CAPRICORN / Capricorn Rising

Horoscope For 2019

By Christine Rakela

Capricorn: This year you will find Jupiter secretly working behind-the-scenes in your 12th house sector to gradually build more confidence, inspire you to work on important projects, break through any fears or handicaps that hold you back, and improve upon your health that you may avoid a stay at the hospital. Jupiter is actually preparing you for what’s to come in the following year so you will make great strides.

Saturn and Pluto, however, in Capricorn this year are putting pressure on your 1st house sector, which is you, the self. Pluto is encouraging you to go deep and bring issues to the surface that need to be addressed. Life could have great meaning or become over-whelming at times. You will find yourself gradually evolving to a new level of personal growth. Saturn wants you to be realistic and apply yourself where it is needed. You may feel some limitation, but you can work through this influence to find your way to an earned success. It is be time to consider making some serious changes.

Uranus journeying into the earth sign of Taurus will inspire interest in creative projects, speculative gain, leisure life, travel, romance, and children. You will aim toward relaxing and enjoying the pleasantries of life. Be open to new and exciting avenues of exploration.

In January Mars in Aries will motivate you to handle any job, especially concerning your home. A good time to tackle repairs or consider a renovation. You will have some success with Mars in positive aspect to the Moon, Venus, Jupiter on the 2nd, 17th, 18th, and 31st, but beware of difficult aspects on the 1st, 18th (evening),19th, 20th, and 21st. You may be fantasizing about that special trip or opportunity on the 13th as Jupiter squares Neptune. Steer clear of any pipe dreams.

At the beginning of February as Mars squares Pluto, you will meet up with some resistance that frustrates you. Best to focus on working hard. The evening of the 2nd to the 7th are good days to capitalize upon. Sudden changes in your life may occur on the 12th as Mars influences Uranus. Be careful of accidents or outbursts in the home. Miscommunication is likely to occur, especially on the job on the 19th and 20th with the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon. Avoid travel plans and the signing of contracts.

You are dealing with emotional or scheduling changes the 1st and 2nd of March and then Mercury goes retrograde on the 5th until the 28th. You will experience miscommunication and feel disoriented at times during this period. It is best to avoid making important decisions and watch out for mistakes and misunderstandings.

In April, you will feel highly motivated by the New Moon on the evening of the 4th through the 5th, as Saturn and Pluto offer some realistic clarity. Challenges are noted on the 9th and 10th where communications on the job may be completely off target. You will have better luck the 14th, 15th, and 16th. The Full Moon on the 19th causes tension with work and home. A compromise may be needed. A disappointment or moving in the wrong direction is noted on the 26th and 27th as Mars squares Neptune, You may also feel tired or drained. Be careful of being misdiagnosed.


During May as Saturn goes retrograde, you will find yourself slowing down. Try pacing yourself through the summer. Much contemplation may occur the first couple of days on the month as Saturn and Pluto adversely aspect Mercury. Your social life is temporarily blocked. Do enjoy a banner morning on the 9th as Venus aspects Jupiter. An issue with a personal goal, friend, or loved one surfaces on the 18th with an intense Full Moon. Miscommunication on the job coupled with emotional stress makes the 29th a day to try to stay calm.

In June the first week should be relatively productive. Yet with Saturn in sextile aspect to Neptune work will require more effort and therefore will be less motivating. On the 9th and 14th you are likely to encounter obstacles and possible disappointment. Promises may not be delivered on the 16th and 17th as Jupiter is in square aspect to Neptune and the Full Moon are unfolding. Tension is noted with close relationships on the 18th and 19th due to adverse aspects, but plans go smoothly on the 22nd and experience improved communications on the 23rd under favorable Moon aspects and Venus influencing Jupiter.

During July the New Moon on the 2nd highlights relationships, but tensions increase on the 9th to 11th as Mars is in adverse aspect to Uranus. Be careful of accidents in the home. Mercury goes retrograde starting the 7th to the 31st. Postpone important decisions, watch out for misunderstandings, and don’t start anything new during this retrograde. Reevaluating your financial assets and partnerships is advised.

