The Moon Report

When the Moon is on course as it moves into a new zodiac sign, we are better able to accomplish our goals. Here our emotional intuition is being properly guided. When the Moon is void-of-course we are not able to successfully reach our objectives or it will take much longer than expected. Here the Moon is said to be wobbling in its orbit as it makes it\'s last aspect to a planet in a particular zodiac sign and is anticipating its move into the next zodiac constellation. For the best daily results follow the Moon Report to assure a productive day.


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Jan 2 Moon v/c 5:00pm EST, 2:00pm PST 

Jan  2 Moon enters Virgo 8:13pm EST, 5:13pm PST  

Jan 4 Moon v/c 4:34pm EST, 1:34pm PST

Jan 4 Moon enters Libra 9:42pm PST

Jan 5 Moon enters Libra 12:42am EST 

Jan 6 Moon v/c 9:55pm PST  

Jan 7 Moon v/cc 12:55am EST

Jan 7 Moon enters Scorpio 3:53am EST, 12:53 PST

Jan 8 Moon v/c 8:59pm EST, 5:59pm PST              

Jan 9 Moon enters Sagittaius 6:15am EST, 3:15am PST         

Jan 10 New Moon v/c 1:29pm EST, 10:29am PST

Jan 11 Moon enters Capricorn 8:30am EST, 5:30am PST

Jan 12 New Moon 9:00pm PST   

Jan 13 New Moon 12:00am EST

Jan 12 Moon v/c  11:22pm PST

Jan 13 Moon v/c 2:22am EST

Jan 13 Moon enters Aquarius 11:44am EST, 8:44am PST

Jan 14 Moon v/c  4:28am EST, 1:28am PST

Jan 15 Moon enters Pisces 5:17pm EST, 2:17pm PST 

Jan 17 Moon v/c 10:44pm EST 7:44pm PST

Jan 17 Moon enters Aries 11:07pm PST

Jan 18 Moon enters Aries 2:07am EST 

Jan 20 Moon v/c 3:29am EST, 12:29am PST

Jan 20 Moon enters Taurus 1:56pm EST, 10:56am PST    

Jan 22 Moon v/c  4:28pm EST, 1:28pm PST

Jan 22 Moon enters Gemini 11:43pm PST

Jan 23 Moon enters Gemini 2:43am EST      

Jan 24 Moon v/c 11:17pm PST

Jan 25 Moon v/c 2:17am EST

Jan 25 Moon enters Cancer 1:52pm EST, 10:52am PSt

Jan 27 Moon v/c 12:55pm EST, 9:55am PST

Jan 27 Moon enters Leo 9:54pm EST, 6:54pm

Jan 28 Full Moon 2:16pm EST, 11:16am PST

Jan 20 Moon v/c 8:53pm EST, 5:53pm PST

Jan 30 Moon enters Virgo 3:02am EST, 12:02am PST