PISCES / Pisces Rising


Horoscope For 2019

By Christine Rakela

Pisces: Jupiter in Sagittarius in your 10th house sector of career, social status, and reputation is encouraging to expand your connections at work to advance yourself in your field. This is the time to ask for that promotion or end-of-the-year bonus increase. Your self-assurance has you sporting a good reputation, ues it to your advantage. If you are looking for a new job, you are sure to find one that you will like under this fortunate influence.

Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn this year are residing in your11th house sector. If there is ever a time to get serious about pursuing your sought after goals this is it. You might be feeling blocked in this effort, but gradually Saturn will encourage you to be realistic and develop a solid plan about your future. At the same time your goals are experiencing a transformation, where you may be thinking of changing your original plan. Friends may not be so available and some may leave your life, but this allows you a chance to explore the deeper meaning of just what your future is to be.

Uranus will be moving into Taurus for seven years creating changes with your work and your environment, and inspiring you toward educational or spiritual quests or traveling. New Na interesting situations will not only be topics for conversation, but will perk your curiosity to learn more. It anything, you will experiencing personal changes and be more inspired about life. If you are feeling restlessness it is time to make some changes in your life. Trusting your intuition will be helpful.

With Mars in Aries in January, you will find yourself being aggressive in pursuing improvements with money and your earning potential. Being so motivated, you will experience some success with Mars in positive aspect to the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. Progress may be hindered on the 1st, 18th, 20th, and the morning of the 21st as aspects cause complications with your daily agenda. You will make good strides on the afternoon of the 21st, the 22nd, and 25th. When Jupiter squares Neptune on the 13th you will be disappointed with a career or social situation. Regardless, make sure your reputation is in good standing.

The beginning of February, you will experience problems with friends and pursuing important goals as Mars squares Pluto, but the 2nd to the 7th are days that offer support. The unexpected with your finances can be easily resolved with resourceful thinking on the 12th as Mars influences Uranus. Miscommunication makes relationship issues difficult to clear up on the 19th and 20th with the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon.

Indecision or a change of mind about your future occurs at the start of March and then Mercury goes retrograde on the 5th until the 28th. Since Mercury will be in Pisces you will need to be aware of making unfortunate mistakes that could affect your life. It is best to avoid making important decisions and watch out for misunderstandings.

In April, you will be in a more serious state of mind with Saturn aspects and he New Moon on the evening of the 4th into the 5th, but challenges are noted on the 9th and 10th where you encounter unfulfilling communication and your home life disappoints. Save home improvements for a late date. You will be better organized and achieve success on the 14th, 15th, and 16th. The Full Moon on the 19th will cause finances issues that you weren’t expecting. Disappointment at home may be the cause of financial concerns on the 26th and 27th as Mars squares Neptune.

During May as Saturn goes retrograde this will put some pressure on you to create a solid strategy to attain your future goals. You will be doing some serious thinking the first couple of days of the month as Saturn and Pluto adversely aspect Mercury. Your social life is on the back burner. Good use of your skills and talents attracts a compliment and financial gain on this wonderful morning on the 9th as Venus aspects Jupiter. Issues on the job, travel plans delayed, and communication snags occur on the 18th with a powerful Full Moon. Vague communications bring disappointment with home and family problems on the 29th as Mercury squares Neptune. Better days are ahead.

In June, you will accomplish set goals getting the results you desire the first week. However, your personal goals will require more effort this month.  A possible setback and disappointment are indicated on the 9th and 14th. You might feel that things are unfair. Visions of grandeur will not materialize on the 16th and 17th as Jupiter is in square aspect to Neptune and the Full Moon are occurring.. Obstacles are noted on the 19th, but the morning of the 21st, the 22nd, 23rd and 27th are more agreeable days under favorable Moon aspects, Venus influencing Jupiter, and the Sun in soft aspect to Uranus.

During July, you will be interested in leisure life, romance, creative goals, and travel the first couple of days, but a sudden turn of events could cause tension and upset with your job, with neighbors, coworkers, or relatives, or with you health on the 9th to 11th as Mars is in adverse aspect to Uranus. Watch your temper. The 6th, 12th, and 13th are uplifting and productive days. Mercury goes retrograde starting the 7th to the 31st. Postpone important decisions and don’t start anything new during this retrograde. You may find yourself reassessing your work and health situation. Later in the month, you will be concerned with a loved one or creative pursuit.

