LEO / Leo Rising

Horoscope For 2019

By Christine Rakela

Leo: Jupiter in its ruling sign, Sagittarius will only be complimenting you this year as it is residing in your 5th house sector of romance, creativity, leisure life, speculative gains, and children. This is area of enjoying life and Jupiter will be encouraging you to pursue romantic or creative or leisurely plans that enhance your life. Remember, luck is on your side as long as you are not overly confident.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn this year are putting some pressure on your 6th house sector, which rules over your health and well-being. Yes, it’s time for a thorough checkup with your physician. A health issue could be surfacing that needs to be addressed. Do not ignore this advice because if there is a problem and you don’t take care of it, things may only get worse. Being responsible with your health and transforming it will bring better results. As the 6th sector also rules over your job, there could be issues surrounding this area as well. You will need to consider either making serious changes with your job or ending it.

Uranus moving into Taurus at the beginning of March for approximately seven years will be affecting your career and reputation sector the 10th house sector. It may be time to branch out into a new direction. Do implement ideas that could offer more progress.

In January Mars in Aries is quick to tackle any educational goals, distant communications, networking opportunities, travel plans, or issues in your working environment. You will have some success with Mars in favorable aspect to Venus and Jupiter, but be aware of the troublesome days on the 18th, 20th, and 21st as challenging influences will block your goals and cause disappointment, especially with a close relationship. You can enjoy Jupiter in square aspect to Neptune on the 13th as long as you are not pursuing a pipe dream. Do not invest in anything, especially a joint financial venture. Keep an eye on all monetary dealings.

At the beginning of February Mars squaring Pluto is the culprit behind problems at work that are not easily resolved. A health issue could be holding you back as well and will need to be addressed. More favorable days include the 2nd to the 7th. The unexpected is likely to occur on the 12th as Mars conjoins Uranus. Vague communications could lead to a financial loss on the 19th and 20th with the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon.

A the start of March you are likely to have a change of heart or mind. and then Mercury goes retrograde on the 5th until the 28th. This retrograde will be affecting your 8th house sector of all financial dealings and partnerships in business and pleasure. If you are not careful you may experience a financial loss or a dissolving partnership. It is best to avoid making important decisions and watch out for mistakes and misunderstandings.

In April, after a few days of adverse Moon in Pisces aspects, you will find much more clarity with Saturn aspects and the New Moon on the evening of the 4th and 5th. Challenges lie ahead on the 9th and 10th. You will have better luck midmonth on the 14th, 15th, and 16th. You will not see eye-to-eye on the Full Moon on the 19th .and on the 26th and 27th as Mars squares Neptune a friend may disappoint or a personal project may not come to fruition. There are better days ahead.

During May, Saturn retrograde will slow down your efforts on the job. Be patient. You may be feeling more tired, so keep an eye on your health and vitality. Serious thinking will occur the first few days on the month as Saturn and Pluto adversely aspect Mercury. Take advantage of a banner morning on the 9th as Venus aspects Jupiter. Challenges with the career and home front are noted on the 18th with an intense Full Moon. More cooperative days are indicated on the 22nd, 23rd, and 31st, but confusion and miscommunication are noted on the 29th.

In June be realistic about your work and financial matters as Saturn is in soft aspect to Neptune, but the first week should be productive, especially the 1st and 2nd. Obstacles and possible disappointment are indicated on the 9th and 14th. A speculative or financial situation may promise more than it delivers on the 16th and 17th as Jupiter is in square aspect to Neptune and the Full Moon are unfolding. Be aware of pipe dreams that lead to nowhere. Behind-the-scenes stress may be the cause of arguments on the 18th and 19th, but the morning of the 21st, the 22nd, and the 23rd have more to offer with improved communication under positive Moon aspects and Venus influencing Jupiter.

During July with the New Moon, you will be addressing an issue behind-the-scenes the first few days. On the 9th to 11th you will be motivated to tackle any concern with a networking project, educational goal, area of study, or travel plan as Mars aspects Uranus. Mercury goes retrograde starting the 7th to the 31st. Postpone important decisions and don’t start anything new during this retrograde. You will reassess how you feel about your life.