On the late evening of August 1st Venus squaring Uranus causes you to take unsettling risks or spend extra money. You will be more organized with your approach to goals on the 2nd as the Moon in Virgo trines Uranus. The 8th and 9th are banner days that have you making lucrative gains, strides with partnerships, and enjoying yourself with areas of personal growth as Jupiter is favorable aspect to the Sun, Moon, and Venus. The advantage is on your side. Jupiter going direct on the 11th will increase your confidence so you address areas of concern. Behind-the-scene projects will be pursued with vigor. A great time to get rid of an old habit as well as implement a new one that benefits you. The lively Full Moon on the 15th will be affecting your earning potential, joint ventures, and investments. Make sure your assets are in good order beforehand. You will find better luck with finances, partnerships, and your home life on the 19th to the 21st, and especially on the 26th with Venus in positive aspect to Uranus where you are productive in areas of speculative gain, creative goals, and networking opportunities. You will also find time for some leisure life.

In September Mercury trine Uranus and Venus trine Saturn on the 1st and the Moon in favorable sextile to five planets on the 3rd make these days insightful and productive. Venus oppose Neptune and Mercury oppose Neptune will be the cause of disappointment, the 4th and the evening of the 6th into the 7th. Don’t burn the candle at both ends or over-extend yourself on the 11th, 12th, and 13th as Mars is squaring Jupiter and opposing Neptune along with the Full Moon. Wait for a better period to pursue your plans. The 18th, 19th , and 20th are more constructive days where much can be accomplished as the Moon trines Mars, Mars trines Pluto, and the Moon trines Mercury and Venus. Stay away from pipe dreams at work. Better to dream about the next trip you are taking on the 21st and Jupiter squares Neptune. Strained relations with your career put you in a difficult position on the 26th as Mercury is in square aspect to Pluto.

During October pleasant aspects with the Moon in Sagittarius the 1st to the 3rd bring more optimism into your life. Rescheduling changes occur on the evening of the 6th into the 7th.with Mercury opposing Uranus. A difficult Full Moon is occurring on the 12th and 13th that is the cause of challenges at work and home, but smoother days are indicated on the 15th and 17th. Mercury in Scorpio in soft aspect to Pluto and the Moon brings serious thinking on the 19th and 20th. The New Moon on the 27th, emphasizes the pursuit of your future goals, but delays are noted in the morning with Mars in adverse aspect to Saturn. Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on the 31st until November 20th causing you to reassess where you stand with your future hopes, goals, and dreams. Mull things over and then draw up a new strategy when Mercury goes direct.

In November Venus moves into Sagittarius to link up with Jupiter the entire month bringing you more joy with working on behind-the-scenes projects as well as private excursions. On the 5th in the early morning Mars in square aspect to Pluto causes difficulty on the job. Don‘t push the envelope. You will make more progress on the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th. The Full Moon on the 12th causes issues with personal goals and friendships or a loved one that is soon to be resolved. Something may not work out in your favor on the job on the 14th with Venus opposing Neptune. Take advantage of a lucky day on the 19th as the Moon trines Venus and Jupiter. You benefit from monetary gain and partnerships. Mercury goes direct on the 20th. Behind-the-scenes you will accomplish set goals on the 26th with the Sagittarius New Moon. The advantage is on your side on the 28th with a Venus trine Uranus.

During December Jupiter moves into Capricorn, your sign, on the 2nd, which is what you have been waiting for and bringing tidings of joy. You will be more confident and ready to expand your horizons in life. You will attract benefits your way that improve your standing in life. As Venus favorably influences Mars and the Moon is in positive aspect to Uranus, Mars, and Venus the 3rd is a fortunate day. As the Sun adversely aspects Neptune plans may go awry on the 8th and the Full Moon on the 11th brings challenges on the job. However, as Mars trines Neptune on the 13th plans for your ideal future goals come to fruition. On the 15th is an exceptionally positive day as Jupiter is in excellent trine aspect to Uranus. Feeling inspired you look for wonderful avenues to attain your hope, goals, and dreams. Your future aims are looking promising. Friends could also be very helpful. Miscommunication at work distorts the facts. on the 19th as Mercury is in square aspect to Neptune. As Jupiter and Uranus aspect each other and the Sun the 15th to the 27th you will want to be productive with speculative gain and creative pursuits yet want to find time to enjoy leisure life, romance, and the playfulness of children as you embrace the holiday spirit!

Mercury is retrograde from March 5th - March 28th, July 7th - July 31st, October 31st - November 29th. Do avoid making important decisions or starting anything new under this influence. Watch out for mistakes being made and misunderstandings.


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