In August on the evening of the 1st Venus in square aspect to Uranus causes some stress with work and your health. The 8th and 9th, however, are excellent days where career advancement puts you in the spotlight and favors a good reputation with Jupiter is favorable aspect to the Sun, Moon, and Venus. It’s your time to be recognized on the job so seek that raise or promotion or bonus, chances are you will acquire it. Luck is on your side. Jupiter goes direct on the 11th this can only mean more accolades for you. If you are looking for a new position, you will find it soon and be more than appreciated for what you have to offer. You will encounter an aggressive Full Moon on the 15th that creates tension with your work and health. Watch your stress level. Better influences are noted on the 19th to the 21st, where your potential shines on the job and compliments you financially. On the 26th with Venus in positive aspect to Uranus you thrive on making the right connections that enhance your life in business and pleasure.

The start of September is insightful and realistic with Mercury trine Uranus and Venus trine Saturn, but beware of the 4th and the evening of the 6th where Venus oppose Neptune and Mercury oppose Neptune will undermine your efforts, which could be disappointing. Don’t over-do-it or invest your time and money on the 11th, 12th, and 13th as Mars squaring Jupiter and opposing Neptune along with the Full Moon is persuading you in the wrong direction. You will be able to accomplish what you set out to do on the 18th, 19th , and 20th as the Moon trines Mars, Mars trines Pluto, and the Moon trines Mercury and Venus. Following pipe dreams will disappoint you, especially if its concerning your home on the 21st and 22nd.with Jupiter squaring Neptune. This is not the time to buy, sell, or renovate a house. A strained friendship or partnership may experience a separation or ending on the 26th as Mercury is in square aspect to Pluto.

During October encouraging aspects with the Moon in Sagittarius the 1st to the 3rd bring more optimism into your career ambitions A change in your approach to your work routine occurs on the evening of the 6th and 7th. A Full Moon happening on the 12th and 13th is the cause of tension with a partner or a monetary transaction. More cooperative days are noted on the 15th and 17th. You will be concentrating seriously about the direction of your life with Mercury in Scorpio in positive aspect to Pluto and the Moon on the 19th and 20th. Difficulty lurk in the morning with a friend or loved one on the 27th with Mars in adverse aspect to Saturn even though there is a New Moon. Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on the 31st until November 20th causing you to reevaluate your future goals and a close friendship.

In November Venus journeys into Sagittarius to link up with Jupiter the whole month bringing you more enjoyment and opportunity to pursue a social circle that advances your life along with a higher position at work. Take advantage of this wonderful influence. On the 5th in the early morning Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto will be creating blocks to your social life, partnerships, and financial transactions. Days you will excel are the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th. The Full Moon on the 12th brings up issues on the job, with traveling, and communication snags that are soon to be resolved due to good aspects. With Venus squaring Neptune on the 14th be prepared for imperfect results with your career. Enjoy an auspicious day that will give your career a boost on the 19th as the Moon trines Venus and Jupiter. Financial improvements are noted as well. Mercury goes direct on the 20th. Best not to start anything new on the 24th as Mars opposes Uranus, especially concerning your job, traveling, or involving yourself in an educational or spiritual pursuit. Praise in your career will be coming to you on the 26th with a Sagittarius New Moon and also on the 28th through a friendly alliance with Venus in trine aspect to Uranus.

During December Jupiter will travel into Capricorn bringing tremendous support to the pursuit of your hopes, goals, and dreams for approximately one year. You will want to put your ideas into action that your dreams may be realized. Certain friendships will be helpful and offer good advice. You will feel good about focusing on projects that creates a stronger foundation in your life. Smooth sailing is noted on the 3rd as Venus favorably influences Mars and the Moon is in positive aspect to Uranus, Mars, and Venus. Plans seem to falter on the 8th as the Sun adversely aspects Neptune and the Full Moon on the 11th makes it difficult to balance home and career. However, your plans move in a favorable direction on the 13th as Mars trines Neptune. Traveling, higher-minded pursuits, networking opportunities prosper. The 15th is an auspicious day as Jupiter is in favorable trine aspect to Uranus. You will be inspired to go after your sought-after goals. You realize that building a solid base will lead to your success. You are determined to get successful results. As Mercury is in square aspect to Neptune on the 19th mixed communications could cause a problem within your career so keep a low profile and watch out for someone hurting your reputation. As Jupiter and Uranus aspect each other and the Sun the 15th to the 27th you will grow more confident to expand upon your select projects that will only enhance your future .As you find satisfaction with acquiring success for your effort, you will delight in the holiday spirit!

Mercury is retrograde from March 5th - March 28th, July 7th - July 31st, October 31st - November 29th. Do avoid making important decisions or starting anything new under this influence. Watch out for mistakes being made and misunderstandings.


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