In August on the evening of the 1st Venus in challenging square aspect to Uranus causes some unexpected stress. The 8th and 9th, however, are excellent days where you are hearing good news about romantic or creative opportunities, speculative investments, enjoying leisure life and traveling, and children with Jupiter is favorable aspect to the Sun , Moon, and Venus. The advantage is on your side. Jupiter going direct on the 11th in Sagittarius until the beginning of December is the green light you need to forge ahead with romantic pursuits, creative goals, speculative gain, leisure life and travel, and children. You will encounter a rough Full Moon on the 15th that affects all personal relationships. Think before you act. More positive influences are noted on the 19th to the 21st, and especially on the 26th with Venus in favorable aspect to Uranus that enhances your career position as well as your reputation.

In early September Mercury trine Uranus and Venus trine Saturn will attract financial improvements, but beware of the 4th and the evening of the 6th where Venus oppose Neptune and Mercury oppose Neptune will be the cause of disappointment. You will get worn down fast if you are persuaded to over-do-it on the 11th, 12th, and 13th as Mars is squaring Jupiter and opposing Neptune along with the Full Moon. It would be wise to wait for a better period to pursue your plans. The 18th, 19th , and 20th are more constructive days as the Moon trines Mars, Mars trines Pluto, and the Moon trines Mercury and Venus. Following pipe dreams will get you into trouble on the 21st and 22nd.with Jupiter squaring Neptune. Communication problems could end a social alliance on the 26th as Mercury is in square aspect to Pluto. Cooperating is the key.

During October favorable influences with the Moon in Sagittarius the 1st to the 3rd bring more happiness into your life. Rescheduling changes occur on the evening of the 6th and 7th. A taxing Full Moon is occurring on the 12th and 13th, but smoother days on the 15th and 17th are indicated. Mercury in Scorpio in positive aspect to Pluto and the Moon brings more focused thinking on the job on the 19th and 20th. Even though there is a New Moon on the 27th, challenges are foreseen in the morning with Mars in opposition to Saturn. Working diligently will help the hours pass by.. As Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on the 31st until November 20th you will reevaluate where you stand with your living situation and family.

At the beginning of November Venus moves into Sagittarius to join up with Jupiter the entire month bringing favorable happenings in the area of romance, creativity, speculative gain, and children. Enjoy your leisure life during this upswing month. On the 5th Mars in adverse aspect to Pluto will be the cause of tension and a lack of corporation on the job in the early morning. You also may be feeling under the weather. More progress is to be made on the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th. The Full Moon on the 12th causes disagreement within your career and on the home front. Not everything will be perfect on the 14th with Venus squaring Neptune. Take advantage of a fortunate day on the 19th as the Moon trines Venus and Jupiter. Mercury goes direct on the 20th. Financial gain is noted on the 26th and 28th with a Sagittarius New Moon and Venus trine Uranus.

December 2nd Jupiter moves into Capricorn for approximately one year offering health and job improvements for next year. The influences are more agreeable on the 3rd as Venus favorably aspects Mars and the Moon is in positive aspect to Uranus, Mars, and Venus. Plans are stalled on the 8th as the Sun adversely aspects Neptune and with the Full Moon on the 11th you may be at odds with a friend or loved one, so make the best of it. You may want to invest in an idealistic goal on the 13th as Mars trines Neptune and the 15th is an exceptionally positive day as Jupiter is in excellent trine aspect to Uranus. Not only will your job position improve, but so will your over-all health and well-being.. Misunderstandings and confusion are indicated on the 19th as Mercury is in square aspect to Neptune. A positive Jupiter trine to Uranus and both aspecting the Sun the 15th to the 27th invokes a career upswing that has lasting benefits. You will also be sporting a good reputation and be well-received as you take in the joyous holiday!

Mercury is retrograde from March 5th - March 28th, July 7th - July 31st, October 31st - November 29th. Do avoid making important decisions or starting anything new under this influence. Watch out for mistakes being made and misunderstandings.

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