the conjunction of Mars and Saturn journeying into Aquarius the last few days of March into April will put a damper on your goals being realized. Not everyone will be so supportive right now.
Similar experiences are likely to occur the first week of April as Mars squares Uranus. Don’t start anything new and be careful as the energy is accident-prone. Fortunately, most of April Venus will be in positive trine aspect to Mars in Aquarius motivating you to seek out leisure life, creativity, socializing, travel, and love. Have some fun Aquarius! The second week of April, Mercury in uplifting aspect to both Jupiter and Pluto strengthens your resolve to improve upon your finances. You will benefit from a thought-out financial strategy. A New Moon and a Sun/Uranus conjunction toward the second half of the April puts your home in the spotlight. Consider implementing new ideas that reflect more of who you are.
With a Venus squaring Neptune the first week of May a monetary disappointment or loss could occur. Keep tabs on your purse or wallet, and keep your jewelry safe. You may need to strike a balance with home and career under the Full Moon on the 7th. The Sun trining Pluto and Jupiter mid-month brings favorable conditions into the home where fixing it up, enjoying your time with loved ones there, or acquiring a new house is foreseen. Venus going retrograde on May 13th until June 25th, has you reassessing a creative or speculative venture or a romantic prospect or a special trip.
This theme continues in June with the Sun and Venus. Mars in subtle but good aspect to Jupiter and Pluto mid-month encourages the implementation of promising financial strategies that improve your income. Mercury is retrograde from June 18th - July 12th causing you to rethink the direction of your life and personal goals. Avoid making important decisions or starting anything new. Watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes.
In July, almost all month Mars will be in subtle but good aspect to Venus promoting the social scene, places of learning, and travel especially after the 12th. Jupiter in sextile to Neptune the second half of July may increase your monetary possibilities. Others are sure to recognize your skills and talents.
In August, the Sun and Mercury are in excellent aspect to Mars mid-month after the Full Moon August the 3rd, encouraging uplifting social exchanges that improves work as well as personal relationships. Extend yourself for the best results. From the 12th until the end of August, with Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto and then Saturn, you may find yourself having to accept extra responsibilities, especially on the job. Those around you may not be able to offer their support and you may find yourself running into some challenges. Pace yourself and do not have any expectations. This is a time to work. Also. be careful of accidents.
In the first week of September, Mercury and later in the month the Sun trining Pluto and Saturn has you focusing on all financial affairs. This is a good time to be meticulous in getting everything in good order. Solid partnerships and investments are to be considered. Then Mars retrograde in square aspect to Saturn may once again have you running into obstacles. Take your time. You will find you have to rely on yourself now. Be careful driving.
During October, the Full Moon on the 1st brings challenges with work and home. As Mars retrograde squares Pluto the second week, you will meet up with resistance from those around you. However, Venus in excellent trine to Uranus and then Jupiter mid-month brings wonderful opportunities with home improvements and enjoying your family, and lucrative financial investments and promising partnerships. Remember that October 14th until November 3rd Mercury is retrograde so avoid making important decisions, starting anything new, and watch out for misunderstandings.
After the 3rd of November, the second week indicates that the Sun trines Neptune creating more idyllic conditions with your career. While Jupiter in favorable aspect to the Sun and especially Pluto most of the month support your work position and highlight a good reputation. As you are feeling more empowered success in reaching your goals is indicated.
In December, Venus in positive aspect to Neptune, Pluto, and then Jupiter the first half of the month emphasizes the use of your skills and talents and how they can generate income. Your career is garnering attention that helps secure your position on the job. The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius brings happy outings with friends and the confident pursuit of your future hopes, goals, and dreams. The middle of December, Jupiter conjoining Saturn in Capricorn has you once and for all letting go of any fears and insecurities to be the person that you want to be. Your self-empowerment strengthens your position in life allowing you to branch out with confidence. Feeling good about yourself, you are bound to enjoy the holidays!


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