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Traveling By The Stars
Christine Rakela

Christine Rakela's new book, Traveling By The Stars, will steer you toward the most exciting and gratifying traveling experiences. Enjoy the travel strategy, Sun sign travel, and star compatibility while traveling. Have a great trip without the setbacks. Bon Voyage!

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where internationally known, certified astrologer Christine Rakela will guide you through the fascinating world of astrology!

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Is there a bright light in the future for us all? There are pros and cons ahead. With the last Solar Eclipse in adverse aspect to Pluto, most people will encounter a pivotal change that brings to an end one situation and opens the door to another. This influence will last until mid-fall and has already been playing out with major positions in television and elsewhere ending. You will see this unfolding in your own life as well. Depending on where this influence falls in your astrology chart endings and new beginnings are foreseen.

Just as I predicted the stock market and crypto have been very sluggish. Best to consider a hedge. The turmoil going on in different sectors of the world doesn’t help. I would like to say everything will improve soon, but it’s questionable. The big issue is: How do I navigate Saturn in Pisces? The planet of stability in a water sign that depicts two fish swimming in the opposite direction causes a feeling of unsettledness, vague confusion, indecision, and deception. Staying focused will be a challenge and it’s the only way to reach any goal. Saturn in Pisces also means working very hard to reach an ideal. It may take longer to attain creative and spiritual goals, but sometimes the reward is in the length of time to achieve it.

In the meantime, Venus in Leo now until October 8th highlights creative pursuits, activities with children, social pleasantries, and romance. How nice! Jupiter in Taurus encourages abundance that is more likely next spring. Good fortune lies ahead.

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"WE ALL TRAVEL, maybe not to the ends of the earth, but we regularly make small journeys. And how often have we wished we had inside knowledge as to what delays and detours lay in front of us. Now, thanks to Christine Rakela, we can travel hopefully and arrive in one piece. Traveling By The Stars is a meticulously researched and well-written book that covers not only all of the planetary aspects that will influence our journey, for better or worse, but also which signs make for the best traveling companions, and what astrological factors benefit business travel, vacations, and romance. Don't leave home without it."

— Penny Thornton, astrologer, author,

"In keeping with Christine Rakela's knowledgeable, structured speaking style this book was no surprise. Traveling By The Stars is a must for your vacationing and astrological bookshelf. Christine's fascinating examples of travel and historical events are sure to guide you to safe passage every time.
This exciting and informative book can be used by wanderlust travelers, as well as learned students and astrological practioners. Enjoy! "
— Jacqueline Pentek, Cosmic Astrology Association

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